Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hope and Wait - the Ugly Stepsisters of Publishing

We all go through it. You submit your manuscript/proposal and then you wait. And wait. And you hope. And you hope some more.
Then you wait. And wait. And... well, you get it. Heck, you've lived it.

Funny, even after you sell, even after your first/second/whatever book comes out, it doesn't change. You're always waiting. And hoping.
Those two ladies, Wait and Hope, are the ugly stepsisters of publishing. They have a cousin, Faith, who keeps us writing, but I think we spend more time with the sisters. Or maybe more angst. I mean, if we have Faith in our writing, that's a good thing. She's comforting. She's always around in a you-can-do-this kind of way. Of course, her little brother Doubt shows up every so often to yank her hair, but then he gets banished to the corner for a time-out (for a long time, hopefully [Damn! There she is again!]) and Faith brings you chocolate.

Right now I'm in the waiting stage. The ARCs of Wild Blue Under have gone out. I met a few of the reviewers at National who were waiting (some not-so-patiently which is lovely to hear) to get their copies so they can see what happens.

I'm waiting for their reactions. I had the luxury (if you want to call it that) of having entered In Over Her Head in an online contest and seeing people's comments. I received something like 800+ comments on the first ten thousand words, so I knew that most people liked it. I was surprised by the puns they came up with for their comments ("A finny, I mean, funny..." "You reeled me in!" "I'm hooked!") and was thoroughly blown away by such positivity. Those sentiments carried through on the reviewers' comments once the book came out.

But Wild Blue Under hasn't been through that kind of feedback process. Oh, sure, the people who've seen it in its editing form love it, so I have high hopes for the reviews, but still... I'm waiting and hoping.

And now I want the chocolate...


  1. It'll be great, Judi! I can't wait to read it!! :)

  2. *sigh* Sometimes even chocolate doesn't help. Good luck!

  3. I finished a whole bag of Dove milk chocolates waiting for news about my upcoming two releases from Ellora's Cave. Took me a week at the gym to burn off the calories. :Sigh: I need to get better at the being the pretty stepsister--PATIENCE.

    Best--Adele Dubois

  4. Ya know, if you'd toss an ARC my way, I'd be happy to tell you how much I love it! How can I not, knowing how much I loved IOHH? LOL! And you've left out the best cousin of all. JOY! The one who not only brings chocolate, but a bottle of champagne to celebrate with you!

  5. Terrific post. Thanks for sharing. And my fingers are crossed for you, Judi.

  6. Waiting is always a part of the process. And there's even hurry up and wait.

    Wine helps.


  7. Ah, those pesky stepsisters. How they dog us all. I loved the fairy tale metaphor. And of course, that happy ending is juat around the corner. For real!

    Congrats on all your success, Judi!

  8. Judi, I haven't read it yet, but you'll do absolutely wonderful!

  9. Yeah, I was going to suggest going straight for the wine!

  10. Wine, or better yet, champagne.

    Kat - thank you so much for reminding me about cousin Joy. Funny how she can get lost in the shuffle with Wait and Hope hogging so much of my time! :)

    Hope everyone has a great week!

  11. I'm sure it'll be great, and so will the chocolate. Tell Cousin Joy to bring plenty.

  12. I feel your pain, sweetie. It's terrible waiting, but I'm sure you'll be getting the first fabulous review really soon. Then you'll think of all the time you waisted worrying about it.

    You're fabulous and I'm sure you're book is too.

    Hugs...Robin :)