Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Turkish Delight

posted by Aunty Cindy aka Loucinda McGary

I'm not really here. As you are reading this, I plan to be dangling my feet, as literally tens of thousands have done before me, in the lovely hot springs at Pamukkale, Turkey. This place was used by the Romans and before them the Greeks. Here's a picture of what a portion of the site looks like. I'll have to let you know when I return if the picture does it justice.

Several people have asked me if I planned this vacation with research in mind. Not really. I don't specifically have a book set in Turkey that I want to write. At least not at the moment. But I'm never one to rule out anything!

However, it is much more likely that some of the things I see and do will show up in something I write, though not necessarily in the way I originally experience them. An article of clothing I see pictured in a catalog may end up being worn by one of my characters. A beautiful sunset might find its way into my work-in-progress. Or the reflection of sunlight on water. Or an interesting man, woman, or child I see in passing.

In a way, all my trips (whether to the corner grocery or to another continent) are "research" for my current WIP. I never know what might find its way into what I write.

What about you? Did you ever see or experience something and think, "this should be in a book?" And I hope you're not having too much fun without your old Aunty!


  1. I do hope you are having a wonderful time Aunty Cindy and I do love how authors can watch and pick up little things to go in their books it really makes for some interesting reading.

    Have Fun

  2. I looove Turkish delight. I just bought some. We always have it at Christmas. Now I have to hide it in case they eat it ahead of time. I wonder if I'll find last year's stash too.

    And yes, things I see, or smell, touch or taste, go in my books. We were walking the dog late one night and a whole scene played out in my head, because of the smell of snow at night, and feel of cold on my cheekbones.

  3. I find things to write about everywhere I go, but Turkey sounds downright exotic! Bring back some great memories!

  4. YES! Aunty, there is fodder everywhere. Last Christmas, I received two "Be Careful What You Say or it Will End Up In My Novel" shirts.

    Things are falling apart around here without you, Aunty--HA--just kidding. But dear AC did ask me to fill in for her today, so I will say good morning to Helen, Michele and Cheryl and thank them for showing up early. You're getting this service hours before our West Coast pal would even crack open her second eye!

  5. All the time. I keep a list of funny things that have happened to me (or people I know) that have to end up in a book.

    Have a great vacation Cindy! We miss you.

    Hugs....Robin :)

  6. Actually, just yesterday, a friend told me a factoid which will certainly end up in a book!

    Enjoy Turkey.

  7. You know, what is so funny, is I have a few friends that are writers actively working the publishing system, and I've read some of their stuff, and I instantly know that they've put a situation that we had together, or something that stemmed from a conversation. So I'm waiting for that funny day when I read a published book with a conversation I've had in it :)

    Hope you're have a blast in Turkey!

  8. How wonderful Aunty Cindy!

    Many times I've visited a place and thought of something that will work great in a book and used it.

    The fun part is taking an adventure from one place and setting it somewhere else.


  9. Hey, do you think the IRS would go for the idea that our trips to the grocery store are for 'research'? LOL!

    I am seething with jealousy over here, but I'll get over it! The photo is amazing. Seriously, I am so happy for you Cindy and hope you will find tons of inspiration on your excursion abroad. Or just have fun! Whichever!! We miss you, but will look forward to hearing all about it when you get back! Be safe!!

  10. What a fabulous and unusual vacation, Aunty Cindy. I can't wait to see if these adventures make their way into your books. Most of what I do sneaks its way into my writing. Maybe I'll write about a cold Midwesterner winterizing her windows while a lucky friend got to go dip her feet in the hot springs in Turkey . . .

  11. Since I am trapped in my house (as a work at home gal) and have to take a pill to even get on an airplane, I am living vicariously through my adventerous AC. That gal gets around! HA! I mean that in the most innocent of ways, of course! Can't wait to see what stories and adventures she brings back to us, not to mention the new Turkish riding crop she promised me... Hope she remembers.

  12. Amazing picture! I hope you have a great time and can't wait to hear about it.

    Things I see, conversations I hear at the checkout lines, mags, TV characters, yep...all of them bring things to mind that will sometimes end up in a book/scene.

  13. Luckyyyyyyyyy!

    Turkish Delight always makes me think of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe:-) What, um, IS it, exactly?

    I soak up atmosphere like a sponge, and I love to put the feel of places I've been or moments I've had in my books. Bet you'll find TONS of inspiration in Turkey! Okay, I'd better go before I start whining again...:-)

  14. Ooh, hope you're having a fabulous trip! I'm sure we'll hear all about it or it'll end up in one of your novels! ;)