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Abundance of Information

I love this month’s theme of abundance—there’s so much that can apply to this post for me, particularly on a professional level.

Many of you have probably noticed I’ve been sporadic in my comments as of late, and I have an ABUNDANCE of new authors to thank for that :-) After the RWA National conference this past July, I really noticed how many authors we actually have signed to our romance line! There was this great moment during our spotlight when Deb asked all of our signed authors to stand up, and we took up at least a few rows. It was a great site to see from on stage, and one that really put how far we’ve grown over the last 3 years into perspective.

However, new authors means MORE authors, and MORE authors means MORE of everything: more planning, more review copies, more new contacts, more blog tours, more specific requests, more more more. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (exactly), but it seems like with more authors, I have less time to do the little fun things, like commenting on the blog regularly.

But, this is lovely for our blog! By meeting so many authors at RWA from the upcoming 2011 Spring and Fall seasons, we’re adding new authors to our rotation, who our readers will be able to meet well before their books are in stores, which I think will really open up conversations, build anticipation, and add a new vitality to our blog as we see these amazing new authors begin their journeys to publication with Sourcebooks.

I know I don’t have to tell most of you this, but we’ve added a new voice to our romance team at Sourcebooks: Leah Hultenschmidt, formerly a senior editor at Dorchester, has joined Sourcebooks to acquire books for both Sourcebooks Casablanca and Sourcebooks Fire (our YA imprint). I know I will learn an abundance of new information from her, and she will bring new and exciting things to the company! Dear Author was among the first romance blogs to cover our announcement last week:

Finally, I thought I’d link back to a few posts about using the internet wisely—everyday our publicity department receives emails from book bloggers and reviewers of all genres asking to be considered as reviewers of our books. I also receive emails from many of our authors with people requesting books for review. An abundance of reviews and a huge adoring public singing your praises is an amazing feeling, but really think about your target audience before trying to conquer the world! So for a bit of a refresher:

Among this group of authors, I’m sure you’ve all learned something new over your time spent as a published (or soon to be) published author—share some of your ABUNDANCE of knowledge, whether it’s from a reader perspective, a craft perspective or a promotional perspective!


  1. A huge shout-out welcome to Leah who will be joining us on the blog the 3rd Thursday of the month (Thursdays being our Industry professional posting days with Deb taking one and you, Danielle!). We have an ABUNDANCE of Sourcebooks Top Brass stopping by!

    Love the reminder that the Internet is forever (my personal mantra). Always be mindful of what you're posting. (And run spell check--I'm not even going to tell you how "posting" came out while typing on my iPhone so early this morning. Thank God for spell check!)

  2. Thanks, Danielle, for stopping by when you can! I always appreciate your taking the time to say hi! :)

    Welcome to Leah! And to all our new authors! :) I had an over abundance of water--inside my house--after all the storms hit us in Texas the last two days, that I'm still mopping up--so some over abundance can be a bad thing!

  3. Hi Danielle. As one of the new authors, I'm thrilled to be here in such great company. You guys have been awesome.

    Welcome, Leah. We're honored to have you here.

  4. Wow, Danielle, it never occurred to me how busy you are! I'll try to curtail my enthusiasm a tad. I sometimes forget my books aren't a 24/7 job for everyone. Just for me. :-)

    I've come to the conclusion that you need several assistants, including a hunky foot masseur. You can share him with Deb and Leah and all the other busy folks at Sourcebooks, if you like. (Or hide him under your desk and keep him to yourself. I won't tell.)

  5. Hi Danielle~

    Great post as always and I know how busy you are. We're just happy you stop by when you can and we're thrilled to have Leah joining us.

    Olivia, I've seen Danielle's desk (several times) and unfortunately she doesn't have room for a hunky foot masseur or anything else for that matter. I, on the other hand, have plenty of room.

  6. I feel your pain, Danielle, but, like you, I really can't complain about it. I've got less time than ever to visit the various blogs and post comments, but I try to pop in for a word once in a while.

    Once again, thanks so much for all you do for us. We'd have a much tougher time of it without you!

  7. Welcome, Leah! I knew some smart company would snap you up lickety-split. I'm so glad it's Sourcebooks.

    I hear ya on the abundance of information, Danielle. Thanks so much for the links.

  8. Thanks for the links to the useful tips.

  9. Danielle, I think you need an assistant! I have an abundance of home repairs going on right now.

  10. Danielle, thanks for the links and for everything else you do! I've learned so much about using the internet from you. Between your knowledge and your incredible organizational skills, you do an amazing job!
    And welcome to Leah and to all the new authors. Sourcebooks has an abunance of excitement these days!

  11. Footmasseur?Hunky foot masseur? I'm going to look over my contract again. This sounds like a wonderful idea.

  12. Always wonderful to hear from you, Danielle. We know how busy you are and we adore you for always making time for us.
    Thank you!

  13. Fascinating to read your behind the scenes pieces. More authors. More fun books to read. And now it's September, maybe there's even a little more time to read too.

  14. Good grief, there's so much I've learned over the years, that it's not easy to tackle just one thing.

    Professionalism isn't just a word. It never hurts to be polite to everyone.

  15. Wow, Danielle, you want me to share my massive knowledge with the world? Wouldn't that produce too many gifted, awe-inspiring authors and upset the balance of the publishing world?

    Nah...I'm just foolin' around. But in a way, this illustrates one of my points. When you blog (and you can't escape it anymore my dears) you should offer a bit of your voice along with your words.

    There, that's my terrific tid-bit for today.


  16. Hi Everyone! I'm loving the abundace of comments :)

    Judi--fun news about Leah joining the blog regularly! And I love that we have the same mantra about web promo!

    Terry--sorry to hear about all of the water! I feel like this year has been a crazy weather year for you.

    Anita--we are glad to have you here!!

  17. Olivia--no! Don't let that enthusiasm wane. Assistants would be great haha :)

    Robin--there's actually quite a bit of room underneath my desk. And since I'm in IL while Leah is in NY and Deb is CT, I can just keep him here.

    Cheryl--it's fun when there's time to pop in; I just need to find the time!

    Tamara--welcome to our crazy group :)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Brenda--you are welcome; thanks for stopping by!!

    Shana--you and me both :) one day... good luck with the home repairs!

    Joanne--it is what I'm hear for. And I use a lot of post its!

    Grace--I'm sure Deb wouldn't mind that little addition to your contract!

    Amelia--thank you! And thanks for when you stop by, too.

    Sheila--definitely! and we have so many good books coming out, you won't want to go outside or do anything else!

    Linda--love your advice about professinoalism; it goes such a long way.

    Ash--great point; still being yourself in your blogs is key as well.

  20. Hi Danielle! Wow - you're certainly busy! Thanks for all you do! I'm so glad Leah will be joining us and I'm super excited to be a part of this growing line!!

  21. Hi Danielle! Great post, and thank you for all the links to your previous great posts! Very helpful and informative.

  22. I loved your post. Thanks so much for the links about "smart" posting online. I have to avoid posting via my iphone becuase it inevitably will auto-correct to the wrong word. I look foward to being a part of this talented group. :)


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