Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rogue has launched!

By Cheryl Brooks

I've already written at least a dozen blogs about Rogue, and now that the launch date is finally here it seems that I have run out of ideas, so I'm turning this celebration over to someone who knows how to party, Dragus, a Darconian palace guard who wishes that Earth girls really were easy!

Dragus: Thanks, Cheryl. I've never written a blog before, but then, I'd never met a human until I met Kyra. She is so totally hot, I'd really like to—
Cheryl: Um, let's stick to the story, Dragus.
Dragus: Oh, yeah, right. Sorry. But if I could have had just one night—
Cheryl: Dragus! You promised to be good.
Dragus: I know I did—and believe me, I'm trying!—but you know how it is when people of two very different species want to get together
Cheryl: Like Queen Scalia and the Zetithians?
Dragus: Yeah. Didn't work for them, did it?
Cheryl: Which is something for which we can all truly be thankful. Cats and dinosaurs don't seem particularly compatible to me.
Dragus: Well, they aren't—and unfortunately, the same is true for humans and Darconians.
Cheryl: Yeah. I don't think I'd want to get too friendly with something that looks like a T-rex, even if you aren't quite as big as the original.
Dragus: Hey, I can't help it if I'm a lizard!
Cheryl: And I can't help it that Kyra was human.
Dragus: Hmm . . . you're human, too. Maybe it was just her. Would you want to—?
Cheryl: (flatly) No.
Dragus: But—!
Cheryl: (rolling her eyes) I give up. Guess I'll have to write my own launch party blog, after all.
Dragus: Well, I never claimed to be a writer, you know. I'm just a guard who had to listen to Kyra and Tychar and Trag when they, you know—
Cheryl: Yeah, I know. Hard for you, wasn't it?
Dragus: (grumbling) You could say that—having to stand guard while the frickin' slaves had all the fun.
Cheryl: But you had your fun, too.
Dragus: (grinning a big dinosaur smile) Yeah, I did . . . sometimes.
Cheryl: Want to talk more about the story?
Dragus: About how Tychar and Trag were the Queen's slaves and then she got them a piano teacher to play with?
Cheryl: Is that really how you would describe the book?
Dragus: Well, they did play with her. (smiling) She always sounded like she was having a good time, too.
Cheryl: I'm pretty sure she did. On several blogs I've asked the ladies if they'd be willing to take on two men at once. A lot of them said they'd consider it their to be their sacred duty to see to it that neither of them was deprived.
Dragus: (laughing) And they were deprived! Twenty years without a woman! (shaking his big, scaly head) Don't think I could stand that, myself.
Cheryl: (dryly) You astound me.
Dragus: They took it pretty well, though—Tychar did, anyway. He flirted with every woman he saw, even if they couldn't . . . you know. . . Didn't matter if they were young or old, he had them eating out of his hand.
Cheryl: Trag wasn't as successful, was he?
Dragus: To be honest, I don't think he ever adjusted to being a slave. He wasn't bad at it, he just never seemed to get into the spirit.
Cheryl: (chuckling) Would you?
Dragus: If I'd been Queen Scalia's love slave? Living in the nicest part of the palace, doing nothing but a little light domestic servant duty, getting to consort with the Queen . . . yeah, I think I could have been happy with that.
Cheryl: Speaking of happy, I'm pretty happy that Rogue is now out there on the bookstore shelves and is already getting enthusiastic reviews. What do you think we should do to celebrate the launch day?
Dragus: I dunno . . . give away some books, maybe?
Cheryl: More than one?
Dragus: How about the first three books in The Cat Star Chronicles series?
Cheryl: Slave, Warrior, and Rogue? Sounds good to me. What do they have to do to win?
Dragus: Post a comment?
Cheryl: That doesn't sound too hard.
Dragus: You'd be surprised. It takes guts to comment on the Internet.
Cheryl: Perhaps, but the rewards are many. . .
Dragus: So, what about it, all you hot Earth chicks—think you'd like to win some books? I'll personally deliver—
Cheryl: No you won't! I'll mail them!
Dragus: (sheepish grin) Can't blame a guy for trying! Just post a comment and I'll pick the winner at random. After you've read them, you'll understand why, when it comes to Zetithians, Earth girls really are easy!
Cheryl: Nicely put, Dragus. Thanks for your help.
Dragus: Oh, no problem. I'll pick a winner and you can post the results later in the week.
Cheryl: The winner can then send me their address in an email to cheryl.brooks52@yahoo.com, and I'll get those books right out to you.
Dragus: Think I should sign them, too?
Cheryl: Maybe we should leave that up to the winner to decide. . .
Dragus: Hear that girls? Let's PARTY!!!!! Call me! 555-123—
Cheryl: I think I've created a monster. . .
Dragus: No, wait. . . Cheryl! Don't cut me off! This was my big chance to score with an Earth girl—
Cheryl: Bye, Dragus. Have fun guarding the palace!


