Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Go Out There -- It's Dark

There are the things that go bump in the night. And then there’s the things that sort of hover around you in the night.

Which is scarier? Doesn’t matter. They’re all unsettling in one form or another.

When I was thirteen I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man standing near the bed. He was dressed in clothing from centuries ago and to this idea I have no idea why I felt as if I could actually taste evil from the man when he didn't look the least bit threatening, but I sure did. I just knew there was something wrong. When I got the nerve to turn on the lamp he was gone. I never saw him again and that was fine with me.

Is that what I’m going to talk about here? No. It’s just a hint that you never know when you’ll see the unusual.About two years ago around mdinight, I had waited at the patio door for the dogs to come in the house. We have motion sensor lights in the yard, which were on, but what caught my attention was something that hovered in the air at the edge of the patio. It looked almost like a very large butterfly in colors of black and red with a yellow center and transparent.

The dogs had even run past it and didn’t react, so you’d think I’d just admire whatever it was and that would be it. But I didn’t like something uninvited hovering in the yard and practically yelled at the dogs to get in. No fear or unease from them, but I wanted the door closed and locked. When I got upstairs, I looked out the back window but it was gone. I put it down to my imagination.

Except the next night, it was out there again in the same spot. I stood at the door and just stared at it, trying to see if there was a face, eyes, anything. Then the center part dropped like a stinger. WHOA! I yelled for the dogs to get in NOW, patio door slammed shut and locked and I’m upstairs in a flash. This time when I looked out the back window it was still there and you could see through it.

My dh was asleep but my Mom was awake so I showed it to her. I needed someone other than the dogs to see it, so I didn’t think I was imagining it two nights in a row.

Problem was I didn’t want the dogs out back at night. I didn’t even want to look at the back yard. My dh stayed up late a few nights in a row and I kept my digital camera downstairs, but it never returned. I also winced any time the back yard sensor lights went on even thought rabbits and sometimes an opossum ventured inside the yard.

At that time I knew Yasmine Galenorn from a writer’s loop we were on and I emailed her privately and talked to her about what I saw. I knew she’d understand and not politely suggest I speak to one of “those” doctors. :> She felt it was a feral fae and suggested I tell it it wasn't welcome there.

Luckily, it moved on.

What about you? Have you seen anything that scared you enough to keep all the lights on?



  1. One of mine was a very pleasant experience. While in Scotland, I heard Celtic music being played in the middle of nowhere when we stopped to photograph Highland cows with the shaggy fur. I felt I was being welcomed to the area as the pipes played.

    A farmhouse was about a mile away and there were no other buildings anywhere out there. It faded in, and then abruptly stopped as I reached the fence to the pasture.

    When I asked the two ladies with me if they heard the beautiful music, neither had heard a thing. I couldn't believe that they hadn't heard anything because it was very distinct and really lovely!!! It was a welcome home from my ancestors of long ago.

  2. Once upon a time at a very low point in my life I went out for a jog at noon, as was my habit then. One moment, I was toddling along with all my troubles weighing me down, the next I was buoyant, out of my body, free, an experience of the entire, light, expanding universe within what had been the confines of me. I've never forgotten it, because it was a desperately needed glimpse of a better reality, but where did it come from and who lent it to me?

    I've also had the experience of waking in the night, so certain evil was present in the darkness that I was too scared to summon help.

  3. yep, and I don't like talking about it.

    Interesting that it was there 2 nights in a row.

  4. My best friend's house in Boise was haunted by a lovely old grandmother. Every time I went over to the house, it smelled like Chocolate Chip cookies.

    I just went out to Boise for a nice long visit and stayed with my best friend Cheryl. When I walked into the old, clinker-brick Tutor house, there was no chocolate chip cookie smell.

    I felt a definite loss so I asked Cheryl how our ghost was. She explained to me that the Ghost hated men, and when Cheryl's boyfriend moved in, the ghost started doing not-nice things to poor Tommy. Well, Cheryl, who was upstairs at the time, wasn't happy about it. She told the ghost that Tommy was there to stay and the ghost just needed to get over it.

    Cheryl heard the front door open, slam closed, and then never heard or smelled the ghost again. I really missed the chocolate chip cookie smell, so Cheryl was nice enough to make some for me herself.

  5. Terry, how nice you were welcomed that way!

    Grace, good that you had that boost and I know what you mean about waking up to something nasty around you. I've had that twice and not fun at all!

    Judi, it left after I told it it wasn't wanted there.

    Robin, hm, makes me thing Irma was there! Although she probably would have copped a feel with the boyfriend.

  6. Not until I read your story, Linda! Now I'll have to sleep with the lights on! :-)

  7. LOL Amelia!

    I didn't even talk about the times I woke up in the middle of the night and smelled cigarette smoke. Yet, the windows were closed and no one in the house smokes.

  8. The only similar experience I think I've had was soon after my dad died. I was lying awake, mentally beating myself up for not knowing him - the real him - better, and wishing that we'd cut each other a little more slack while he was still alive. (Our disagreements and differences of opinion seemed so damned petty once he wasn't there anymore.)

    I was just lying there, kinda sad, and then I heard - imagined? - someone say, "It's okay."

    And then I went to sleep.

  9. That's good he assured you, Tamara. You felt a lot better afterwards, didn't you?

  10. Never have, Linda. Guess I'm not in tune with the supernatural! Great post!

  11. Cheryl, maybe you just ignore them. :}

  12. I see entities regularly. Happily, most seem like ordinary people. :-)

  13. Yes, ma'am! And that's all I got to say about that!

  14. MM, or they want you to think they're ordinary. :>

    Carolyn, be careful of what's out there.

  15. Very interesting post. I haven't had any experiences myself, but I love hearing others.

  16. I haven't had a single experience that I can't logically account for, Linda (darn it). The only time I have to keep the lights on is when I watch scary movies. :}

  17. I'm not going to think too hard about this one, but it's making me look twice at the fairy ring in my back yard!

  18. Anita, sometimes it's a good thing you haven't.

    Kathryne, I've done that with scary movies too.

    Abigail, I'm sure your fairy ring is safe.