Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Muse

Is 6’2”, slightly shaggy hair the color of fresh roasted coffee suntipped with gold, puppy dog brown eyes, surfer tan, and a body Jillian Michaels would approve. He makes sure my coffee cup is filled, that I have anything I need, that my favorite DVDs are within reach, and my iPod is always fully charged. He’s within reach if I need a little … inspiration, and always ready to run to See’s if I require my favorite chocolates.

And sadly, he only exists in my imagination. Sigh!

My muse has been talking away a lot while I’ve been buried deep with new work. And if I hit a snag he would even direct me to my witchy Barbies, my dragon and Fae figurines, and the best, Ganesha, the Hindu god of good fortune and Patron of the Arts, especially writing. All little things that would give me that much needed spark.

Writing a book is a lot of ‘what ifs’ and a muse is terrific at whispering that all important what in my ear or suggestions. Why can’t that new cat hanging around the house be a fun familiar? And he will be because he’s totally perfect for the job. Why can’t Barney show up in a book? Why is my brain conjuring up an idea that might be bare bones now, but will soon flesh out nicely? As if I don’t have enough going on in my brain as it is!

Still, if the muse of my dreams would show up, I’d get a lot more work done.

I did tell you I wrote fiction, didn’t I?

So would you want a sexy muse hanging around when you’re writing? Would he help you write or would you be tempted to do some very important research?



  1. I'm afraid a sexy hunk like this would totally distract me from writing!! :)

  2. Yes, Terry, but he could also inspire you too.

  3. Put him in the shower and let him sing. Check in once and while to make sure he's washing behind his ears. LOL!!!
    If he's to distracting. Send him here. He can inspire me while you write.

  4. My muse is a botchy dominatrix that alternates between black leather and 1800's attire with hoop skirts- she's very fickle and keeps me on my toes.

    If I had a sexy man muse- the man of my dreams, he might inspire me to do much more than write and I wouldn't get any writing done if I was too busy tracing the ridges of his abs with my fingertips or hanging from his huge biceps.