  1. I love your sense of humor. Always have. Looking forward to reading Rogue.

    And Dragus is kind of cute--for a lizard. Can't you find him a nice lizard-ette, or other bio-compatible species?

  2. Congrats on the launch, Cheryl! I'm really looking forward to reading Rogue. May you have many sales.

    And Dragus, I have a thing for lizards myself. My daughter has a bearded dragon named Puff who's stolen a piece of my heart.

    Robin :)

  3. LOL, thanks for bringing Dragus with you, Cheryl! Poor thing...he IS missing out, we Earth girls being quite a catch, but...yeah, I shudder to think how things would end. He's got awfully big teeth...

    The Cat Star Chronicles rock!!

  4. Now Cheryl, I worry that you've given Dragus the wrong idea about earth girls... LOL, he's adorable. You know I can't wait to get through these revisions so I can read Rogue!

  5. Congrats Cheryl,
    I'm glad you brought a Friend. He was on his best behavior. I hope you don't have to clean up after him. Especially if he gets to excited talking to all these hot earth girls. You know what happens when he gets over excited.
    So be careful ladies what you say or do around Dragus. Even if he sorta saved the day in "Rogue"
    But you'll have to read it to find out all about it.
    I wish you'd brought Trag along instead thought. Cheers!!!!

  6. Thanks, MM!
    Don't worry about Dragus. He gets his due in the end!;-)

  7. Thank you, Robin! May you live long and have many sales, too.

  8. Hi Kendra,
    Actually, the Darconians in Rogue are vegetarian and have flat, rather than sharp teeth, but try finding a picture of a T-Rex that isn't snarling! It's impossible!!!

  9. Hi Marie,
    I thought Dragus was darn cute, too, and Kyra thought he was a Darconian hunk, even if she didn't want to be his girlfriend!
    Good luck on those revisions!

  10. Hi Donna,
    Trag will get his day, never fear! Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm for my CSC series!

  11. I've always wanted to meet you Dragus! You're so cool! *Starry eyed* I bet you're real cute too :D
    And Cheryl, you make me smile XD

  12. Hi Ana!
    Yes, Dragus is a sweetie, isn't he? Think I should write a book about him?

  13. That would definitely be different but good. I would read it lol.

  14. Dragus's story, Kinda Beauty and the Alien Lizard Beast.
    I'm sure you'd make it real Kinky.

  15. HAPPY LAUNCH DAY, Cheryl!

    I'm sure Rogue is going to be as wildly popular as Slave and Warrior, esp. with such a cute lil lizardy guard as Dragus.

    Count me in the crowd who hopes Dragus gets his lizard-love who is a sexy, compatible species.

    Back to the writing cave,

  16. Oooh! I think Dragus and Horace would get along very well!


  17. So cool!! I've been anxiously awaiting the release of this book, so glad it's finally here. And Dragus sounds so cute. What's a few scales and pointy teeth between friends!?!

  18. Yes, Donna. It would be kinky. Of course, if you REALLY want kinky, you should read the original version of Rogue. Dragus had a very interesting scene!

  19. Hi Judi!
    Rogue is full of lovable lizards. There are big, macho ones and cute little ones and I had a lot of fun writing them!

  20. Hi AC!
    The writing cave, huh? So, that's where you've been!
    Thanks for coming out for the launch party!

  21. LOL Linda!
    They would probably get along VERY well!

  22. Hi Kathy!
    I'm glad your wait is finally over. I hope you enjoy Rogue!

  23. Cheryl,
    So Dragus's original scene was to Hard Core to be included hah? Well,
    you can always put a little teaser on your Blog for us Naughty girls to critique some time.

  24. I play role-playing games and some of my character's most fun friends are "other" types, including lizard kind of creatures. :) Great on the new release, Cheryl!!! Look forward to getting it...I'm way behind on book purchases, no time to get to the store. :)

  25. Laughing out loud! Dragus is neat. Congratulations on the launch. The books sound great fun.

  26. Hi Terry,
    No time to shop? LOL! That's what Amazon is for!

  27. Thanks, Sheila,
    I'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway soon. Good luck!

  28. Congratulations to Kathy Sullivan! You're the winner!
    Email me your address and I'll send it to you asap!