Monday, March 9, 2009

Help A Reader Out Day

Hello, everyone! Another week, another Monday...and I was completely gypped out of this past weekend, since we were moving into our new house (with the help of our parents, who came up because they love us enough to withstand several days of moving-related torture). I'm still awash in boxes, and there are still piles of things laying around waiting to be put away, but at least we're completely extricated from the rental house. I wasn't sure that was EVER going to happen. And also, I'm puzzled as to when, exactly, we accumulated so much useless crap. Wow.

Anyway, considering the continuing insanity around here, this sounds like the perfect time to indulge in a new book. Not that I'm at all sure when I'm going to be able to sneak off and read in the near future, but man, does this picture look like a good idea. Turns out I'm not the only person craving a good book, though, and this is where the "help a reader out" bit comes in. When I (finally) managed to check my (overflowing) email last night, I had an email from one of my awesome readers. She proclaimed herself officially addicted to my books, firstly, which is always the BEST thing a writer could hear. But then she asked whether I could recommend any other great paranormal romances to tide her over until Wild Highland Magic comes out in May. I can always sympathize with someone who's in need of some good reads, so I though maybe the Casababes and their intrepid blog readers might assist me in helping another reader out.

So what do you say, ladies? I know not everyone reads paranormal, and that's fine, but I'd love your suggestions for some yummy and somewhat magical books if you've got 'em. I will of course be recommending the paranormal writing Casababes' books to her (since how could I not, because all of them ROCK, naturally:-), but considering how fast a lot of people tear through reading material, I'd like to get together a longish list, and my reading time has been sorely limited of late.

I'll start: I recently grabbed Connie Brockway's historical paranormal So Enchanting, and I really enjoyed it. And I bought Gena Showalter's brand new Atlantis book (which I have been waiting for FOREVER, woohoo!) The Vampire's Bride, which I'm going to read soon even if I have to hide fully clothed in my bathtub to do it. Sadly, one read and one desperately needing to be read is all I've got this second. Soooo...can any of you help a reader out?



  1. Hey Kendra,
    Congrats on finally moving into the new house! Hope you feel settled and "at home" before much longer.

    As you know, the only paranormal I read are those of my Casa sisters, so let me give you a few other recommendations: ANYTHING by Eloisa James if you like historicals and if you can stomach a contemporary (LOL) check out Lisa Kleypas "Sugar Daddy." I just bought the follow up, "Blue Eyed Devil" and can't wait to find time to read it--after all the recent Casa releases of course!

    Happy house warming!

  2. Kendra - welcome to "which box is it in?" hell... LOL! Congrats on the new house! One of my rules-of-thumb - if I don't open a box in the first year I'm in a house and whatever's inside it isn't a family heirloom, it gets donated to Goodwill, Purple Heart or the Salvation Army. You can reduce your clutter that way.

    re: Paranormals (hmmm, why yes, there is a humorous Merman story coming out in June, whydoyouask???), in addition to the Casababes, I highly recommend Stephanie Julian's stories. She writes for Ellora's Cave and her Magical Seduction series is, well, magical. Based on Etruscan mythology with fairies and shapeshifters and witches and lots of other great paranormal characters.

  3. No clues, Kendra. I've only read us Casa Babes and can't even keep up with them!
    Enjoy the new house!

  4. It must be a relief to finally be in the new place--even with boxes everywhere.
    Congratulations on your new place.
    I don't have any book recommendations to add. Your fan probably knows the greats. Honestly, if someone wanted to know of a good book, I'd suggest one of the Casababe's.

  5. I just ordered Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris--I've recently watched all of the first season of True Blood and I'm obsessed with the ideas and world of this series. From what I've read/heard, the entire series is amazing :)

  6. Kendra, I finally got to read Gena Showalter's first book of the series and really liked it. I love Feehan's Ghostwalkers series and her 7 sisters series. Nina Banks has written some good ones, like Wicked Fantasy. I enjoyed the Immortals series too. Melissa Mayhue has a good series going starting with 30 nights with a Highland Husband--funny but good. If she likes them a little dark, Marjorie Liu has a good series, as does Cheyenne McCray. Why yes, I do like a good paranormal, how could you tell?

    I also enjoy quite a few contemporaries and historicals, although Regencies seem to be getting a bit stale--except I do want to read Mr. & Mrs. Darcy.

    While I don't have as much time to read as I used to, I always have one I read a bit of each day, especially before I go to sleep.

  7. Hi Ladies! Sitting here and finally getting my morning coffee, very late...I was getting a headache, which I suppose indicates bad things about my caffeine needs, but I suppose there are worse vices. There are still boxes everywhere. And dirt. Gahhhhh...

