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The End...For My Last Blog of the Year...

By Deb Werksman
Editorial Manager
Sourcebooks Casablanca

For my last blog of the year, I want to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate every single one of my authors (in completely random order:) ). Your hard work and passion make every success I have possible.

C.H. Admirand—I wanted to work with you from the moment I met you—yay! Dreams come true!

Mary Wine—a pleasure to work with, always something new up your (magnificent) sleeve :)

Tamara Hogan—world-building ooh la la—I never wanted to come to the end of the story—hurray for trilogies! Something to look forward to.

Lydia Dare—wicked sense of humor, brilliant characters, two wonderful women to talk to! You go grrrrllllls!

Jill Mansell—you make me laugh and cry at the same time—it’s kind of like the sun shining through a rain shower—rainbows!

Leigh Michaels—gorgeous writing, really committed to your craft, a pleasure to spend time with you at RWA

Jane Odiwe—elegant, artistic sensibility, and not afraid to go where no Jane Austenite has gone before

Laurie McBain—beloved by millions, and all one has to do is read you to know why!

Marie Force—huge commitment, great fun to read, does a love triangle like nobody else, my crystal ball says much success coming your way

Patricia Rice—you gave me a huge opportunity, for which I will always be grateful

Kara Louise—brilliantly established all on your own—brava! So happy to be working with you!

Linda Wisdom—a true original! You make us laugh and pant every time. Your imagination knows no boundaries--you rock, girlfriend!

Shana Galen—fast-paced and beautiful fun—every book is an adventure!

Elaine Coffman—working with you is a privilege—so excited when I read your voice!

Karen Wasylowski—you really get it about doing something new and different—brava!

Joanne Kennedy—you’re always willing to do whatever it takes—thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mary Margret Daughtridge—I’ve loved your writing from the very start, and it just keeps getting better and better!

Mary Ellen Dennis—it’s kismet! I’d share a coffee with you any time—not only are you a great writer, but you’re a lot of fun to be with

Olivia Cunning—girlfriend, I had to stop reading your books on the airplane—it was getting way too hot in there—we’re ALL in love with the Sinners

Ciji Ware—the consummate pro! Every book is a gem. And, thank you for making your deadline every single time :)

Sharon Lathan—passionate, enthusiastic, you care more than anyone—we ALL love working with you!

Amanda Grange—our star across the pond—congratulations on everything—you’re brilliant!

Abigail Reynolds—a pioneer and a genius—brilliant work, Abigail, every time

Lisa Renee Jones—woohoo! Fast pace, hot heroes, lots of action, couldn’t put it down. Losing a lot of sleep over here!

Kristine Grayson—you have me charmed! Love every concept of yours—can’t wait to do more (and more)!

Judi Fennell—award winner, brilliant mind, I’ve never seen anyone so unstoppable. Love you!

Anita Clenney—what a brilliant imagination you have my dear! (The better to keep you up reading late into the night ;-)

Carolyn Brown—punch drunk in love with your cowboys, and our conversations are just the best!

Maria Hamilton—fresh and original, and always true to yourself—deeply respected

Susan Adriani—a fresh spin in a tried and true world—brava!

Cheryl Brooks—you win the imagination award, hands down. Meow!

Sidney Ayers—unleashed! Let it rip! Great fun and never a dull moment!

Terry Spear—You really did come up with something new under the sun.

Amelia Grey—you’re sunny, funny, and a radiant storyteller—you’re a gem, and I’m so happy to be working with you!

Phillipa Ashley—sassy, witty, your stories are transporting!

Belinda Roberts—your Mr. Darcy in a Speedo is forever etched into my imagination—likewise the lifeguards. Dazzling work!

Grace Burrowes—heart and soul. If you write 1000 books I’ll look forward to every single one.

Stephanie Rowe—wicked, wicked funny and fun—ingenious twists, hot characters, a wild ride every time.

Catherine Mann—gracious, professional, a dream come true to work with you, and I love our conversations from different points of view—it just goes to show you, we’re all in this together

Stephanie Julian—is it hot in here? Or is it my own personal summer? No, I’m reading a Stephanie Julian—leave me alone, I’ll let you know when I’m available again…

Mary Simonsen—you weave a story like nobody else—history and imagination in a perfect dance—brava!

