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Goodbye, 2010

The end of the year is always a bit bittersweet for me. I’m excited about the prospects the new year holds, but I’m equally sad to say goodbye to this year. And I think January is kind of a depressing month. In November, there’s so much to look forward to—Thanksgiving with family and the Christmas holidays with loved ones. And the presents. Can’t forget the presents!

But in January all the decorations are put away. Or, even more depressing, they’re not yet put away. The wrapping paper is stored, and the new gifts aren’t so new anymore. It will be another year until the whole family is together again. I really do get the post-holiday blues.

One thing I do to combat these blues is to think about all the reasons I’m glad the year is ending.

I’m glad hurricane season is over, and the U.S, didn’t sustain any major hits (but poor Mexico!).

I’m glad my baby learned to eat solid food and crawl and walk and is on her way to talking. It’s so much fun to see her learn new things!

I’m glad I had two books out in 2010, and I have two more in 2011. That’s something I look forward to!

I’m glad the elections are over because I hate all those political commercials.

I’m glad the Chilean miners were rescued, and the oil from the BP explosion was pretty much cleaned up.

Those are all good things about the end of the year.

What about you? is there anything special you’ll remember about this year?


  1. This was my debut year, so glad is an understatement. I made some friends, I made some readers happy, I completed some manuscripts, and I got myself back to the UK on a research trip that could not have been any more enjoyable. A wonderful, dreams-coming-true year, which leaves me expecting more good things from 2011.

  2. I'll remember getting The Call from Deb in April, where she made my publishing dreams come true. I'll remember delivering my first manuscript two days before the deadline.

    And I'll remember my first Sourcebooks author dinner, where I met many fun and talented women!

    Can't wait to see what 2011 brings.

  3. You brought up some good points, Shana. A lot of good things happened, but most of what you mentioned were bad things that turned out well eventually. Sometimes yesterday's bad news brings about today's good news. Funny how that works out, isn't it?

  4. Woohoo, selling Book 9 & 10 of the wolf series! And a fan just wrote and said she wants to start a fan club on Goodreads for my books. Now how cool is that?? And 3 books came out this year, and I LOVED seeing everyone in Orlando, my first time to visit with everyone who was able to make it. Yep, this was a great year!! Looking forward to another!

  5. This was my debut year also. Since I work in a bookstore, celebrating my first published books (two of them!) and then selling them every day alongside those of my favorite authors was an experience I'd always hoped for. And I"ve been amazed how supportive and excited my friends are, and how many new ones I've made at conferences and other places.
    I also feel like I learned a lot. I handed my third book in to Deb and hardly had to do any revisions!

  6. I'm glad I finally finished SEALed Forever, but now I'm in the stage of being afraid it's absolutely terrible, so it's hard to feel the full effect of the gladness.

    I'm glad some friends and I formed a group to support one another in our spiritual growth. It has become the highlight of my week.

    I'm glad I went to Orlando and met so many of you.

    Cheryl,your comment reminds me of a teaching story I've used many times. Everything that happens in the story is a reversal of the previous day's good or bad fortune. And for everything there's a refrain, "Good? Bad?--who knows?"

  7. I'll remember my very first RWA convention in Orlando and all you Sourcebooks authors being so great! Of having the whole Honky Tonk series come out in 2010. It's been a great year ... now onto another one!

  8. I love hearing all the good things that happened to everyone!

    Cheryl, I hadn't thought about how most of the big events of the year--the tragedies--turned out okay. Good way to keep it in perspective (something you need with small child!).

  9. I'm hopping on the debut-author-in-2010 train. What a wild ride! More of a roller coaster.

    While things have gone great for me this year, I've had several friends who had a tough 2010. I hope their 2011 is wonderful. I'm predicting mine will be. I like self-fulfilling prophecies.

  10. I am seconding what many commenters have already said but having my debut book come out and going to Orlando for RWA conference for the first time were highlights of the year. Of course what I am most blessed with is my family. Hearing, "I love you Mom" is my favorite thing!

  11. I'm so late here. As usual.I'll always remember this year as the year I sold, although I got the call in December of last year, it was 2010 before we got everything sorted out. What a ride it's been.

  12. This year I was signed by Forte Literary in NYC and they sold my series to SB--so it's been a very exciting year. I can't wait to see all that 2011 will bring. :)


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