Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wow- That was quick!

Wow! That was quick!
Last time I blogged here I mentioned that HEALING LUKE ARCs had been sent out to reviewers. Well, last week I received my first review back from Armchair Interviews. Here's part of what the reviewer said:
Reviewed by Heather Durow
It happened in a flash. One small spark changed Luke Morgan’s life forever…almost took it in fact. He had always thought that he was infallible and now here he was, burned and scarred from a boat explosion.
Abby Stanford has scars too. Only hers are on her heart. She is in Florida, on her honeymoon–alone. The tickets were non-refundable and, after finding her fiancĂ© in bed with a buxom blonde, she figured she deserved time away from Texas. Abby’s path crosses Luke’s at his family’s business and she is the first person to get any response from him that wasn’t completely jaded.
Aaron and Bart convince Abby to stay for a few months as Luke’s unofficial therapist, to help get him back on track and back to himself. With her occupational therapy background, she is certain she will be able to at least get him started. What Abby doesn’t expect is that Luke may be just what she needs to heal as well.
Healing Luke is along the lines of a typical romance novel but with a bit more depth and very charming characters. Well written and more than just a light beach read, this story will keep the reader wanting more.
Armchair Interviews agrees.
So yea and yippee skippy! Of course an author is always going to be holding her breath as the reviews start rolling in, but knowing the first one is positive lets me breathe a little easier.
By the way, HEALING LUKE is set in Destin, Florida, and as you read this, that's where I am too! I'm on vacation with the family (plus a friend of my son's), and you can bet that Luke and Abby (Aaron and Bart too) are not far from my thoughts. I love Destin and the Florida Emerald Coast. Is it any wonder I set my story there?
Here's the question for the day- what are YOUR favorite settings for books? Places you've been (so you can picture them in your head) or new exotic locales? Small towns or big cities? Mountains? Beach? I'm curious. Let me hear from you.
Oh, and can you pass the sunscreen? I'm off to the beach! :-)
Beth Cornelison


  1. Congrats on the great review and enjoy your vacation, Beth. I also love to write about coastal areas.

  2. I tend to write about rural areas when I'm not in outer space, and sometimes when I am!
    Great review!

  3. There's nothing like a good review to make an author breathe a little easier. :-)

    I like a book with a real sense of setting. I have used Topsail Island and the Wilmington and eastern NC areas in my last several books.

  4. I really don't think about the setting in other people's books as much as what the hunky guy is like. :) In my own, I love to show different settings--Heart of the Wolf, city life in Portland, Oregon area and the wilderness areas, Destiny of the Wolf, Colorado silver mining town, To Tempt the Wolf, Oregon beaches, Legend of the White Wolf, Maine wilderness, Seduction of the Wolf, back to Portland and other wilderness areas. :)

  5. Congratulations on the review, Beth! The first one for me was a positive and it is a huge sigh of relief. Hopefully they will all be stellar!

    For me my mind is always in England some 200 years ago. Can't escape it! Until I travel with my characters to France, which is coming up!

  6. Wow! Beth, I live in Panama City Beach and I have a condo in Sandestin. You will have to e-mail me the next time you are heading this way and I'll make plans to meet you somewhere between Destin and Sandestin for for lunch.

    Oh, and as for settings, nothing shines like the ballrooms of Regency London, though my present WIP has my H & H on the coast in Dorset which is a very different coastline from Destin.


  7. Wow. What a great review. Congratulations!

  8. congrats on the review Beth! Have fun on your vacation!

    I like books set really anywhere, so long as the setting comes alive!

  9. Great review Beth!

    I love small towns for atmosphere, but it also depends on the story.


  10. Well, howdy folks! We're back from thebeach and well rested. Thanks for the cheers on my review! It was neat to re-visit the place that spawned the idea for Luke and Abby's book. I even talked to a bookseller down there about the possibility of setting up a booksigning in the future.
    Well, gotta unpack now...and start washing a week's worth of clothes. Groan.
    Best wishes, Beth C