Victoria Connelly—can I please have my own personal Mr. Darcy for Christmas, please? From your pages, please? With you, anything is possible…

Jennifer Blake—you are elegance and graciousness personified and every one of your books is a dream to read. Thank you for the opportunity.

Ashlyn Chase—fabulous world-building and characters your readers just can’t get enough of. So much fun to work with you!

Kathryne Kennedy—you are truth, beauty and magic, all rolled into one.

Beth Cornelison—I love your storytelling—your heroes are delicious. I’m a big fan.

Rebecca Ann Collins—my dear author on the other side of the world—how are your roses blooming while we’re freezing? You have a devoted following, as you should—we’re so excited about your new work.

Laura Kinsale—working with you is a dream come true. I am one lucky editor.

Kendra Leigh Castle—you create amazing worlds and awesome characters to inhabit them—I’m a fan forever

Tawna Fenske—aside from the fact that your book made me laugh so hard my iced tea came out my nose, I am forever impressed by your tenaciousness

Diana Birchall—lovely writing and a lovely person—I wish I could see you more often

Amanda Forester—endlessly entertaining to read, easy to work with, and the future is bright

Jack Caldwell—a truly fresh take whenever you pick up your pen (or should I say keyboard?) A pleasure to work with, always.

Linda Berdoll—your books will outlast us all. When I think of authorship I think of you.

Kathryn Nelson—terrific reading, wonderful world-building, a very special book

Carolyn Eberhardt—your story inspired a whole book—thank you for your wonderful imagination!

Judith James—we still have “Jamie” moments—your writing is truly a cut above

Elizabeth Newark—your book is a gem, and so are you

Sara Angelini—one of my hottest—really transporting—well done!

Malena Lott—a beautiful story, beautifully told, with a yummy hero and a surprise perfect ending

M.L. Buchman—one of my fastest, easiest, most coachable authors—killer writing—1000 thanks!

Jane Dawkins—elegant, graceful writing with depth and precision—you are an original

Wayne Josephson—a sparkling rendition, brilliantly executed—clever, smart and funny. Well done!

Holly Denham—a total pageturner—very smart! And I hear from my colleagues who met you across the pond that you are gorgeous :)

Heather Lynn Rigaud—you opened up a whole new world of excitement, sexiness and fun! Rock on!

Loucinda McGary—I’m such a big fan of yours—amazing stories, the best heroes, and exotic locations I get lost in! And, I know you’ll never really use that whip on me.

Rachel Billington—a wonderful voice and well done world make for such a delightful read

Monica Fairview—thank you for expanding the Darcy family to our distant shores—we can’t get enough of your writing!

Robin Kaye—a gift, a joy, a pleasure to be with—a big mouth and a really big voice—here’s to success!

Nina Bennetton—you are taking Mr. Darcy to a whole new place. A true original. And when I say compulsively readable, I mean that literally :)

Susanna Kearsley—your books are compelling, enthralling and wonderful—lucky me!

Sr. Eucharista Ward—you did such a beautiful job with Mary Bennet—it opened new worlds for me

Donna Simpson—I’m such a fan—I wish you all success, and asap, too

Samantha Grace—fluid, witty writing and a positioning that I just love—bring on the ruination!

Marsha Altman—going places fearlessly and with clarity and commitment to your own vision—I honor you

Elizabeth Aston Edmondson—so excited to be your editor over here—what a joy!

Sara Taney Humphreys—your storytelling is special, truly—something original and refreshing--I’m so excited to be working with you!

Libby Malin—you are a wonderful writer, with a wonderful vision and a sparkling sense of humor

C. Allyn Pierson—a gem in Jane Austen fiction—so well done, so much reading enjoyment

Emery Lee—a fresh view of history—very welcome and great fun to read

Michele Ann Young—you add a new level of depth to your Regencies—they truly resonate with me

Laurie Brown—your long ago vote of confidence meant everything—I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with you, and I can’t wait for the next book

Tracey Devlyn—you’ve really put a new twist into Regency—I couldn’t be more excited!

Wishing all of you and yours a blessed, beautiful and wonderful holiday, and looking forward to 2011 full of success and joy for all of us!


  1. Wow - you are one busy lady! I'm so excited to be working with you! Having my debut book out this year was a fabulous experience and I am looking forward to an exciting new year. Here's wishing you all the best!

  2. Sharing the love right back at you, Deb! A true pleasure to be working with you! Couldn't have win the awards without your insight. Wishing you a happy, healthy, family-filled holiday!

