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The End Only Means A New Beginning

They say you can tell if a person is positive or negative by whether they see a glass as half full or half empty.

We see December as the end of the year and January as the beginning. Why not see this month as that slide into a new beginning?

I got married a week before Christmas. A new chapter in my life.

And 31 years ago on my wedding anniversary I sold my first two books to Silhouette Romances. The following December, my first book, Dancer in the Shadows, was released. Both new beginnings to my career that took me out of the corporate world and threw me into publishing.

Beginnings are good. Something new. Something that you can look forward to.

I even look at that with my writing. The beginning of the book is so much fun. It is for me because I don’t always know what’s going to happen. Sure I’m aware of the story I’ve come up with, but sometimes my characters decide they want to take a different path. There have been times when they’ve even changed the ending for me. And while I feel a little sad when I reach the last chapter, I know there’s a new book waiting to be written. Another beginning. Something new to look forward to.

Don’t look at the twelfth month of the year as the holidays and the end. Look at it as the time that slides into the beginning. Something to look forward to.

I know I’m looking forward to what will happen next year. Where my journey will take me. I’ve been on a lot of paths, some good, some not, but all learning experiences I’ve benefited from.

So remember to think of that glass as half full and that there’s no ending without a beginning.


Also, one of my award winning Loveswept romance novels is now available as an ebook. O’Hara Vs Wilder can be found on Amazon, B&N for your Nook and More of my backlist book soon to follow. Another beginning.


  1. Wisdom Words, if ever a novelist needed them, Linda. Thank you. And I think it's the same with publication. You get the call and you think, "That's it! I'm here! I'm PUBLISHED!" It's the realization of one dream, but just the beginning of several more. Isn't writing just the best place to be?

  2. I so agree with you, Linda, and Grace, yes, it's the best place to be! If I only had to go to my library job, and come home without stories filling my head, begging me to write them, well, life would be downright boring. :)

  3. I so agree, Linda! The beginning of the book is my favorite part, I think because it can go anywhere which is very exciting.

    Loved the blog. :)

  4. Truer words have not been said, Linda. I look forward to beginning my next book, almost as much as I look forward to finishing this one. Deadlines do that to me.

  5. Linda: Wonderful blog ... and so true in writing and life. I can't imagine not writing, can you? And as I'm finished a book, the characters from the next one are jumping up and down in excitement because it's almost their turn!

  6. Grace, very true. In the beginning I didn't have to worry about being a one book author since I sold two.

    Terry, I heard from someone who knew me back in the day, so to speak. She said she remembered me talking about my book ideas and was so glad to see I was still writing.

    Lydia, And you don't always know where it will go either!

    Robin, A new adventure with new characters and new story!

    Carolyn, There's times I yell I'm going to quit writing and my characters hit me upside the head.

  7. Great outlook Linda, and what a great post about all the amazing beginnings you've had in December!

    Congrats on your backlist going to eBooks :)

  8. You speak words of Wisdom, Linda. (Couldn't resist the pun!)

    Every ending is a beginning, and every beginning marks an ending. Like you, I don't think of December as marking the end of anything in particular, nor January as a start.

    It's interesting that for you, December is a "beginning" month. In the cycles of my own life, September has always felt like the starting place.

  9. Thanks Danielle. I figured there was no reason for all those books to sit around and play at being lazy. :} Although it's going to take time with all the books I have.

    MM, that's the thing. You can feel any time of the year is the beginning.

  10. Fabulous blog, Linda. My half full/half empty attitude changes with the situation. And my hormone levels. :-) I love starting new projects!

    Offering your backlist as eBooks is a fabulous idea. If only I had a backlist...

  11. Happy anniversary (s)! Lots of good stuff happens in December. Every ending is a new beginning - so true!

  12. True, Olivia, the hormone levels always determine our lives. Moods. Level of homicidal mania. :}

    Thanks Amanda!

  13. I loved the positivity of your post, Linda!


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