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The End....

So I end 2010 the same way I started...

Running as fast as I can and still managing not to reach the end of the line.

You'll notice this blog is late. Yes, I forgot. When the reminder came through, I thought it must be the other Stephanie's day to blog. Did you notice any other Stephanie on the sidebar of this blog? No, because there are none.

My mother's favorite saying when I was growing up: "You'd lose your head if it wasn't attached." I'm embarrassed to say she's absolutely right. But I do have an excuse. I've been really freaking busy.

This month has been hectic. I've worked on copy edits for WHAT A GODDESS WANTS (Forgotten Goddess Book 1), revisions for MOONLIGHT TEMPTATION (Lucani Lovers Book 4) and the first draft of WHAT A GODDESS NEED (Forgotten Goddess Book 2).

Add in Christmas and I'm pretty sure I forgot not only my name but there are probably a few Christmas gifts still somewhere in the house. Luckily, my husband's and children's birthdays aren't in December. (I'm more than a little embarrassed to admit I forgot my husband's birthday several years ago. Yes, I'm that bad.)

This December signals the end of my busiest year ever. I wrote four books, saw three published and sold another three that will be out in 2011 and 2012. See, I have an excuse. And I'm proud to say I've not fudged a deadline yet. My kids have eaten a lot of pizza and cereal. We've gone without milk because I forgot to get to the store. And my son has worn the same pair of jeans two or three days in a row because the wash wasn't done. Hey, I've got my priorities.

I'm looking forward to the end of the year but I know that not much will change in January. I'll still be really busy, my kids will eat a lot of cereal and there will occasionally be no clean pants.

And you know what? I wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. I like cereal. And have been known to wear the same jeans two days in a row myself. There ARE priorities in life, and it sounds as if your life was jammed full! Congrats on the sales.

    And Happy New Year :)

  2. I'm walkin' in the same shoes...doing a rewrite on the second Spikes and Spurs book, working fast and furiously on the third and blogging on the last two in the previous (Honky Tonk) series! Life is grand and I love your priorities!

  3. I feel your pain, Stephanie. Do you want in on my cloning experiment? I just want a clone that cleans, does laundry, and cooks, so I can do the things I'd rather do, such as write and spend time with the family. A second clone to take over the day job and social networking, would be nice. Yeah, I think two clones should be enough.

  4. Hi Stephanie~

    Yeah, well, I'm in the same boat too. I keep telling myself that life will get less hectic but I don't see how. A clone or two would be nice, so would a maid, a cook, and a chauffeur.

  5. Hi Stephanie. I completely relate to everything you said in your post. Phew! You've had a busy year and I'm sure it will stay as busy in 2011. Best wishes to you in the coming year!

  6. Wow, Stephanie, you have been busy! I completely understand. :}

  7. It seems like everyone has been in the same boat this year--BUSY BUSY BUSY. Me included. But if it had been any different, it wouldn't have been as much fun!

  8. Stephanie, how old are your kids? Teach them to wash their own clothes! It's good for their future--when college students don't know how to wash their clothes, your kids will be able to teach them. :) And be proud of it. Cooking too. Start them young.


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