Friday, July 3, 2009

DC or BUST!!!!

The next blog that I post here on Casablanca Authors will be the Sunday following the Romance Writers of America's national conference in Washington, DC. I'll be on my way home that day, but I know that on Saturday night I'll be pecking away at my laptop, frantically trying to get a post up before I go to bed.

It's going to be an interesting trip. Not only have I never flown anywhere by myself, but I haven't been to DC since I was about eight years old. I went to a big nursing conference in Atlanta once, but aside from that, I've never been to anything approaching the scale of this event, and this will also be my first time ever for a writer's conference of any kind. I have met a few authors in person--the May meeting of the INRWA was my first--and I felt very much like a newbie and didn't know ANYONE!

But this will be different. I've gotten to know a lot of the Casa Babes via the blogs and e-mail, and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in person. I don't believe that any pen pals in years past could possibly have gotten closer than those of us who have communicated via the Internet. The funny thing is, I've never even spoken with most of you on the phone. In fact, I think Deb and Danielle are the only ones. Strange times we live in, huh? I'll be meeting them for the first time, too. I've at least seen pictures, so I think I'll recognize everyone, but though I have heard all of your "voices" in print, it's going to be very odd hearing your actual voices for the first time.

Another difference between this and that AACN nursing conference (which was oh, so many years ago!) is that we get to dress up! When I went with my nursing buddies to Nashville earlier this year, we went to a couple of outlet malls and they got me in a dressing room and started bringing me clothes that I would never have picked off the rack myself. And of course they told the salesladies all about my books and the upcoming event, and they joined in the fun, too. I normally wear blue all the time (blue jeans, blue scrubs, blue T-shirts, and, yes, even blue nightgowns!) and I NEVER dress up, but I came away with clothes that stick out in my closet like sore thumbs. Along with the pervasive blue, there are now splashes of yellow and green and silver. I wore one of the outfits to a wedding recently and actually felt pretty spiffy for a change.

Shoes were another difficulty. I have some foot problems and normally only wear running/walking shoes (from the MEN'S department!) and I haven't had a pair of heels on in ages. However, I managed to find some dress shoes that actually fit (thanks to the Internet!) and hopefully I won't break my neck in them.

Oh, rats! That reminds me. . . pantyhose. I'm going to have to buy some pantyhose before I go--something else I haven't done in at least ten years.

God help me!


  1. Pantyhose = torture device. I hates pantyhose.

    Have fun at RWA, Cheryl!!

  2. Have fun!!!!!

    Wish I were going but it's not in the cards (actually the wallet) this year.

  3. Have lots of fun Cheryl :D

  4. Wow!!! CHERYL, That sounds so exciting. Make sure you go to the Air and Space Museum and do some research for your books.
    I'm glad you ventured out of your Blue Comfort zone. Cool new Duds and good luck with the Heels. Go buy some Spanks and thigh high nylons. Forget panty hose. LOL
    Sounds like great fun at the RWA. What happens in DC stays in DC. LOL!!!

  5. Cheryl,
    Forget the pantyhose. It's perfectly acceptable to go without them and be VERY dressed up and in style, too. And you'll be more comfortable!

    I'm looking forward to meeting you. Ah--I'll be the blonde without pantyhose. :-)


  6. Hmm, well, I see we all agree on the pantyhose issue. Maybe I won't bother with them, but tell me Donna, what the hell are Spanks? I'm so lost when it comes to stuff like that....
    Okay Amelia! Bare-legged blonde. Got it!
    Wish the rest of you were coming, too. We're gonna have a blast!

  7. Cheryl, I'm with the ladies panty hose. If you feel you absolutely have to induldge, I agree with Donna on the thigh highs! You'll probably be in air conditioning most of the, but when you come out it'll probably be hot and muggy...not a good combo with pantyhose. You'll be running to the restroom and ripping them off before long.

    I can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. Oh yeah! I am not the old conference virgin! I was a bit afraid I would be the only one wandering around with a scared, lost puppydog face! I am so excited. I have never been to a conference of any kind. Somehow never made it to a nursing one, and let's face it Cheryl, doesn't this sound like LOTS more fun?!?!? I can't wait to meet all of my CasaSisters and just wish all of you could be there.

    And thanks for the pantyhose X-nay. I honestly didn't give it a thought until you said it Cheryl, and I hyperventilated for a few seconds! Whew! I'll be the other blonde without pantyhose then.

  9. This is a no hose zone, ladies! Spanks are the new wave hold-it-all-in girdle. My friends swear by them, but I'm kind a meh about the need to hold it all in. LOL!

    Can't wait to meet you in person after becoming daily pen pals this year! (and looking forward to seeing the rest of you, too!)

  10. Hi Lisa!
    The info on the conference leads me to believe that we'll all be freezing to death most of the time and will never leave the building (my room is at the same hotel as the conference), but you're probably right. My fancy outfit has the virtue of being gaucho pants rather than a dress, so thigh-highs will be perfect.
    This is yet another example of how out of touch I am with fashion trends: I didn't know there was such a thing as thigh-highs!

  11. LOL! Sharon! Barelegged Blondes will be everywhere!!!!
    Actually, that AACN conference would have been a lot more fun if my sidekick and I had gone to Underground Atlanta like the rest of our group did. We were just young and stupid and thought we were actually there to learn something....

  12. At age 53, 5' 4", and 225, Spanks probably won't do anything but make me miserable, Marie, and I plan to have FUN!!!!
    Looking forward to meeting you (along with everyone else!) and doing, you know...what we talked about doing with Kendra and a cute waiter?????

  13. Hey Cheryl,

    I gave up pantyhose when I had surgery on my thumb in 2002 and NEVER went back! LOL! So BIG YES on the NO PANTYHOSE ZONE! If I have to wear anything in the nylon family, I go for knee highs myself as my thighs are not something ANYONE in the public would like to view. :-P

    Having been to DC three times in the not-too-distant past, I do NOT plan to do any sight-seeing outside the hotel. I've been to DC in July once and all I can say is UGH! But I will say that the Air&Space museum is not to be missed.

    Can't wait to see everyone, and do you still need that glittery barf-bag Cheryl?


  14. I think I can make it without the barf bag, AC. I discovered the joy of non-drowsy Dramamine on my trip to Vegas last fall. Granted, both flights were pretty smooth, but I did a whole lot better than I thought I would. But thanks for asking!

  15. Have fun, Cheryl! I hope to go next year. :)

  16. I hope to see you then, Terry! I was in Nashville earlier this year and I know we'll have an absolute blast. Plus, I can get there without having to fly!

  17. Cheryl, I've never been to on a commercial flight, I've never been to D.C. and I don't wear pantyhose. ;)

    Hope I get to meet you in D.C. along with the other Casababes.