Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HEALING LUKE Launch Party!!

Yesterday, Loucinda McGary got our September Launch party started with the release of The Treasures of Venice. Today, let's keep the Launch Party rolling as I celebrate the long-awaited release of HEALING LUKE! Whoot!

I've brought some awesome brownies for us to munch and I'll be giving away your pick of books from my backlist (pubbed prior to August 2009) to two lucky folks who leave a comment before midnight central time tonight! So let the par-tay begin!

In HEALING LUKE, readers meet the Morgan men— father Bart and his two grown sons, Aaron and Luke. The Morgans run a snorkeling and deep sea fishing tours business in Destin, Florida. The three bachelors lead a charmed life until an accident on their tour boat leaves Luke injured and the whole family grappling with the changes in their lives.

Enter Abby Stanford, an occupational therapist from Texas on vacation by herself after breaking her engagement with her philandering fiancĂ©. When Abby arrives at the snorkeling office and has a run-in with a surly Luke, Aaron swoops in to save face for the family business, and, ladies' man that he is, Aaron snags a date with Abby. Aaron quickly realizes the rapport Abby has with his brother, and he and Bart offer Abby an unconventional job– a multi-purpose assistant to the family. Among other duties at the snorkeling office, Abby's goal is to motivate Luke, help with his therapy, and guide the family through the troubled waters they face.

Needing a distraction from her own painful break up and feeling a connection to the Morgan men, Abby accepts the position and takes a leave of absence from her job in Texas. In the weeks that follow, Abby becomes part of the Morgan family, sharing their heartaches and triumphs as she guides Luke through his recovery and rehabilitation. With the Morgan men, Abby finds healing for her own wounded heart, and when friendship and a sizzling attraction flare with Luke, she discovers a second chance for true love.

I admit I was a bit apprehensive about how my brooding, wounded hero would be received by readers. To my delight, the early reviews have been overwhelmingly good! Long and Short Reviews called HEALING LUKE 'poignant' and gave it 5 of 5 books. The Romance Studio also gave HEALING LUKE 5 of 5 stars and said, "Ms. Cornelison excels again with this book."

Can you see me grinning?
Grace of the Books Like Breathing blog even went as far as to say, "I love sitting on my comfy chair and reading a good romance novel. It is usually very hard for me to pick a favorite. Not so much anymore. Healing Luke has surpassed all of the others (aside from Pride and Prejudice)."
High praise indeed! I shared that quote with my husband and son, and my son went to school the next week and told his English Literature teacher about that review. Um... I don't consider HEALING LUKE classic literature like Pride and Prejudice. It's commercial fiction. But to be ranked in a reader's favorites list with Jane Austen is the highest form of flattery!

I hope you'll all enjoy HEALING LUKE. I'm blogging all over the place in the coming weeks, so check out my blogging schedule on my website and join me for even MORE chances to win!

I love to hear from readers so feel free to contact me through my website. And now... will someone pass those brownies to me and turn the music up...it's time to dance!
Happy reading, Beth Cornelison


  1. Hi Beth,
    Happy Release Day and congrats on the rave reviews. Looking forward to reading "Healing Luke."

  2. I'm dancing, the brownies are delicious, and so is LUKE!!!!

    Happy Launch Day!

  3. Jane- Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy HL!

    Cheryl- The secret to the brownies is all the butter! Gah! Enjoy... :0)

  4. Ohhhh, Luke sounds like my kind of man. I love the tortured brooding type.

    Congratulations on the new release.

  5. Ooh, brownies! Yummy. Great choice of treat. I'm bringing my hubby's 7-layer dip and tortilla chips. I know we had that at the party yesterday, but trust me - you'll want more!

    Best of luck with the book. We Casababes rock!!

  6. Oh, yes, Renee! The tortured brooding type... they are so sexy! In fact, I've written a blog post for my agent's blog on the appeal of the tortured hero. It will be up tomorrow here: http://varkat.livejournal.com/
    Check it out!

    And Sharon- seven layer dip! Yummy. I could make a meal off seven layer dip! (I kinda did on Sunday). Thanks for sharing :-) .

  7. Beth,

    You really know how to throw a party! The brownies are almost gone! Do you have more in the kitchen?

    Healing Luke sounds like an 'impossible to put down' kind of book and Destin is one of my favorite spots in the world.

    I think you hit the jackpot with this one! Now where are the extra brownies! :-)


  8. Hi Beth,

    Happy Release Day and congrats on your great reviews!

    "Healing Luke" sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading!

  9. Happy release day Beth! Congrats on the great reviews so far.

  10. HAPPY RELEASE DAY, Beth! And congrats on all the GREAT reviews for Healing Luke!

    Aunty is elbow deep in the 7 layer dip and firing up the blender for some margaritas!


  11. Happy release day, Beth! Healing Luke sounds like a bit off the beaten path and something I'd enjoy--congrats, and I'll be looking for this one!

  12. Hey, everyone- I'm back and I brought more brownies for Amelia! Dig in, they have no calories!

    Thanks for all the fun cheers and wishes for HEALING LUKE. I raise my glass to all the Casa Authors and readers! Party on...

  13. Congrats, Beth!!!! Many happy sales (versus returns. LOL)

  14. Congrats on your release! I think your hero sounds fascinating and can't wait to read!

  15. Congratulations! The day's arrived. And please tell me some of those brownies are gluten free...

    Happy Launch Day! I think we're all queuing up, hoping for Luke's healing.

  16. Judi, Cheeky Girl and Sheila, Thanks for joining the party! Come on out to the dance floor... Cheryl and I need some company out here with the cabana boys (wink).
    And yes, in cyber land all brownies can be gluten free too. :-)

  17. It's been a long, long day and I'm afraid all the brownies may be gone, but I know Luke's still around, and I've got my dancing shoes on! Congrats with the launch party, Beth!!!

  18. Oh, the brooding ones are the best, if only to see the change in them made by a wonderful woman in their life.


  19. Okay, it is time to announce the two WINNERS of my Launch Party drawing for a copy of a back list book of your choice! The two winners are:
    Drum roll please...
    Renee and Sheila Deeth! Congrats ladies! Head over to my website www.bethcornelison.com and click on BOOKS to see which of my titles released prior to August this year you would like to have me send you. THen email me through the contact form with the snail mail address where I should send your book. Thanks for helping me celebrate HEALING LUKE's release!!
    Beth- a little hung over now but heading into Terry's party... I hear they have steak!

  20. Congrats Beth!

    The party is going strong!