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An Abundance of Blogs

Just a few years ago I would not have been able to define what a blog was. The ones that I had heard of were personal blogs that friends had and it made no sense to me whatsoever. I mean, who cares about my kids or wants to read my opinion on the TV show I watched last night? And why in the world would I waste my time writing about my job or the book I read? That was all a “blog” meant to me.

I know there are still many of those types of blogs out there and I do scratch my head over it a little. But I also know the power of the internet better than I did several years ago and I realize how essential blogs are as a way to communicate with people far and wide. Now I am very thankful that people start blogs as a way to chat about books since more and more readers are making choices based on what a favorite, trusted blog had to say about it. I am overwhelmingly grateful that blog owners open their sites to authors, allowing this unknown person to come on and spout off about their books. How remarkable! And how awesome to have that venue to meet potential readers and devoted fans.

Yes, blogs are wonderful. And they are abundant! I know because after three virtual book tours and another on the horizon for In the Arms of Mr. Darcy I have flittered all over the internet guesting at several dozen blogs. Big blogs, little blogs, and every blog in between! One would think folks have run out of ideas for a unique blog or at least be repeating the same themes, yet that does not seem to be the case. 

Here at Casablanca we have only one thing in common: We are published by Sourcebooks and have the same editor. Our genres, styles, experiences, and career pathways are widely diverse. So how does it work? Certainly our love of romance, no matter how we approach it, is a main factor. But I think we succeed here at Casa because of our diversity. Visitors can find something they like among us and forever be discovering something new.

At Austen Authors, the new blog created by Abigail Reynolds and me, we went with a different approach. We looked around us at the numerous authors who write within the Austen subgenre of literary fiction and thought, “Why not bring them together so lovers of Austen can discover the wealth of novels all in one place!” It might sound like that would be boring, but it really isn’t. While we are all inspired by Jane Austen, her novels and characters are rich and very different. And we each approach our interpretation of her stories from unique angles. So once again there is something for everyone, no matter what they like to read.

Austen Authors launched two weeks ago and already has spawned a sequel! A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings is our news blog where we can briefly share our events, reviews, blog dates, Jane happenings, etc. on an ongoing basis.

And that is the beauty of an abundance of blogs. There is something for everyone whether they want to find a new book by a new author, hear the latest news, or even if they do want to read about a friend’s summer vacation. Long live blogs!   


  1. Well said, Sharon. Except for my glitch with preposting a blog on a non-existent day and your coming to my rescue--I NEED A VACATION!!--I'm a professional booger, uhm, blogger. I love it!!! :)

    It's a great way to share your voice, for one! And research, like you do, for another. It's super for sharing writing techniques for some, and just fun stuff, too. If I don't get my blogs out before work, I feel I've left something important out of my day. It's a great way to connect, and I've made a lot of friends too. If I miss a couple of days in a row without letting folks know I'm going to be away, readers grow concerned. That's the power of the blog. :)

  2. An abundance of blogs is right! The sheer number of fabulous writing blogs out there sometimes scrambles my brain. So many blogs, so little time. I have to ration my blog reading and writing time because otherwise I'd never get anything else done. ;-) Blogs can be a positively glorious timesuck.

    Congrats on the new blog launch!

    I also blog with other 2009 Golden Heart finalists at The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood: Stop by sometime.

  3. Hi, Sharon! Congrats on the success of the new blogs!
    I've been an abundant blogger for some time now. I haven't missed a day since I started my own blog on December 4, 2008. That's 661 blogs to date, and this total doesn't include guest blogs or the blogs on Wickedly Romantic and here on Casablanca.
    Wonder how many words that is....

  4. I don't start my first blog tour until October 1st (to promote my debut novel Backstage Pass) and I'm really excited about it! I've already discovered that bloggers are wonderful, helpful, supportive people. They allow unknown authors to guest post on their blog and interact with their blog's readership. Most read your book and share their opinions as reviews, as well. Not too long ago it was really difficult and expensive to get the word out about a new book, especially one by a debut author. The process has changed quite a bit. I think it's great that so many bloggers are open to newbie writers! And the blog sphere continues to grow.

    So many blogs, so little time is right.

    And kudos to Danielle for organizing these tours. I can't imagine the size of her day-planner. It must be large enough to cover several counties.

  5. Oh, you just wait Olivia! Your mind will be boggled by all the bloggers! And I don't know how Danielle does it either. I have to look at my calendar 20 times a day just to keep my schedule straight!

    Now it is my turn to start writing those couple dozen blogs. Oh wait! You didn't just read that Danielle! I meant, I am almost finished with them! Yes, that's right, that's what I meant......

  6. Thanks for the congrats on Austen Authors, ladies. I never knew starting a blog was so much work! I have a WHOLE new appreciation for Terry, Linda, Robin, Marie, and whoever else was involved in getting Casablanca off the ground.

  7. I don't know what I'd do without good blogs to recommend great new reading material. You can always go into a bookstore and search, but with the help of great readers, I can find out about books so much more quickly than before.

    I love what you all have done for Jane Austen as well. It's nice to hear from the authors and really get a feel for their passion. Thanks for sharing with us Sharon!

  8. Hi Sharon. Great post. I've been doing quite a bit of blogging over the last couple of years but I know it'll be a drop in the bucket compared to my blog tour in 2011. I'll definitely stop by your new Austen blogs :)

  9. Hi Sharon, late commenting here. You're right, there are so many blogs. It's wonderful and it's overwhelming, deciding what to read, what to follow. But there is so much support and good info to be had.

    Congrats again on the Austen Author's blog.

  10. I am so grateful for those who share their love of books by blogging! I had no idea there were so many dedicated readers out there until I joined SB and did my first tour. And you are so right about the diversity of the Casablanca line...something for every taste. Hurray for diversity!


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