Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anniversaries and Birthdays.

The Zodiac & Romance

Yesterday's one year anniversary blog post got me to thinking about birthdays and anniversaries, all those signposts that we celebrate annually. And it reminded me that when I wrote my character descriptions for Lady Anne Addison and Lord Anthony Darkefell, I very deliberately chose birthdates for them. I don't know if I believe in astrology or not; I'm on the fence simply because though I am deeply skeptical of all things 'paranormal' (now you see why Lady Anne is the way she is) the traits seem so darn true to form. I am a Gemini (my birthday is coming soon!!), and the description for Gemini includes these traits: "Using their communicative skills, Geminis adapt to any situation they encounter... Geminis have clever tongues and develop an amazing ability to obscure the facts with stimulating and imaginative chatter." In other words, I 'fictionalize' a whole lot! That's me. Gemini's tend toward the writing and publishing world.

So here are my characters' zodiac signs and descriptive traits as found here: http://www.paranormality.com/zodiac.shtml

Lady Anne Addison - Born November 8th, 1761. Scorpio. From Paranormality.com: "Scorpios... rarely forget or forgive emotional rejection. Rechanneling negative feelings and experiences into constructive activity benefits others, as well as themselves. No other sign has the emotional strength of Scorpio." Anne is extremely strong and does channel past negative experiences into positive action and has learned compassion from it all. Also, from Essortment.com I learned that Scorpios... "have a great deal of courage and are very clear on what (you) want and how to get it. (You) are protective and will seek revenge on those who do wrong to (you). (You) are also very clever and expect (your) lover to be attuned to (your) needs and wants." So true! Anne is extremely smart, and most men fall short of her dynamism... but not Tony! In fact, one of a Scorpios' ideal matches is a Capricorn, which, surprise surprise, Darkefell is!

Lord Anthony Darkefell - born January 1st, 1757. Capricorn. From Paranormality.com: "Capricorns... are natural goal setters. They willingly handle many tasks when it helps them get what they want. Many things are accomplished, because Capricorns always strive to reach higher goals. They need definitive guidelines. Rules and regulations provide the structure they need to establish their own behavioral patterns. They must learn, however, that the end never justifies the means." Wow. I hadn't read that when I gave Tony his January First birthdate. If you've read Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark, then you know that Tony does tend to think the ends justifies the means, which is why he needs a strong and straighforward woman like Lady Anne to counter him. Other Capricorn traits, from Essortment.com are... "...are extremely protective of (your) loved ones and belongings, but (you) have a tendency to overthink things and worry too much. (You) are very stubborn, especially when (you) think (you) know best, but with this come a great passion for all things. " And Tony is passionate about many things and people... his family, his family's history, his land. But he is especially passionate about a clever, stubborn woman named Lady Anne Addison.

When you put these two people together, two strong characters, you get a very interesting tug-of-war. But that combativeness and strength that is a part of both of their characters also leads to a lot of friction, and you know what friction produces... heat! I can promise readers that the friction between Tony and Anne does heat things up considerably as we go through Lady Anne and the Ghost's Revenge (August 2009) to Lady Anne and the Gypsy Curse (November 2009)

What about you... what is your sign, and how are you like or unlike its supposed traits? How does it work with your Significant Other's sign? And for writers... have you ever used zodiac signs to create your characters? If so, what are your characters' signs and how are they like/unlike their typical sign description?


  1. Donna

    I am an Aries born on 2nd April and I have no idea what Aries traits are although I do read my stars in the papers occasionally.

    I did love hearing about you hero and heroine though

    Have Fun

  2. I'm a Capricorn and my DH is a Taurus, which is supposed to be compatible. Interesting idea to write characters that way. Never thought of that!

  3. Great post, Donna! I'm one of the twins also, Gemini, born May 31! :)

    And yes, I have used astrology in a couple of stories. Here's from the YA The Vampire...In My Dreams. I had fun with it. :)

    "I imagine the fact you were born under the water-bearer sign is probably why my patron demon likes you, lucky for you. Did you know Aquarians are thought to be generous humanitarians, honest and loyal, inventive, very bright and independent?”
    I puffed up my chest, appreciating the sign’s positive personality traits. Sounded just like me.
    “On the darker side,” she warned, a hint of sparkle in her eyes, “they can be contrary, perverse, unpredictable, detached and unemotional.”
    “Can be are the catchwords. Certainly not me.”

  4. I'm a Cancer(Water) July 1st and my DH is Virgo(Earth) Sept 15. Cancer and Virgo are considered "Lucky" together. The Virgo Man is highly sensual in bed and Cancer woman are very elated.
    So all I say is: It can't get much better than this. We should be both friends and lovers for a lifetime.
    I'm ruled by the moon(emotions) and my Virgo Man is practical and logical.
    He balances me.
    It's a good idea to write your characters like that for your stories.

  5. I'm a Gemini and very proud of my two halves!

  6. Donna, here's a piece of irony: I am Scorpio (well, right on the cusp with Sagittarius) and my ex-husband is Capricorn. For the most part, these characteristics rang true for both of us, but he was more interested in different forms of self-fulfillment (drugs and alcohol) than maintaining a solid relationship with me. But I got the better end of the deal - I got two wonderful, beautiful girls who are the source of my strength and my joy.


  7. Very interesting post. I enjoyed it.

    I'm a Leo, and though I don't know much about the sign, I have been known to roar once in a while. :-)


  8. I'm an Aries, April 18 and I have a feeling most of my heroines fall into that category.

    I don't think about their signs, as much as their personalities.


  9. Hey, Terry and other fellow Geminis... Ain't it great being two people in one??

    This is the first time I've used the zodiac signs as any kind of guide, and I didn't slavishly follow it, just found it interesting that some of what I created fell in so neatly with their sign's characteristics. It's fun to ponder, though!

  10. The idea of writing characters with specific birthdates and then checking their signs is a really cool idea--fun blog post, Donna!

    I'm an Aries (independent, energetic, natural leader, smart), a Fire sign. Z is an Aquarius (friendly, laid back communicative, logical) , an Air sign. After some research (totally work related, hahaha), I've found that Fire and Air signs go well together! :)

  11. It's funny that you wrote this because often when I read I wonder what the character's zodiac signs would be.
    I am a gemini, and yes, I am also an aspiring writer. It's funny that Gemini's are supposed to be good at spinning yarns and telling tales, so writing seems like a natural fit!

    Happy Birthday Fellow Geminis!

  12. Donna,
    We need to cue the "Twilight Zone" music! My parents were Scorpio and Capricorn. My mother's birthday was Nov. 7th and my father's... Jan. 1st!!! How SPOOKY IS THAT?!?!

    I'm a Saggitarian (winks at Margay) and my DH is an Aquarian... Fire and Air, Danielle, does go pretty well together, but every once in awhile beware of the explosions! :-P

    My heroine in Wild Sight was definitely a Sag, but I thought my hero was more a Librian. My hero in Treasures of Venice is definitely a Gemini. I LURVE those dual personalities!


  13. They recommended using astronomical signs to help create characters at our writing group, though mine tend to object to my telling them who to be.

  14. heh. I'm Aquarius, which is a water sign. Not a big surprise considering what I write, is it?