Thursday, July 8, 2010

Learning Makes Me Happy

by Danielle Jackson

I've always loved to learn—I was that overachiever that wrote 20 page papers when the requirement was only 10, because I found out so much great information that I believed was entirely necessary to make my point. As I’ve grown, though, learning has always been a part of my life. Whether it’s researching new publications to pitch books to, or finding out interesting facts from the information in your romance novels, I’m lucky to be in position to literally learn something new everyday.

At the end of the month, many of us will be at the annual Romance Writers of America National Conference in Orlando, FL (at Disney World!), and I get to do a whole lot of learning! Meeting new authors and their visions for their careers, attending a couple of workshops on promoting romance novels, and of course, hopefully learning how NOT to get burnt out too early. It’s a wonderful way to become acclimated with the world of romance novels, and I think a lot of people are surprised by how eclectic and welcoming RWA and the 2000+ attendees of the national conference can be towards one another!

Sourcebooks, of course, will have a fabulous presence with a few great events, and I hope everyone can come to them!

- Friday, July 30, 9:45am-10:45am; SOURCEBOOKS SPOTLIGHT: Deb Werksman, our CEO Dominique Raccah and I will be telling everyone about Sourcebooks and our incredible romance line, as well as about Sourcebooks overall, what Deb is looking for editorially and what we do in regards to pr and marketing.

- Saturday, July 31, 12:00-1:30pm; SOURCEBOOKS AUTHOR SIGNING: Our current authors will be signing their books that Sourcebooks is donating--last year we had an incredible turn out, and with more authors signing this year, I think the line will be even longer and the books will go even faster!

- Saturday, July 31, 8:00-10:00pm; RITA/Golden Heart Ceremony: This year, we are excited to announce that Sourcebooks Casablanca author, Laurie Brown, is nominated for Best Paranormal, with her time-travel romance, What Would Jane Austen Do?. We are incredibly proud and excited!

If you’re attending RWA and would like to chat for a quick minute with me, let me know! My email is, and I’m setting up meetings now. My schedule is getting pretty full, but even just a quick hello will be fine. I hope to see so many of you in a few weeks!

What do you like learning about, even if you’re days in school are long gone? And if you’re attending the RWA National Conference, what are you looking forward to this year?


  1. LOL! Basically, I'm still learning how to write! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Orlando!

  2. I can't wait to meet you in Orlando, Danielle!

    Don't tell anyone, but I'm a total science geek. I love learning how the natural world works. Always have. Fascinating stuff. One day I might actually be able to comprehend Quantum Physics. Eh, prolly not.

  3. I think I'm finally learning how to say no. It's very easy to get bogged down with community work, church work, extended family events, issues...everyone asking for a little of your time until there's no little left.

    I'm looking forward to RWA and seeing everyone!


  4. I am VERY excited about Nationals! This will be my second year, so it will be easier in many respects. I love the socialization and support from other folks in the writing/publishing biz. But of course learning is the biggest draw for me. I was one of those overachievers too, Danielle. I still am! I never could impress the philosophy upon my children. LOL!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

    Cheryl--I think you must know a thing or two about writing, with your 6th book about to go in stores!

    Olivia--I'm excited to meet you, too. Orlando will be a great time :)

    Amelia--Saying no is a really important thing to learn, and also utilize. Great advice!

    Sharon--I hope it gets easier every year; however, it seems after each conference, I learn something new to remember for the next year! See you soon

  6. I love to learn, too, especially about writing. I'm a workshop junkie when it comes to conferences, and I love "how to write" books. I'm looking forward to seeing you at RWA, Danielle!

  7. I'm going to RWA and I'm looking forward to learning how awesome Harry Potter world is. I know, I know, not what you wanted to hear, but, seriously? I'm incredibly excited to arrive early and go to that world.

    And I was the kid who had to do 3 reports on animals for an A - and ended up turning in 10. :)

  8. Joanne--looking forward to seeing you, too! One thing I love about RWA is how so many authors are willing to share their own tips and quirks about how they write, and how it can help so many others.

    Judi--SO JEALOUS that you are going to the HP theme park! I want to hear all about it when we meet up :)

  9. History and writing--those are the two things I'm constantly soaking up. I've been listening to RWA workshop CDs since last fall--four years worth! I make the most out of my 1.5 hour commute every day! :)

    Danielle, I had the good fortune to meet you at the Spring Fling conference in April. You were so nice to answer all my questions. I hope to bump into you at the Spotlight.

    See everyone in a few weeks!


  10. Hi Tracey--what a great way to utilize that time you have each day. I'm sure we'll all read what you've learned from those tapes one day soon :)

    Hope to see you at the conference, too!

  11. Wish I was there to cheer everyone on. I am feeling lonely at home! Fingers crossed for a Rita win!

    Lisa Renee Jones