    These are awesome suggestions, so thank you! I was really flattered that she asked for things to read, and I knew you all would have some good ideas:-) Believe me, I'm taking these into consideration too, for when I have some time to myself again! Looking around, it may be a while.

    Marie, I love historicals, and yet somehow have never read Eloisa James. I keep hearing she's fabulous! LOL about the approaching release of a certain merman story, Judi...hmm, I wonder who could have written that?? Stephanie Julian sounds great! Cheryl, right now I can't keep up with ANYTHING, so I'm impressed that you've gotten through as many of our books as you have! MM, it is a relief, but too much clutter makes me antsy, so I'm still kind of in a state. I'm having to try really hard to keep from getting overwhelmed! Danielle, I keep picking those books up in Target, looking at them, and then telling myself I need to buy one at some point. I WISH I got HBO, but I figure I'll catch it on DVD because I really want to see it. Sia, the Atlantis series is AWESOME, and they only get better. Heart of the Dragon is one of my favorite books ever, and the Nymph King rocked also. She's got such a way with words, I laughed out loud a few times:-) And wow, the sexual tension is HOT. Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. I'm afraid I am not much help here as the world of romance of any type is new to me! I am open for suggestions as well and will be checking back.

    Good luck with the move Kendra. Such things are so difficult but usually worth it in the end. Try to enjoy!

  9. I read historicals, or at least when I'm not reading required reading for class, I read historicals.

    I agree about Eloisa, anything by her. Also, Suzanne Enoch, Christina Dodd's historicals (haven't read her new stuff), Julia Quinn (love, love, love her), Stephanie Laurens (fabulous), and Madeline Hunter.

    As far as paranormals, I haven't read much. In fact, I've only read The Wild Sight (awesome!) and JK Coi's Immortal Series, which so far I've really enjoyed.


  10. Hey Kendra,
    Great to hear you finally moved in. I don't even want to think of how much junk we have and what it would be to move it. I think I would probably throw tons of stuff away and the garbage man would most likely want to strangle me at that point.

    As for good books you know you Casa Gals are #1 in my book. But since you really need something outside the circle of friends I must tell you of this one. Last night I finished an arc of Night's Rose by Annaliese Evans and man you have got to read this one. Um Um YUMM! This is a sci-fi/fantasy fairy tale with reference to sleeping beauty, a heroine named Briar Rose and a twist that will keep you interested from page one to the end. Whew!! Annaliese will be on YRR on March 23rd if you'd like to check out her story.

    Okay now I need to stop typing. Have gone from one finger typing to two now but the hands still hurt.

  11. Yay, more good suggestions! And I'm going to send her the historical recommendations too, because I LOVE them...maybe because it's such a nice escape from everything, including what I write!:-)

    Sharon, if you're making a list of your own, I HAVE to include the Wallflowers series by Lisa Kleypas. Secrets of A Summer Night is the first one. They're Victorian set as opposed to Regency, but the heroines are soul sisters to Lizzy!

    Hi Renee! Totally agree that Stephanie Laurens is awesome. And Madeline Hunter is on my TBR list, because I have a writer friend who is crazy about her books (and is actually now friendly with her, which is pretty cool). Great suggestions!

    Hi Terry! It's good to see you here! And I'm so glad your poor wrists are starting to heal, if only little by little. I will definitely be stopping by that day, because your idea for something to read DOES sound quite yummy:-) I'll pass it along as well!

  12. Kendra, I have two suggestions. First, Jennifer Lyon's Blood Magic which just came out. It's the first book in a new series about earth witches and witch hunters and it had me laughing on one page and crying a few pages later. The second is Maureen Child's Bedeviled, about faeries and Fenian Warriors. I laughed until I cried with that one!

    Enjoy the new house and reading!

  13. OH! *smacks head* How could I forget Kleypas? Love her Wallflowers.

    Kendra, I'm sure you'll devour Madeline Hunter's books.


  14. Silver, THANKS! I love to laugh and cry in the same books, and I'm going to share these suggestions with my reader AND stick 'em on my TBR list! They wound awesome.

    LOL, Renee, I wondered if you liked those as worries, I never remember all the books I like. Head is too full of...well, a lot of it is fairly useless stuff, but I can't seem to get it out:-)

  15. Kendra~

    I feel your pain. I've moved so many times I've lost count. (Actually, I know how many times, my mother, however, disagrees.) We got so good at moving, we would wake up 8 hours before the movers were to show up and start packing. The rule was that all of the boxes had to be unpacked and put away within 3 days because my mother refused to live with boxes.

    I just read the most wonderful book, it's The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley. It's a contemporary and a historical so I like to think of it as a twofer.

    Good luck in your new home...