Monday, January 4, 2010

Fugitive's Launch Party!

It's finally here! The book is on the shelves and I've already had my first booksigning. The virtual tour starts NOW here on Casablanca Authors and on Night Owl Romance.

What can I say about this book? Just that I loved writing it. Manx and Drusilla were fun and sexy and Zef, their eltran friend was, well, let's just say he's quite a character. Throw in some old friends, a planet full of very weird aliens, a few scuzzy Nedwut bad guys, and what more could you want?

I've already seen some reviews, and so far, they've all been very positive.

To celebrate this event, I'll be giving away a signed copy of Fugitive to one lucky commenter today, so don't be shy! Post a comment and I'll choose the winner at random!

So, what are we waiting for? Break out the virtual champagne and let's party!!!!

Fugitive's Virtual Tour





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  1. Yay free books! :D

    I really like Zef Cheryl. He makes me smile XD

    And Manx is such a bad boy. I think I would faint at his feet and beg him to do naughty things for me.

    I also enjoy Drusilla's fascination with her work :D

  2. Congrats on the release Cheryl and another launch party YAY some champagne and chocolate would be lovely.

    I have all of your books on my must have list I will be putting an order in later this week and I will be starting with the first one looking forward to it.

    Have Fun

  3. Congrats on the release!! Love this series, I hope there will be many more books!

  4. Hi Cheryl, a quickie, work calls...but congrats on your success many there be many more books for us to drool over. Have fun with the launch party and remember...SMILE, even on line, they are still going to wonder what you are up to.

  5. congrats on the launch party!

    i am absolutely addicted 2 all of the cats...gotta love a and now we have 5 of them with these books. thanks 4 giving us the plesure.

    the women r all strong, inteligent, & funny. my favorite is Kyra. i hope we may be able 2 see her again in a future book.

  6. LOVE this cover! But then, I'm partial to purple and pink.

    And half-naked guys. :)

    Congrats, Cheryl!

  7. Good morning, ladies. I just got home from work and it is SOOOO cold here, but your enthusiastic comments are warming me up fast!

    Champagne, chocolate, and half naked guys sounds like a darn good time to me. Thank you all. You're the best!

  8. Best of luck with the latest Cat Star installment Cheryl! I loved Fugitive and I hope everyone else will too!

  9. Congrats on the new release!

    I've not been introduced to your characters. I'm definitley adding the series to my TBR list.

    And I'm like liking Cheryl's comment- half naked men are always excellent eye candy for book

  10. Congratulations on your release, Cheryl! Cheers!

  11. Best wishes, Cheryl! I hope you sell many, many books!

  12. Congrats Cheryl! Five books publisghed in 2 years is an amazing accomplishment. Looking forward to what is coming up next!

  13. Congrats Cheryl! I've already found and read Fugitive! Loved it! I fell in love with Manx and Drusilla from the get go!


  14. Cheryl! Congratulations, my friend! You are a mega-multi-published author now! Absolutely freakin' AWESOME!!

    Emily is reading the book now, the very one in the photo I sent you. It must be good as she barely speaks or responds to us, is grumbling about having to go to work instead of reading, and yesterday she laughed out loud and could barely take a breath. She was quite overcome and when she finally was able to speak, she told me where she was. A first in a Cheryl Brooks' novel - and I shall say no more. ;-)

    Congrats on the booksigning and good luck on the next one. Enjoy your tour!

  15. Woohoo!! We finally launched this long awaited ship. I read it in 6 hours. I had to sleep some and dream about taking a trip to that Fantasy Island on Barada 7 and find Manx. And first thing I packed is a bar of soap. Zef needs his nasty mouth washed out with soap. What a character. But he really made the book fun. So Good Job!!! Cheryl, Enjoy all the Fun. You earned it.

  16. Congratulations on the launch party Cheryl. Love the chocolate and champagne. Looks like you've got a full month ahead of you. I checked my dates and compared them to yours. How does Jan. 19 sound or if you're doing anything on weekends I have those open too. Just let me know.

    Love the cover of Fugitive. It catches your eye and holds your attention.

  17. Congrats on the release, I'll be following the tour!

  18. Congrats on the launch! I know Fugitive is as good or better than anything that's gone before.

    But you didn't say how the book signing went. Don't leave us hanging--how did you do?

  19. Cheryl, I loved Fugitive. You already know I love Zef. Sometimes I just fall in love with secondary characters because they're so fun.

    I already have your book, so I can't win it here--although I haven't read the full series, so I wouldn't say no to one of the others, lol! I wouldn't say no to any book you write. They're fun and sexy. Love your imagination!

    Congratulations on your launch and here wishing you great success for 2010!

  20. Hi Cheryl,

    Congrats on your new release and Happy Launch Day!

    I've heard great things about this series and have been wanting to check them out!

  21. YAY CHERYL!!!
    At LOOOONG last we get to celebrate the launch of Fugitive!!

    It's still early here on the West Coast so I better have a mimosa instead of straight champagne. Hic!

    Congrats again and MUCH MUCH success on this latest in your series. I know your readers are going to LOVE it!


  22. Congrats on the release Cheryl!

    Don't forget the guest post for my blog on 1/29! I can't wait!!
    See you there!

  23. Sorry about that Amy J!
    When I received the email for my tour, that last page got cut off! If I hadn't posted this we'd have been in trouble!
    I updated this post, so it's on the list now.
    Looking forward to visiting your blog!

