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When you wish upon a star...

I recently had one of my dreams come true. I had wished that some day I might receive a starred review from Publishers Weekly. As many writers know, it’s an honor just to get reviewed by Publishers Weekly. Receiving a starred review is just…unbelievable. So needless to say, when my fabulous publicist at Sourcebooks, Danielle, emailed me to tell me that My Unfair Lady received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, my first response was to email her back and ask, “Are you sure?” (Can you blame me?)

Danielle assured me it was a starred review, and even sent me the link, in case my dazzled mind still couldn’t grasp the truth of it.

My Unfair Lady Kathryne Kennedy. Sourcebooks Casablanca, $6.99 (384p) ISBN 978-1-4022-2990-9

Kennedy (Beneath the Thirteen Moons) delivers a delightfully unusual Victorian romance. Unlike other American heiresses mingling with London society, Arizona railroad heiress Summer Wine Lee isn't looking for a husband or a title. In fact, she's already engaged. She just needs some social polish so she can marry a rich New Yorker. To this end, Summer hires Byron, an impoverished duke who ekes out a living by bringing Prince Albert gossip. Summer is equipped with a free-spirited best friend, a menagerie of abused stray animals and a host of unladylike skills; Byron has a strange stepfamily, a shrinking violet mistress and a murderer determined to do him in. Their chemistry has plenty of humor, and their passion is intense and breathtaking. Full of unexpected period details of cosmetics and hunting, this romance goes against type in a wonderful way. (Dec.)

The thing is, life can hand you so many blows that you can become numb to the fact that, yes, good things can still happen. If you continue to work toward your dreams. For me, I have faced a year of difficult personal challenges, one right after the other. I think the only thing that kept me sane was focusing on the positive aspects in my life, one of which was my writing.

So for anyone reading this whose life has been difficult lately, it might help to know that yes, dreams do come true. Continue focusing on the positives, ignore the negatives, and work toward those things that you have the power to change.

Have you had one of your dreams come true lately? Whether personal or professional, please share it in the comments. I’d like this post to be a positive affirmation of all the good things that happen to people…and that dreams really do come true.

All My Very Best,


  1. Congratulations Kathryne!

    You're right, it's always wonderful when our dreams come true.


  2. Thanks so much, Linda! Very sweet of you to comment.

  3. Congratulations on the review, that is an honor. But now, they should be honored to have read your book.

  4. Oh, Mason, what a lovely thing to say. Bless you for stopping by and commenting!

  5. What a great review - what a great dream come true. Congratulations, and thank you. I'll keep dreaming, inspired by you.

  6. Sheila: That makes me feel terrific! Thanks so much for your comment. And continue to dream!
    Hi Cheryl! Great to hear!

  7. Congratulations, Kathryne! Wow! That is indeed a major honor and something to hang framed upon the wall. I sure hope it is only the first of dozens more.

    My dreams continue to come true every day in the form of my husband, family, career, and now writing. I feel very blessed. Thanks for keeping us focused.


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