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Sourcebooks News

by Danielle

For this post I’ve decided to let you guys know a TON of what else is going on with Sourcebooks, Inc. As the romance imprint, Casablanca can get pretty caught up in its own little world of book bloggers, guest posts, half naked aliens, werewolves in kilts, domestic gods, wild nights a Pemberley, football stars, cowboys, Irishmen etc etc etc etc…

First of all, last weekend was Book Expo America and Sourcebooks was there! We had one of the most coveted ARCs there—Bran Hambric, a middle grade children’s fantasy book written by 20 year old Kaleb Nation—whose been making a name for himself with the website, And yes, you read that right, he’s only 20, has a HUGE web following, walked the red carpet of the movie premiere of Twilight (no joke) and he’s written his own book. Pretty Crazy. Similar to romance fiction, children’s books is a MAJOR initiative for our company.

Sourcebooks, Inc. also welcomed it’s 12th New York Times Bestselling book this month: Healing the Addicted Brain by Dr. Harold Urschel. Dr. Urschel was featured on Dr. Phil a few weeks ago, and the momentum hasn’t stopped since!

Our very own CEO and publisher, Dominique Raccah, was named one of the Top 50 Women Publishing in Business by Book Business Magazine. It’s a really great article and goes to show how hard Dominique is working, and changing the face of publishing!

Beloved Southern fiction and New York Times bestselling author, Michael Malone (also featured at BEA) has been creating quite a buzz with his latest release, The Four Corners of the Sky (don’t you just love that cover?). He’s getting rave reviews, starred reviews from the editors of the prepublication magazines, taking over the book bloggers, and about to finish his book tour that spanned the country!

This weekend is the Chicago Printer’s Row Book Festival, and as the Midwest’s largest independent publisher, you’ll be sure to know that Sourcebooks will be there! Marc Smith, one of the creators of Slam Poetry (sometimes called Spoken Word) and a Sourcebooks author (Spoken Word Revolution, Spoken Word Revolution Redux and currently in stores: Take the Mic and Stage a Slam) will be featured in a spoken word performance on Saturday afternoon (yes, the day before this blog posts, but I’m sure you will all be there in spirit).

Did you guys know that there’s a Sourcebooks Casablanca MALE author? His name is Bill Surie and he writes under the pen name Holly Denham. His book, Holly’s Inbox, was a runaway smash hit in the UK and we acquired the American rights. His book actually began as a website, called (which he’s restarted for the US release--you can even read it at work--it looks like a REAL email inbox!). In the UK, he kept it a big secret that he was actually a happily married man with a beautiful wife and adorable daughter… but for the very tough US audience, we decided to do something out of the box, and let everyone know about a man truly making a name for himself in the nearly 100% female world of women’s fiction. And it paid off, because Bill was featured in the June 5 Issue of Entertainment Weekly!

And finally, don’t forget (which I know you won’t)—the RWA National Conference in Washington, DC, is just around the corner! I’m getting things together (and will start sending lot’s of emails soon to those of you authors attending!) for the three big events happening for Sourcebooks!

Friday, July 17 at 11:00amMy panel workshop: Online Promotion B(u)y the Book with reviewer Michelle Buonfiglio, author Lori Foster and author Jenna Peterson. I’m giving the publicist perspective of book promotion on the web.

Saturday, July 18 at 11:00am—Sourcebooks Spotlight: Deb and Dominique will work their usual magic of telling everyone what we’re all about!

Saturday, July 18 at 3:00pm—Sourcebooks Signing: You guys are signing your books for adoring fans!

So, as you can see, we’ve got a lot going on! There are a few ways to keep up with what all of SB is doing:

The Blog
My Twitter Account
(yes I know, I don’t update it very much—I’m still learning!)
The Sourcebooks Team Twitter Account

The atmosphere at Sourcebooks right now is one of possibility--we're not thwarted by the recent state of the economy, and the direct results this has had on the industry. We've got big plans for the Fall and Spring 2010--many of which include many of you, and the Casablanca fiction imprint as a whole!


  1. Glad to hear Sourcebooks is doing so well!

  2. Sounds great, Danielle~

    Looking forward to seeing you at Nationals.

    Robin :)

  3. I follow Kaleb, when I saw he was getting published by Sourcebooks I did a little dance and wrote to him on his youtube channel about how fabulous you all were.

  4. Thanx for keeping us all up to date, Danielle!

    WOW! Things are really hoppin' over at Sourcebooks HQ.

    Can't wait for the book signings in DC.

  5. I am so excited to hear all the amazing Sourcebooks happenings. This is wonderful news for us because we want and need a thriving publishing house to be behind us. We succeed because Sourcebooks succeeds.

    Thanks so much for keeping us aware of the other part of the business, Danielle. And best of luck to ALL the Sourcebooks writers!

    Can't wait for Nationals! Yep, I am giddy!!

  6. Congratulations to Sourcebooks!

    And my thanks to you, Danielle for being the kind of publicist every author wants. You already know, I'm your biggest fan! :-)

    See you in DC!


  7. Interesting stuff, Danielle. And always good to know, in these uncertain times, that the future is looking bright at Sourcebooks/Casablanca. The lightbulb logo fits, doesn't it? :-)

  8. Impressive line up for Sourcebooks. It goes to show if you put your heart into something it can succeed beyond your wildest imaginings.


  9. I had no idea sourcebooks covered so many areas. I just went to look at the children's books. Lots and lots of them, and they look great.

  10. It's really fun seeing what else Sourcebooks is involved in! Everyone does such a super job behind the scenes!

  11. Hi Everyone-

    I'm sorry I did not return comments yesterday--a few things came up that made my usual lazy Sunday rather hectic.

    Nonetheless, I'm glad you all enjoyed hearing about what else is going on with Sourcebooks!

    Have a great week,


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