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I think I've posted this on every other blog I'm involved with except this one, so here it is! The new cover for Fugitive.

So far, it has met with everyone's approval, and I'd like to thank the design department at Sourcebooks for another terrific effort.

I've already received one guest blog request for the release which Danielle is adding to my calendar. I've never had a book come out in January before, and it would be nice if it came out in time for Christmas, but after the holidays are over and the long winter sets in is probably a good time to release a book, too.

Fugitive is set on Barada Seven, a jungle planet known for its fabulous birds, natives that look like tall orange toads, something called fuuslak juice, and one lone Zetithian male who has been on the run from the Nedwut bounty hunters for the past twenty years. When wildlife artist Drusilla Chevrault visits Barada, she thinks she's only there to paint the waterfowl, but she finds something she didn't expect: love, in the form of Manxarkodrath Panteris, the elusive fugitive of the jungle.

Unlike the other Zetithians in the Cat Star Chronicles series, Manx has never been a slave, but though he's learned how to avoid capture through the years, Drusilla soon has him throwing caution to the wind. Her beauty, talent, and, above all, her scent draw him out into the open. Drusilla is intrigued by those first fleeting glimpses of Manx, but just when she finds love in his arms, she discovers that there are others out to get him, and the race to find the last Zetithian becomes a contest between love and death.

So, while the snow falls and the winter winds howl, you can curl up in your fleece blankie with a cup of hot tea and read about one of the hottest aliens you will ever encounter.

Oh, yeah. . . . it's gonna be a very happy new year. . . .


  1. I can't wait!!! I want to read it NOW---but then, that's my reaction every time I finish one of your novels---I want to read the NEXT one! Sigh, I'll just have to cool my jet, and wait along with everyone else...

  2. I agree with Suzy, NOW! I want Fugitive, NOW! Ok with that outburst out of the way I feel better and will be patient till January. Yeah, right.

    Thanks for the great pic on your blog. Nice way to start the morning.

    Be careful on the way home. We want more stories!

  3. Good morning, ladies!
    I read a scene from Fugitive at the INRWA retreat last evening which was well received. I was terribly nervous (like if I was ever going to have a heart attack, that would have been the time!), got some laughs with part of it, and then and got all choked up at the end. Whew!
    We have a meeting this morning and then it's back home again around noon. The best part is that home is just about an hour away, unlike all the other places I usually go.

  4. Think of your release after Christmas as being a New Year's resolution for readers to enjoy themselves more. After the rush of the holidays, everyone needs to slow down and have some "me" time and this sounds like the perfect book for that.

  5. It's a lovely cover, Cheryl! Sourcebooks definitely knows how to do them right! I can imagine you getting nervous about reading a scene from your work...out loud! :) Glad you're having fun!

  6. What a Nice Way for us to start 2010. And a Happy NEW YEAR that will be for us.
    A sexy hot Zetithian to start it off right. Thanks again for the Yummylicious taste of you upcoming book and your blog today.
    Take it easy driving. No speeding. Officer Cummings has that Highway under surveillance. He'll get you. LOL!!!

  7. Hi Mason!
    You're right about that being a good time to do those New Year's resolutions involving the "me time." Plus, it's right before Valentine's Day, and our INRWA chapter is planning a group signing at the B&N in Noblesville, IN, which should be a lot of fun.

  8. Yes, Terry, I was VERY nervous! Having a copy of the cover for everyone to gaze at while I was reading would have helped enormously. Wish I'd thought of that....

  9. Hi Donna!
    I'm home now, but Officer Cummings didn't stop me. :-(
    I just went to the grocery and came home. But I'm feeling refreshed and ready to write more on Renegade!

  10. The Sourcebooks Art Dept. has done it again! Congrats on another wonderful, sexy cover, Cheryl!

    When Sharon and I had our signing last month, the B&N guy told us that January was a good month for a release because a lot of people get gift cards for Christmas and come in to spend them in January!

    Your retreat sounds FUN! Wish I could have been there to hear the tidbit from Fugitive!


  11. One thing I really have to say, besides the fact that I'm super excited about Fugitive is that I like Manx's full name XD

  12. I hadn't thought of that, Cindy. That sounds even better!

  13. Ana,
    Believe it or not, the name is actually based on Antonio Banderas. I used the word manx as a base for the first name, and then played around with Banderas and the word panther to end up with Panteris.


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