Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gaining Experience Points

I've been busy working on the final edits to Fugitive and tweaking the Hero manuscript, but lately I've also been doing a bit of reading on the side. I read Cindy's Treasures of Venice and enjoyed it very much. Before that, I read Marie's Love at First Flight, Kendra's Wild Highland Magic, and Beth's Healing Luke, and I'm currently reading Amelia's A Marquis to Marry. I've ordered Fire Me, and Loving Mr. Darcy. Over the course of the past couple of years I've read just about all of the Casa Babes' books and one thing is becoming clear: We're not just getting older, we're getting better!

Not that our first books were terrible by any means, but I can see a definite improvement. I hope my own books are improving with each experience, but I suppose that only time, and the readers, will tell. My biggest difficulty right now is coming up with stories and heroes for the next three books in The Cat Star Chronicles series. Originally, there were only going to be six, and I was all set to start winding down and move on to something else after Hero was finished, but since that phone call from Deb a few months back, I've been trying to figure out what to write about in the next three in the series that she asked me for.

Not that my imagination has taken a vacation, it's just that there haven't been any male (or female!) characters around to inspire me lately. By this I mean real people or characters in movies. Many of my characters have their origins in real people, but is it just me or have all the movie heroes suddenly become, well . . . uninteresting???

Perhaps I'm just not watching the right ones. I could imagine a bit of Gerard Butler in Cindy's Kiernan and possibly Jason Isaacs in Kendra's Lucien--both of whom are terrific actors with very distinct personalities. Having that character "voice" in my head while I read enhances the experience, but it makes a huge difference if I can hear it while I write. In Hero, Trag is my, well . . . hero . . . and he is one that sprang into my mind without any help from anyone, at least, not that I'm aware of. He's got tons of personality and a terrific sense of humor. I'm hoping for another one like that, but since he isn't there yet, I keep looking.

So, please, Mr. Wonderful out there, whoever you are, inspire me. Make me want to write your story. Have a personality that just won't quit, a sexy voice that will take root in my mind, a sense of humor that will keep me chuckling, and an enthralling tale to tell. I need you!

Hmmm. . . . maybe this one will help. . . . He's definitely intriguing and clicking on him makes him bigger. . . .

Now if I could only hear his voice. . . .


  1. I hope HE shows up soon and gets those juices flowing again, Cheryl.

  2. Big Chief where are you? Cheryl's Pump in running dry. She's needs to be primed.
    If I find him up north. I'll send him to you.
    Later Cat Master!!!

  3. Thanks, Donna! Have a good time in the woods!

  4. Ohmigosh, Cheryl, that picture hurts. How could he put rings...there??? :)

  5. I'm working from my car dealership today. Man, I'm glad that pic didn't pop up when I was talking to the service guy and booting up my computer at the same time. I was saved by the lack of a user name and password to get on the internet.--or maybe he was! LOL

    Cheryl~ We all go through those times when our well has seemingly run dry, and then the heavens open up and we're drenched with ideas and characters. Sometimes they keep us from sleep. Give it a little time and the rains will come.

  6. OMG, the big Chief is back! I want him to inspire you too, Cheryl! Although all he inspires in me is, well, not G-rated! It'll happen-I'm sure of it. When you least expect it.

    Glad you're getting some reading done. I picked up Healing Luke the other day at Borders, but haven't started it yet. Soon, hopefully!

  7. I'm sure your imagination will spring to life soon!

    I'm with Terry -- ouch on the rings on that guy! LOL!

    Thanks for ordering FIRE ME!

  8. Well, I am definitely awake now! This is better than espresso. Whew! Thanks Cheryl!

    Inspiration can be tough at times. For me it has become a bit of a challenge to get into the "zone" of creative writing when time it tight. When I do have a free hour or several even - something that seems to happen less and less these days - there is this pressure to be creative and inspired NOW! Wish it was like an electrical switch that could just be flipped!

    Good luck in your search through hunky men photos to find your inspiration, Cheryl. It's a hard job - pun intended - but someone has to do it. :)

  9. Just let him wrap himself all around you, Cheryl. Inspiration will hit.


  10. I completely agree with you in the sense that if you write more often, your writing improves. I feel like I've come a long way since I started writing a few years back. I'm not completely content with my writing yet but who truly is all the way? LOL.

    I like that guy. He was on your blog the other day no? I happen to like piercings on a guy XD

  11. I had a patient once who had a nipple ring and my coworker asked him the same question: "WHY would you DO that????" His response was to giggle (he was VERY drunk!) and say "It gives me a rush." Not sure if it works that way with everyone, but there you have it.

    Thanks for the all the encouragement, ladies! If anyone could inspire me, surely this guy can....

  12. Cheryl,
    THANX for a very inspiring post! LOL!

    And BIG THANX for the shout out for TToV. I'm glad Gerry's smiling face came through just a little. :-)

    I'm also at the point where I'm trying to come up with new characters for a new story. They are right there on the edge of my imagination, but they are being coy. I hope I can coax them out SOON!


  13. My my next heroes had better get over being coy very soon, AC, or I'm going to punch them!

    I certainly hope you're right, Sheila....

  14. Whatever works, Cheryl!

    Sometimes we gotta get TOUGH with these characters! ;-)