  3. Deb, thank you. What a wonderful present. I'm really looking forward to working with you in 2011, my debut year. You're an author's dream come true. Thank you so much for the opportunity and happy, happy holidays to you and everyone at Sourcebooks!

  4. You are an amazing woman, Deb, and I feel the same way! Working with you has been an honor and a pleasure. Thank you for helping me realize one of my dream goals, publishing in mass market paperback. I can't wait to send you the next book in my series...check your inbox next week! Happy Holidays to you and your family and everyone at Sourcebooks...what a fabulous team!

  5. And don't forget the fun, Deb. Putting books on the shelf is just plain fun.

  6. Thanks, Deb, for everything you do! Have a joyous holiday with family and friends!

  7. Deb, thanks for taking the time to recognize each one of us! Besides giving me warm fuzzies, it made me realize just how busy you are! It's been a great year getting those cowboys out on the range - thank you!

  8. And thank you Deb! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and that the new year brings more wonderful books.

  9. Thank you Deb!
    I'm honored to be in such company. It's been an exciting year and I look forward to only great things in 2011. My heartfelt wishes for joy and happiness to you and yours and all the Sourcebooks family.

  10. Thank you, Deb! I appreciate your kind words more than you know.

    And Sourcebooks is lucky to have you. I've never seen anyone go after and make a dream come true like you do!


  11. I don't know of any editor who would take the time to compose personal messages to each of their authors. Another thing that makes you so special, Deb. Thank you for the kind words, and happy holidays again! Looking forward to a successfull 2011!

  12. That's getting to be quite a list! Happy Holidays!

  13. Thanks so much,Deb! I still have Jamie moments too. He may get into trouble again. Happy Holidays to you and you family and to all the other Sourcebook authors and staff and all the best in the New Year

  14. Thank you Deb, it means the world to me to have you on my side.

  15. Mr. Darcy in a Speedo? OMG, I just snorked coffee all over the place. ;-)

    Deb, thanks to you and everyone else at Sourcebooks, I'll achieve a lifelong dream in March, 2011: seeing my first novel published and in bookstores. Thanks for helping TASTE ME be the best book it can be.

    Here's wishing you, and everyone, a relaxing holiday!

  16. Deb Happy Holidays! Thanks for a wonderful year. What a list of fabulous authors Sourcebooks has! And as you well know, Sinners love all their fan girls. They're always happy to turn up the heat. ;-)

  17. Oh! Thank you Deb! This is truly wonderful. I can't believe the list of authors! Seeing them all in one loooonnnnnnggggg list is incredible. Wow! The time it must have taken you to write all of these is mind boggling. But that is why you are such an amazing, devoted editor and why we are blessed to be with you.

    Thanks a million times over. You have a lovely holiday season, Deb. Enjoy the snow! I am glad it is you and not me! LOL!

    Best wishes, Sharon

  18. Thank you for the kind words, Deb. I am so thankful that you believed in me. I've enjoyed working with you over the last year and and I'm looking forward to many more to come. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and everyone at Sourcebooks.

  19. Oh, I must have missed the memo that I was supposed to be slow, irascible, and stubborn. I'll get right on that...LOL! Thanks to you, Deb, for being patient, clear, and thoroughly pleasant! Many merries and happies!

  20. Thanks, Deb, for all you do for us! I don't know how you do it, but you do it well! Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011!

  21. Thank you Deb!

    Have a wonderful Holiday time and a great new year! You know I'll be working hard to make my book the best it can be. Thanks so much for helping to make my dreams come true!

  22. Merry Christmas, Deb! I imagined each of your comments as a specially wrapped, glittery package under the Christmas tree. Something that you'd picked out especially for each of us authors that you knew we'd love when we opened it!
    I know I will treasure mine for years ...
    And you, Miz Deb Werksman, are the star on the top of the tree!

  23. Thank you, Deb. I'm in awe of and love your energy. I can't wait to work together this coming year.

  24. It's a pleasure to work with you, Deb - thanks for making me unafraid and for championing my work!!

  25. Aww, I feel all special being included with my debut still more than eight months away. I feel like part of the gang now. Do I get to learn the secret handshake?

    Seriously, it's been great working with you so far, and I look forward to being a part of such an incredible team of authors.


