Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday reading and a title update...

As we enter Thanksgiving week, I'm looking forward to carving a little extra time out of my schedule to treat myself to some holiday reading. Each year I try to wrap up major projects by Thanksgiving, so I will have more free time to enjoy the holiday season and be less stressed. I use some of that free time to catch up on the teetering pile(s) of books in my TBR – to be read– stack. I'm especially looking forward to reading this year, because last year my holiday reading didn't happen. A tremendous writing opportunity was offered to me that I couldn't pass up. But taking advantage of that opportunity meant I was madly writing through Thanksgiving, Christmas and into the New Year to finish a manuscript on a short deadline. Last year the holidays were a blur and a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. Too much to do and no time to do it all.
Never fear. I've learned my lesson. I will be more vigilant in protecting my time in the future. Not that I don't or won't write over the Christmas season... but I cut back and set more reasonable page goals, knowing that I have the fun extras to do: shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking, partying, concerting, traveling, worshiping, and eating.
A few of the books I'm hoping to get to this year include Line of Scrimmage, by our own Marie Force (It is football season, too, after all!), The Winter Lodge by Susan Wiggs (I've had this book for over a year and have stubbornly waited until it was winter outside to read it. Silly quirk of mine!), Hot Six by Janet Evanovich (Yes, I am THAT far behind in the Stephanie Plum series! Need I say more?), The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren, and– if I'm lucky and get through all of those (I am a slow reader... part the reason for my teetering TBR stack)– a few Harlan Coben books and Silhouette Romantic Suspense books are calling to me as well.
So what is up next in your TBR pile? Do you take extra time to read during the holidays? Are you as quirky as me about wanting to read (savor favorite authors) books during the right season, in the right order, under the perfect conditions?
And now an update from the news desk... my new title is in! My September 2009 contemporary romance set in Destin, Florida, and formerly know as SECOND CHANCES is now called... HEALING LUKE. Watch for it on a bookstore shelf near you next fall! (More exciting details like cover art to come!)
Happy Thanksgiving and happy reading,
Beth Cornelison


  1. Hey Beth,
    Thanks for including LOS in your TBR pile. Hope you enjoy it and your holiday reading!

  2. OOH! I like Healing Luke. I can feel myself wanting to know more already.

    As for my TRB pile. I don't have one. I'm such a compulsive reader--not always a good thing--the unread books don't pile up around here. The read ones now...

    Recently I learned of a romance publisher who sends ARCs of every novel to every one of their writers. I'd love to have that inside track on Casa books. We wouldn't have to wait for the buzz on one of our books. We could be the buzz!

    And I might finally have a TBR pile.

  3. I also try to take breaks from more normal tasks over the holidays so I can focus on the season. Always so much to do and it is definately the only time of the year when I get highly organized.

    As for reading - I am working on Stephanie Meyer's 'Twilight' series now that I am hooked (better late than never), then I have a few more Casa books to get through. The TBR stack isn't too high, as long as you don't count the thickness of Meyer's novels!

  4. If I hadn't put my foot down, I would have been writing Fugitive through my Vegas trip AND Thanksgiving, since it was originally due the end of November! I finally had to tell the DE that a 90,000 word book every three months, along with promotions, rewrites, AND a full-time job just wasn't feasible!
    Right now, I'm finding some time to read on occasion, and Aunt Cindy's book is my current project. Linda's and Michele's books are next, and I'll have to get a copy of the others that are out.

  5. Catching up on reading is one of my favorite holiday activities. This year I'm finishing up the latest book in the hilariously fun Gemma Halliday High-Heels series, and I have "The Sonnet Lover" "The Lovely Bones" and our own Malena Lott's "The Stork Reality" on my list.

  6. Yay, Beth! Congrats on the title...I like it:-)

    I hear you on trying to keep the professional anxiety to a minimum over the holidays. Haven't quite managed it for Thanksgiving this year (scrambling to finish a proposal), but I should be set for Christmas. I hope!!

    My TBR pile is completely out of control. I really need to carve out more time for used to be one of my great pleasures, and anymore, seems like I'm always too busy working! Hmm, I smell a New Year's Resolution!