Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gotta Love Author Recommendations

A friend of mine in Michigan was in her Borders last weekend and let me know that an endcap had "if you enjoy Charlaine Harris" with books below and ta da! Wicked by Any Other Name was on the top shelf! She took this picture. And look below me and you'll see fellow Casababe Terry Spear's book.
When my friend went in the other day they had added Hex Appeal to it. Very nice indeed!
I think we all love author recommendations.
I had a book signing Friday night and one reader and I talked about that. Who do we enjoy reading. And the best thing is, she loves Wicked, she'd bought it a few days ago, and plans to track down the first two books.
I know I'm that way. If I find an author I want to find all their books. What about you? Do you do that? Need to read all they've put out?


  1. Woohoo, Linda!! Thanks so much for sharing! I posted it on Redroom yesterday and had 110 views. I've read some of Charlaine Harris's works, so it's a great honor as well to be included in the recommendation. :)

  2. Congratulations to both of you!

  3. That is SOOOO fabulous! It is wonderful when your book is right there in a spotlight place. So happy for you, Linda, and Terry too. And I am glad you got photos!

  4. Thanks all! I thought this was great for Terry and me.

    I had a fun booksigning last night and picked up new readers along the way!


  5. Congrats Ladies

    Yes if I read a new to me author and love the book then yes I am searching for the backlist and have done it a lot I think that is why my TBR pile is ggetting bigger and bigger I really need more time to read.

    Have Fun

  6. I have read several Casa books now and have loved every one of them. Yours and Sharon lathan are next to be read. Currently I am reading Too Hot To Handle. Thank you to Casa for finding such great authors and Thank you to all the Casa authors for being such fabulous writers.