  26. Thanks so much, Deb! Can't wait to work with you in 2011!

  27. Deb-- This was such a special post. Thank you so much for taking the time to mention each of us as you did. I feel very honored and blessed this end of year to be working with you and to be included with such a talented group of authors. Everyone at Sourcebooks has given me such a wonderful experience. I can't wait to see what the New Year brings us all!

    Happy Holidays!

  28. Cheers and warm wishes Deb...It's been a blast being on board with SourceBooks and working with you. You're insight is the finishing touch on every book I write and I wouldn't want to go without it.

  29. Thanks so much, Deb. I feel lucky, too, to be working with you and the rest of the wonderful people at Sourcebooks! *waving at Robin, Mandy and Victoria* May everyone here have a holiday filled with the best of all possible things. Merry Christmas.

  30. Thank you for your kind words. It has been a pleasure working with you. As a writer, you know me better than I know myself. Thanks for your guidance. Happy new year!

  31. Thank you, Deb! You inspired me and gave me the confidence to make my debut book the best it could be. You're the best!

  32. Many thanks for the kind words, Deb. It's been grand to have such a beautiful version of one of my past books out from Sourcebooks this year. Can't wait for 2011 when there will be double the pleasure!

    Warmest wishes for the happiest of holidays and a spectacular New Year

  33. I don't know which is more fun: sharing laughs with you at conferences or revising after your brilliant, and spot-on, mind *spots* the glitches. All I know is that you make my books better (understatement). And, as an Associate Editor ("day job"), I really appreciate your work ethic.

  34. Thanks, Deb, for being willing to take on the new girl in author town! Best wishes for the new year!

  35. Deb,
    From my heart to yours--You rock!

  36. Thanks, Deb! You make writing fun again--and make me feel free to indulge my goofiest thoughts. I read through your list and realized that in addition to my favorites, you're working with even more of my favorites! Thanks for everything. I hope you and Sourcebooks have a spectacular 2011.

  37. Deb, thanks so much for such a lovely compliment! I've truly enjoyed my experience with Sourcebooks, and I have a feeling it will only get better and better. You and your staff have been incredible, making this newbie feel completely welcome and at ease in an industry riddled with some pretty brilliant people. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

  38. From one star to another ;) thanks for everything you've done for me and my books, Deb. Here's wishing you a wonderful holiday and an even better new year from across the pond.

  39. I honor you back for believing in me!

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Aww thanks so much Deb! I am blessed to work with such a fabulous editor. Have a joyful and merry holiday and an awesome New Year. :)

  42. Have a wonderful holiday, Deb! Thank you for being there for us.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. So wonderful of you to write us all individual notes. It's such a pleasure to be part of such a warm friendly team, and many thanks to you and Dominique and Danielle for making us all feel so welcome. Here's to sharing many more books, and wishing Sourcebooks a super successful year in 2011.

  45. Deb-Thank you so much for including me in this lovely tribute! I am absolutely thrilled to be working with you. This blog post is a perfect example of why I wanted to be with Sourcebooks. YUou are the ulitmate professional with a personal touch. Thank you and I can't wait to see what 2011 brings. Much love and Friendship-Sara

  46. Such kind words, all the way around. Thank you Deb, and Happy Holidays to all.

  47. Deb, you're the star here! Who else could stay on top of so many diverse authors? Your individual attention to your authors is what makes writing for Sourcebooks such a pleasure. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful opportunity!

  48. Deb, what a lovely, thoughtful Christmas card! And we will see more of each other in 2011. More fiction coming up - promise!

  49. Thanks for the good wishes, Deb.
    Happy Christmas to you too

  50. Thank you, Deb.

    What a wonderful gift to read your comment.
    It's an honor to be on your list and to work with you and your staff at Sourcebooks.
    Happy holidays to you and your staff.

  51. I've been traveling and didn't get to respond to this yesterday, but thanks so much for this, Deb. It's so kind to respond like this to all your authors and it was such fun to read them all. I'm looking forward to this upcoming year. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  52. Deb, you are a treasure! It's an honor and delight to work with you!!! Looking forward to all we can accomplish working together. :)

    Wishing you a blessed holiday season!

  53. Thanks for your blog, Deb. You're such a generous editor. I'd write another novel if I could, just for the pleasure of working with you. Happy holidays to you and those you love.


  54. Thank you so much Deb! It is such FUN working with the wonderfully enthusiastic Sourcebooks team! Mark and I so enjoyed meeting you earlier this year. Hope life is just 'beachy' for you and your family in 2011! xx


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