  24. Hey, Cindy!
    Drink whatever you like. I don't have any champagne--actually, I can't stand the stuff--so I'm drinking dark lager. Aye, that'll put hair on your Scottish hunk's chest!

  25. Hi Razlover!
    I really like your photo! Maybe you'll win a book and get started on the series sooner than you think!

  26. Hi Sia!
    Glad you liked Fugitive. Wasn't Zef a hoot? He was so much fun to write.

  27. Hi MM!
    The booksigning could have gone a lot better. I only sold three, and two of them were to my loyal friends Suzie and Nancy who would've bought a copy whether I had a signing or not. I did, however, sell one copy to a lady who bought it for her sci-fi fan daughter. I'll probably never know if she liked it or not, but I hope she does!

  28. Hey Tetewa!
    It's gonna be a long tour. Glad to have you along for the ride!

  29. January 19th sounds good, Mason! I'll add you to the schedule! Looking forward to visiting your blog!

  30. Thanks, Donna!
    Yes, the ship had indeed launched! Thanks for all of your support, encouragement, and ideas for the book. Couldn't have done it without you!

  31. Mega multi published???? Sounds incredible, Sharon!!!! I should be rich, right? LOL! Glad Emily is enjoying the book. I just love it when someone reads one that way. I used to watch my buddies read my stuff at work and then get so mad when a call light went off! It was like a balm to my soul!
    Congrats on your new release, too! Love that Darcy!

  32. Hi Lisa!
    Glad you finally found a copy! Manx is so gorgeous on the cover. I'm so in love... and I was already crazy about him!

  33. Hey Danielle!
    Five books in two years???? Say it isn't so! But it may explain why I'm starting to babble....
    Thanks for all the great promo work you've done for me and my books. Couldn't have done it without you!

  34. Hey, Libby and Kathryn!
    Thanks so much and good luck to both of you, too!

  35. Hi Sarah!
    Actually, to tell you the truth, Manx is completely naked throughout almost the entire book. *sigh* I just love naked Zetithians. They're so... hot....

  36. Hi Marie,
    What would I have done without you? Thanks so much for all of the support, pointers, and best of all, the ability to use you as a sounding board for everything.
    Good luck to you, my unofficial critique partner, on all you do!

  37. Thanks, Judi!
    We do have great covers, don't we? SB Casablanca covers rule!!!!!

  38. Hi Paulette!
    Yes, Kyra does make an appearance in book six, Hero--and she plays a role you might not expect...

    Just a little cliff-hanger there to keep you guessing!

  39. Hey Jessica!
    I had to work last night, too. I got up this afternoon and found a zillion comments here. I'm like, WOW!!! I'm overwhelmed!

    Oh, and, Jessica... I'm smiling....

  40. Thanks, Eva!

    Not sure how many more there will be, but as it stands, there may be a total of nine. Not sure I'm up to it, but we'll see!

  41. Hi Helen,
    Slave was such a fun book to write. I just pulled out all the stops and wrote the book I'd always wanted to read. I hope you enjoy them all!

  42. And last, but certainly not least, Ana. Did you know that your email was among the first fan letters I ever received? Your dedication to the series has touched me deeply, and I wish you the best of luck in pursuing your own writing career.
    Thanks so much,

  43. Hey Cheryl...I'm half way through Fugitive. What a phenomenal storyteller and fertile imagination you have...especially to a reader who's not even a huge Sci-Fi fan. The story is working for me on all levels.

    From the get-go, the relationship, between Manx and Drusilla is any woman's fondest fantasy and I was so there. The creature Zef is a complete hoot! I even find myself really liking Klog and Dwell.

    There is much of the dialogue throughout the story that has caused me to laugh out loud...always a plus for me.

    I know I'm only a bit more than half way through, but Fugitive is a winner for me.

    Give it up woman, what drugs do I need to take to land me on Barada Seven with Manx?

  44. LOL! I wish I knew, Nancy! I'm tickled pink that I can make you laugh. It's a plus for me, too!

  45. Congrats Cheryl Fugitive was another masterpiece. I loved the new characters especially Zef he was hilarious. You're awesome and you certainly never fail to surprise me. Like I said before this is exactly what makes you such a great writer and the coolest person I know. *grin* I'll be going back to Barada 7 now. Reading Fugitive one time was not enough I love the characters and the story line too much, so I'm off to read it again.

  46. Ah, Leslie! Your words are music to my ears! Have fun the second time around and give Manx a hug from me!

  47. Happy release, Cheryl! Looking forward to reading your latest, and the many others that come after!

  48. Sounds great Cheryl. I'll mark my calendar for the 19th. Thanks, looking forward to seeing you there.

  49. Thanks, Helen! I just hope I have "many others" left in me!

  50. I'm so excited for you, Cheryl. Congratulations on your release. I'm a fan of your blog. Can't wait to read Fugitive.

  51. Hi Armenia!
    Thanks for dropping by. Maybe you'll win a copy of Fugitive. I'll do a random pick tomorrow. Watch for the results!

  52. Congrats, Cheryl!!! And best of luck on all your sales! Great cover as usual!!!

  53. Thanks, Terry!
    LOL! You'd know all about those great covers, wouldn't you?

  54. And the lucky winner is....

    Sarah Simas!
    Congratulation, Sarah! Send me your mailing address and I'll get the book out to you ASAP!

    You can email me at

  55. I'm behind, I'm behind! Congrats on the new release, Cheryl! Wishing you all the best with your sexy aliens!!!