Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mothers of All Mers & Monstes

Motherhood. What a topic. I am a mother, so I could wax poetic (but I don't write poetry, so why should I?) I could write about my mom, but then we'd get all teary-eyed and who wants that? I could write about my GRANDmom, but she's dealing with oncologists and that'd bring up MORE tears, so, again, why should I?

I think I'll take the safe route and let the mothers in my book have her say. Everyone, I give you Kai, mother of Rod, Reel, Mariana, Angel and Pearl Tritone, followed by Ceto, the mother of all sea monsters.

Hello everyone and thank you so much to Judi for having me here today. It's been a real adventure these last few months, what with Reel finding love with a Human, Rod taking over my husband's position, and Angel... ah, Angel. That woman does have a mind of her own.

As those of you who are mothers can attest, raising kids isn't the easiest job in the world, but I like to think of it as the most rewarding. When your son can share his darkest fears with you, or your daughter wants to emulate you, all those late nights and nappie-changing adventures are worth it. Those first few words, their first swim... it's a shame how fast they grow up, but it's also wonderful to see who they become.

I'm so glad you have gotten to see how those three have turned out, and, gods (and Deb Werksman willing), you'll get to see Mariana and Pearl's stories. I'm kind of interested to see who they end up with myself.

But, for now, I'm going to finish packing for the trip to the Antarctic Fisher's been planning. Ever since our Seven Seas Cruise, the Mer is on a mission to show me the undersea world.

And who knows, with the length of Mer lives, it's never to late to have another child.

Happy Mothers' Day!


Wow. They actually let me have my say. And I will be gracious enough to say "thank you" to Judi, and even to Kai.

I, too, am a mother. That's kind of the point of In Over Her Head, when Reel came to me wanting the diamonds. But they were my bargaining chip; no way was I going to hand them over. I think my reasons for why were clearly outlined in the book, but for those of you who haven't yet read it (oh, the horror! what are you thinking?), here's the general gist: the gods didn't like that my sea monster offspring were gobbling up a few too many sailors, so they cut off my procreating abilities. Even when my children started dying off in natural selection or by whalers. Now, okay, perhaps they should have been more judicious in their eating habits, but, hey, we're sea monsters; it's what we do.

So there I am, all alone, or so The Council thought, without any of my children. Let me tell you, facing eternity that way can make one pretty cranky. So when I saw my chance to bargain myself back into procreation, I grabbed it with all four fins. Hence, Reel and Erica's "little adventure."

Then along came Angel with her cute little boy, and, well, I'm not exactly proud of myself. But seriously, if you had to live with Joey, trust me, you would have done the same thing.

I'm happy to say that the gods finally saw reason and I'm happily ensconced in motherhood overload: I'm caring for orphans and it's just as rewarding and love-filled as Kai's brood.

And I might just have a few more offspring floating around that The Council knows nothing about. We'll have to see, won't we?

Wishing you all a happy mothers' day! In whatever form it is: furry, legged or tailed.



  1. apologies for being late with the post - I'm still mentally at RT and thought my blog post was tomorrow!

  2. Great post, Judi! :) Not like I've ever forgotten any! :) My daughter called me the other day and asked what I'd like to do for Mother's Day. I wasn't even thinking about it. With a looooming deadline, that's all that is on my mind of late. And how I can't do anything but work on the story every minute I'm off...but she's going to make me an Italian dish...I LOVE Italian and we're going to see a movie. I miss my own mother, and that's the reason I didn't want to post a mother's day kind of post...I loved yours!

  3. What terrific examples of fabulous mothers, Judi! ;-)

    Yep, mom's day can be both sad and wonderful. I will try to not dwell on my mom this year, but it will be tough. Better to immerse in fantasy as the reality can be heartbreaking.

    Great post, even if it was late. LOL!!

  4. Cute, Judi. With the bomb in NYC, the RWA Conference in peril, and the oil in the Gulf I was ready for your fun writing. THanks!
    And hugs to Terry, Sharon and all the others who miss their moms more this month than any other.

  5. Hahaha, love this post Judi! These are two special ladies I hope I get to see more of soon :)

  6. Love the post, Judi. There are mothers in all shapes and sizes, and they all love their kids. What great moms you have in your books...