Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Blog Birthday To Us!

Yes, it was one year ago (okay 1 year and 4 days) that we launched the Casablanca Authors blog!

What a wonderful year it has been! We've made lots of GREAT new friends through the months! We've aid some tearful farewells to some of our members and happily greeted new ones.

We've blogged about all kinds of crazy and interesting things. We've done two round-robin stories--one about a Bachelor Auction and another about a very unusual cruise--with lots of crazy twists and turns.

We've had guest bloggers, including our own lovely editor Deb Werksman, who along with our fantastic publicist Danielle Jackson, gave us interesting industry insights.

We've blogged about all kinds of topics from story inspirations, characters, deadlines, and personal observations and foibles.

And most of all, we've shared all about our Casablanca releases with our blog readers!

So here is your chance to celebrate with all the Casa-babes. Please tell us some of your favorite blog posts from the past year, and what you'd like to see in the year to come. You might even win a prize!



    I would like to congratulate you all on a great blog I drop by often and have always enjoyed the blogs you are a really fun group. I am sure there will be many more birthdays to come.

    I have read quite a few of your books and I gotta say they are great books and have loved them I am reading one of Kendra's books at the moment loving it.

    One of my favourite blogs was the round robin Bachelor Auction story I loved that one.

    Congrats again Guys
    Have Fun

  2. Happy Birthday Casablanca Authors!!!!

    I love to read yur blogs about your new releases.


    What kind of cake are you serving?

  3. Hmm, what I'd like to see in the coming year... Do I get to vote? If so, I'd like to write another story. That was the most fun I've had on the blog!

  4. I haven't been here a year, but congrats to all, especially those who were at Casablanca at the beginning!!

  5. Danielle,

    I brought a gluten-free wedding cake for my contribution. And cyber-champagne of course.

    So have a slice and raise your glasses!

    To us!!!

  6. I'm not very swift this morning. I forgot to say I'm giving away a signed copy of SEALed With A Promise--in which you can read all about gluten-free wedding cake.

    NOW, I'll bet my earlier comment makes more sense!

  7. Happy birthday to us!
    It's been great getting to know the other Casa-babes this year and I look forward to more blogging this year as I anticipate the release in September of HEALING LUKE!!
    Snoopy dancing and celebrating with the Casababes in Louisiana...
    Beth Cornelison

  8. Best part for me has been becoming a part of the Sisterhood! Getting to know this amazing group of authors is a pure joy.

    The round-robin story was awesome and we definitely have to do that again. Second was sharing the launch of my first novel - a true blessing.

    Here's looking toward another fabulous year among fabulous writers with fabulous stories and fabulous fans! Whoo Hoo!!!!

    I'm adding a signed copy of "Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy" to the prize cache. Don't be shy - share your thoughts. :)

  9. And I'm giving away a signed copy of Rogue!
    To all you lurkers out there, speak up and be heard! Tell us what you want!

  10. happy birthday to us! I'm one of the newbies (though that was so long ago, it seems), and I thank you ladies for this venue to share our releases with each other and the readers.

    Here's to many more birthdays!

  11. I comment occasionally, lurk a lot, and will stick my virtual head out to wave and wish the Casa-Babes a very Happy Birthday! I'd sing but I'd shatter those champagne glasses and the cake would fall.

    I have to admit that I discovered ya'll when Malena Lott mentioned on the OKRWA loop that Deb was doing a pitch contest. (I didn't come anywhere close to getting picked but what an awesome exercise!!!)

    I've enjoyed reading about your inspirations, your trials, your hints, and advice. I missed the Round Robin story but I'll go back and find it once I'm through my revisions. Gotta love those pesky deadlines!

    Happy birthday again, ladies!

  12. I loved doing the round robin stories too! :) It's amazing what a diverse bunch of authors can do with the story! :)

    I'm giving away a copy of Destiny of the Wolf. Anyone interested???

  13. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Always love the blog and enjoy the reviews. Contests are fun but I love your focuses on contemporaries and hot romances! :D

    Keep up the good work! My birthday is in May too so it's a great month huh??


  14. We've come a long way CasaBabes!

    We've had a lot of fun.

    I'm giving away a copy of Wicked by Any Other Name.


  15. Happy Birthday Casa Blog! Hard to believe it's only been a year--it seems we've known each other much longer than that. It's been so much fun hanging and dishing with you gals this year!

    I'm offering a copy of Line of Scrimmage and an IOU copy of Love at First Flight!

  16. Morning everyone!

    Pass that bubbly and gluten-free cake! HAPPY HAPPY blog birthday to us! Yes, it seems the year has flown by, but in other respects, I feel like I've known my Casa-Sisters 4-EVAH!

    We've had so much fun on the blog and are so grateful for our many readers (even if they do lurk and not comment)!


  17. Let me give a quick recap of the prizes a couple of lucky winner may chose from. Signed copies of the following Casa books:

    Line Of Scrimmage
    Love at First Flight (when released)
    Romeo, Romeo
    Too Hot To Handle
    The Wild Sight
    Destiny of the Wolf
    Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One
    SEALed With a Promise

    WOO HOO!!! Great prizes!


  18. Gluten free wedding cake. Oh, please save some for me! (Anything with gluten free and cake in its name sounds good.)

    Congratulations on your first year. I'm no blog expert, but I do like wandering through here, seeing the great book covers, eavesdropping on fun conversations, browsing bookshelves, and imagining the joys of gluten free wedding cake.

  19. congratulations on 1 year!!!

    I love blogging and come here often. I have to go with the Round Robin Bachelor Auction story.

    thanks for the bubbly and guten free wedding cake; yummy.

  20. Happy Birthday to the Casa-babes!!

    I try to visit when I see a new post pop up on my blog list...I always know something interesting is going on over here!! Whether you're telling us about great new books, they really are great, or just filling my head with fluff, I know I'm going to have a blast.

    Thanks to all the Casablanc Authors!!

    Please continue to have great success!

    Dottie :)

  21. Happy Birthday everyone! I really enjoyed the Earth Day Blog. However, they are all pretty entertaining!
    Count me in for the birthday contest!

  22. happy birthday to us :) you all have been fabulous and the blog has been an integral part of Sourcebooks Casablanca being noticed in the industry! Great job to everyone!!!

  23. Gluten free wedding cake pass some my way and of course champagne nothing like celebrating a birthday Way To Go Ladies and again congrats to you all.

    Have Fun

  24. Happy Birthday to US! It's been an awesome first year!

    Also, Helen, you are such a sweetie...I'm glad you're loving the book!

    diving into the cake:-)

  25. A Big Happy Birthday Ladies!! Bring on the martini's and sexy men then we can really celebrate. LOL!

    I think the best post of the last year was the weekly male auction. You gals have got to do that again. I never had so much fun laughing and ohing and ahhing.

    Keep up the great work.

  26. Happy Birthday to Us!

    This year has been amazing, but the best part of it for me was getting to know all of the Casa Babes, all our readers. I've had so much fun on the blog.

    I'm adding signed copies of Romeo, Romeo and Too Hot to Handle to our long list of prizes!

    Long live the Casa Babes blog. I'd be lost without it and all our new friends.

    Robin :)

  27. I am off to work now have a great day everyone I will check in when I get home in about 9 hours YUK I would rather stay and party. And again congrats Ladies

    Have Fun

  28. Congrats on a full year! I really think you should do the round-robin thing again, soon!