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Summer... Pfft

Yes, I'm ducking the flying rotten tomatoes.

Summer is my least favorite season. Why? Two reasons: heat and humidity.

I mean, I chose to go to Penn State because it was snowing the day I went there for a visit - April 29. I lived in East Halls and had to cross Parking Lot 80, aka The Tundra. You should have seen those snow piles when they plowed that big flat wind-whipped vast expanse of nothingness. (Sadly, I believe Parking Lot 80 no longer exists).

So here we are in summer. Normally, my family goes to the shore every summer, but this year we're taking a pass on our annual vacation because we've planned a different, longer one.

To the mountains. Where there's snow.

Yep, we're headed to Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming this year. I made this trip when I was 14 and LOVED it. Especially the pictures of us in our shorts and flip flops throwing snowballs at each other. I plan to do the same thing 31 years later with my own kids.

We'll be stopping at RomCon in Denver for the weekend, then on to Mount Rushmore, Mount Crazy Horse, Devil's Tower Wyoming (a hold over from my childhood - seeing Close Encounters landing site is not to be missed), then on to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. 14 days of cooler temperatures.

Oh, I know they'll still be hot and we'll definitley need the sunscreen, but I'll be glad to get off the East Coast for a few weeks.

And then I come home and will have to do laundry and re-pack for National. In Orlando. In July.

It's a good thing Florida has Disney and Universal because I don't know that you'd get me there any other way.

Only 196 days until Winter. Woo hoo!!!

So, what are your plans for summer?


  1. I'm with you there, because Texas heat is way too long and hot!! And summer is like a zoo at the library, and we're short on staff because of vacations on top of that. Sooo, summer is definitely my least favorite. But the good part is going to Orlando this year!!! And that will bring us to the end of summer--at least at the library. I'm afraid the heat will be with us until Oct. *sigh*

  2. LOL! I know how you feel. I live in Houston. But I still prefer warm weather to cold.

  3. Let's just say I prefer "cool" to hot or cold, which is interesting because for our vacations, we tend to head to South Carolina where it's even hotter than Indiana. The mountains sound good, though, and I've wanted to visit Devil's Tower ever since I saw Close Encounters. Maybe someday, but for now, I guess I'll see you in Orlando. Maybe we can cool off in Hogsmeade. Do you think they could import the English weather?

  4. LOL, Judi! Seems like we very much have the same preferences. :} Have fun on the quest for cool weather this summer!

  5. Heat and humidity are definitely the downfall of summer, Judi! But I'd rather have the frizzy hair and slightly sweaty clothes (prescrpition strength deodorant is a god-send) than being cold :)

    Sounds like you have a fun summer planned!

  6. I know all about heat living in Vegas, we have already hit 110 - ugggg! So I am heading to CA this weekend for a day at the beach, short day cruise and Disney. Than off to RomCon in July, and planning a Sea World trip in August.

  7. LOL! You crack me up! I am totally the other way around. I hate winter and the cold. I grew up in snowy mountains and although it was fun to sled and so on, I hated being cold. Not sure I intentionally gravitated to warmer climes because of that, but I do know that whenever my hubby talks about moving to Idaho or Montana I shiver. And I say, "Have fun. I'll see you in the summer time then because I am NOT moving to a place that gets 100 feet of snow each year!" LOL!

    Have fun on your trips. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

  8. I'm a Florida kind of girl! Bring on the heat! However, I don't mind a little snow skiing in Colorado come January.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando in late July no matter the temp.

  9. Judi~ Could you drop me off in Boise on the way?

    I so want to do the same things with my kids. My youngest was only three when we moved, and although she remembers the park across the street from our old house, she remembers nothing else.

    We went camping in Stanley, ID the 4th of July before we moved, it was 23 degrees that night. We took a jet-boat ride across Red Fish Lake and went on a hike where we played in the snow and then headed down to the Snake River and lounged in a Hillbilly Hot Tub, the water was so soft, my kids were so slippery, I could hardly get them out of there. Ah, good times. I'm soooo homesick!

  10. Oh, please don't get me started on the Texas heat, Terry! It's true what they say, everything IS bigger in Texas, including that ribbon of mercury! Hats off to those of you who can withstand that melting point!

    Shana, I've been to Houston in April and November. Honestly, I have no clue how you survive summer b/c it was ungodly hot those times I've been there.

    Cheryl, South Carolina has bugs. That would be the next reason I don't like hot temperatures. Mice, rats... I'm fine with those. Palmetto bugs? Ugh, no. My sister wanted to do the beaches of NC next year and I told her no way. I don't want to do the drive and I definitely don't want to do the heat.

  11. See, Kathryne? This is why I should win the chocolate diamonds...

    Frizzy hair, Danielle? I should be so lucky. Try limp dishrag. Nope, give me cold - not only is it comfortable, but my hair holds its style. LOL

    Melanie, the trip across country I took when I was 14? We were in Vegas - and they had to pipe cool water into the swimming pool and tossed in huge chunks of ice. I used one as a flotation device. That was definitely the hottest I've ever been and I'd rather not be that hot ever again. I like visiting Vegas, but only in the winter.

  12. Sharon, sorry, I just don't get the sweat trickling down my back thing at all. Bad enough that happens when I'm working out, but I'd at least like to have it be able to dry off when I step out of the gym.

    Yep, Amelia, I'll see you in Orlando. Our room is in the Dolphin and my roommates wanted to switch it to the Swan since they're supposed to be bigger. I said, "Are you nuts? Then we'd have to go OUTSIDE to get to the meeting rooms" (which are in the Dolphin). It's taking JK Rowling's magic to get me in the Orlando July heat, and that's only b/c we'll be there for Harry Potter world, otherwise, I was going to wait until November to go.

    Robin - sure, hon! Just get yourself to RomCon, then drive with us for a week and we'll drop you off. :)

  13. I live in the mountainous high desert of Central Oregon, which means we get endless snow in the winter, and dry heat in the summer. This was the compromise when I married a ski bum 12 years ago -- snow for him, heat for me!


  14. okay, Tawna, how hot is your dry heat? I might be able to do no humidity if it's not too hot.

  15. Wyoming! If you pass through Cheyenne, give me a call! We do have absolutely wonderful summers here - see tomorrow's post!

  16. We're in the high desert so lots of heat.

    Fall is my season.


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