Friday, December 26, 2008

Reflection Week

Happy Day-After-Christmas. The wrapping was torn from the presents without care in hope that an (iPod) inside would be there. (Insert tech gadget here.) Isn't it so fun to get what you want for Christmas? It's even better to get the life you want, all year around.

Wanna hear the good news? It's *not* just the day after Christmas; it's the beginning of Reflection Week. This is how it works. You start thinking about all the things that really rocked in '08 in your life. As they say, you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. When I started the ATHENA Institute in '06, I started facilitating workshops in five life areas - so that's a nice starting point for reflection. Grab a notebook and do a list of whatever comes to mind in these areas: Body, Mind/Spirit, Home, Work, Relationships.

For example, under Body, I'd list that I started working out in October, and did a fairly good job of cutting out fast food. Hey, at least it's now the exception. Under Home, I could list what I made progress on - keeping the house clutter-free EXCEPT for major clutter zones, bedroom and closet. New carpet, etc. I'd circle what needs improvement, but not stress about that yet. This is just a time to reflect. We'll save the strategic planning for January 1st.
The point of the Reflection Week is twofold: 1. To see that you've really accomplished a lot in each area of your life, because even small steps of progress count. 2. It aids in gratitude which aids in happiness which aids in not thinking your life sucks at year's end. I think that's a nice place to end up.

If you believe in the law of attraction, you know that you first have to list and concentrate on what you want out of life for it to come to you. To me, this is logical and not at all spacey. But even if you think it's a little spacey, why not give it a try? You'd be surprised how it "feels" like things you've been wanting start coming to you when you focus on them.

In January, I'm kicking off a free life coach series called, "Create Your Own Renaissance," on my website to do just that: figure out the changes we want in our life and make them happen. Ramona, my protagonist in Dating da Vinci, goes through a renaissance, but it doesn't just fall into her lap. (Though da Vinci does walk into her classroom.) She had to take advantage of things that came her way and get out of her comfort zone to make the rest, like her Ph.D., happen. What things did she have to let go of to make room for new things in her life? What would you have to do?

Here's wishing you a wonderful Reflection Week. Go ahead and finish off the food, then take a nice walk in nature and relish both. Isn't it great to be able to eat? To walk?
I'll see you on my website and back here on January 9th. Thanks for a Great '08!

(pictured: my son, catching some air. Why not give that a try, too?)


  1. I have to work today and tomorrow so writing on Plight of the Wolf and no time for reflection! :) I did get a laptop for Christmas so I can work on my stories during my lunch break though! :) So that was really nice!

  2. Malena, I admire your energy. My goal for today is a total PJ day with no one wanting anything from me. Hoping to get back to the WIP, which is about 20K words from the finish!

  3. Interesting way to look back and then to start looking forward.

  4. Malena~

    I totally agree with your post. This is the week I reflect on my life, I plan my goals for the New Year and probably more importantly, my DH and I talk a lot about reflection, and goal setting to our kids. We always make sure we have both family goals and individual goals. It's great when the family has something to work toward together.

    I look forward to your life coach series in January.

    Robin :)

  5. I'm a great believer in the law of attraction--and my publishing story is proof it exists.

    In my April release, SEALed With A Promise, my heroine must take responsibility for why her life is the way it is, and learn to name what she wants.

    Your blog series sounds great. I can always use some fine-tuning on working with the law. You can be sure I'll be checking in.

  6. Since it's not only near the end of the year, but also my birthday on the 28th, I probably do more reflecting during this week than a lot of people do. Sometimes it's a little scary.

  7. I have personally never been one to take much stock in the whole 'end of the year' thing. I do not make resolutions either. It is just another day, IMHO, and nothing is going to miraculously change from one day to the next just because a new calendar is placed on the wall. But then, I am an extremely analytical type person who is always reflecting and examining, so that is probably why!

    I am a big believer in taking charge of your own life. I hate victim mentalities or the 'poor-me' syndrome. Sometimes things do indeed just drop into your lap, but generally you have to work toward your goals. However, I am also a strong believer in a God who is ultimately in total control. So, without getting preachy, I think there is a balance in there between what I want and what is truly best for me - and I trust that the Almighty is far wiser than me!

    Thanks Malena for a very thought provoking post. I am battling a cold and am high on antihistamines, so it probably isn't smart for me to attempt logic right now! LOL!!