Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Actually, my mom’s birthday is tomorrow, but let’s celebrate all the days we can, shall we?

And in a way you have to feel sorry for her.

I like to say once my parents had me, they were afraid for more, which is why I’m an only child. I was painfully shy as a kid, a dreamer, and I loved to read. And they always encouraged my writing.

Over the years my mom’s also been a great cheerleader for my life in general.

One of the funniest times was early in my career when I did the “I’m an author!” to someone. Afterwards, Mom said, “honey, you shouldn’t brag.” I told her it was more promotion. I would say barely a few months later we were out to lunch and she looked across the restaurant to see someone reading one of my books.

Mom wasted no time going over to the woman, telling her, “my daughter wrote the book you’re reading!” and offering to have me sign it.

There was no holding her back after that.

And every birthday I take her out for a mother/daughter lunch, announce it’s her birthday so she’ll be sung to and she always gets presents from the grandcritters.

Mom’s got stories from her meeting my dad when she was 15 and he was 19. He told her right then and there he knew she was the one for him, but he’d have to let her grow up first.

That as the oldest of three daughters, she joined the Marine Corps., because as she told the recruiter, “My dad doesn’t have a son to do it.” I love to tell her her claim to fame is that she dated Tyrone Powers’ crew chief. And she still has every letter my dad wrote her when he was overseas. Especially the one where he wrote “I’d like us to get married when I come home.” And they did. :}

And now my mom listens to me mutter about spells and charms. Every so often she’ll say “let me look at the critters” meaning my Fluff and Puff tattoo. And she believes me when I talk about Frank, our house ghost.

Maybe that’s what keeps my mom young. I do my best to keep life interesting for her.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you bunches!!
Also, my website is up and running and more to be added soon. www.lindawisdom.com



  1. Your mom sounds amazing! Happy birthday to her!

  2. I love your mom! She sounds like a firecracker.

    Congrats on the website; it looks great!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Linda's Mom!!!!
    She sounds like a fun person!

  4. Happy birthday to mom who has great taste in reality TV!

  5. Happy Birthday, Mom!

    And I love how she now announces you're an author - my mom recently started doing that too, which is out of character. Funny!

  6. Linda, your mother sounds as if she were way ahead of her time. Kudos to her. I absolutely love the statement she made to the recruiter.

  7. Hi Linda,
    What a wonderful way to honor your mom. And any woman with the courage to join the Marines has my respect and gratitude! I hope she has many more birthdays.

    I loved your website! Very eye-catching.


  8. Thanks all!

    Mom's short, a little over 5'1" and the marines weren't going to take her at first. Then when she said what she did, my granddad was former navy, the recruiter fixed it for her. She was stationed at Cherry Point and worked in the motor pool. She's also a charter member of the Military Womens Memorial at Arlington.

    I consider her an excellent role model.


  9. Happy Birthday Linda's Mom!!!

    Moms are the best. My mom is so proud of me. Even as sick as she was recently, she was telling all the nurses about me. My heart is happy that she will still be with us long enough to hold a signed copy of my second novel in her hand.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Linda. Have fun celebrating!

  10. GREAT POST, Linda!

    HAPPY HAPPY Bday to your mom, and MANY more! You are sooo lucky to have her around.

    Your website looks FAB! Very much in line with your Hexy books. Congrats!


  11. Yay for moms! You know I'm borderline obsessed with mine (and her romance genre knowledge), so I completely relate to this blog :)

    Great site!!!!!

  12. Sharon,

    That is a good feeling for you.

    You just tell your mom she's got to stick around for you.


  13. tell your momma, that a fellow leo from texas wishes her a happy day! my mom turned 90 in febuary. she may limb a bit but is sharp as a tack and i rejoice every day we share.

  14. I told her and she says thanks.

    She's 86 and doing good. Even a few old coots have flirted with her. :}


  15. Your mom is a trip. Happy birthday Linda's Mom!