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Our Favorite Reviews

We thought we'd take a day to show off some of our favorite reviews and to say thank you to those who've reviewed our books, loved our books, and helped us to get the word out to readers.

Line of Scrimmage
By: Marie Force
One of my favorite reviews was one of the most recent we received, from Wild on Books:

A very strong debut novel for Marie Force, LINE OF SCRIMMAGE is one of the best contemporary romances I have read this year. Susie and Ryan’s marriage was almost over but they agreed to try for each other. Their marital problems were discussed, they got angry with each other, they were honest. LINE OF SCRIMMAGE was intensely emotional and very honestly portrayed and I treasure that in a book above all things.

In my humble opinion, LINE OF SCRIMMAGE is a must read just for the plot alone. Add in the sensual love scenes between Ryan and Susannah and even the most jaded of readers will believe in romantic second chances and forgiveness. I know I do! Read the full review. Another terrific review came from, a female sports site.

Hex Appeal
By: Linda Wisdom

These are just a couple of my favorite reviews and I basically chose them out of a hat! We are so grateful to these people for reading our books and talking about them on their sites and getting the word out.

Hex Appeal is a scrumptiously enticing read, especially when you throw in the goofy paranormal misfits from the first book. The passionate love scenes between Jazz and Nick sizzle. This reader would love to spend a day with Jazz. I love the interaction that Jazz and Nick share with each other. I thought it was cute when Nick thought he would surely go broke with her Starbucks addiction. Linda Wisdom mixes delicious fun, along with a touch of suspense and fast-paced moments with some in-depth characters that are hard to forget. Just the thought of those long fingernails looking at the portrait of Jazz still gives me the willies. Be sure to devour every word, because this is one smacking good read that satisfies. I would like to get a whiff of that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Linda Wisdom has given us a spectacular supernatural story that is full of love, laughter, and plenty of magic in and out of the bedroom! You will find yourself enthralled with these wonderful witches, vampires, ghosts, humans, werewolves, and a pair of magical bunny slippers known as Fluff and Puff, they will have you rolling on the floor in laughter at all their crazy antics! Hex Appeal is very well written and it is a stand-alone book but it is even better when you read, 50 Ways To Hex Your Lover, the first book in the series. You will not want to put this amazing book down even for a second. You will find yourself flying through the pages of this very magical book! I am looking forward to seeing where Mrs. Wisdom takes us next with this truly enchanting series!

The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior
By Cheryl Brooks

I've already referred to some of my favorite reviews of Warrior by "official" reviewers, but this one popped up on Amazon a couple of days ago, and I just love it!

Dr. Dolittle with a SEXY punch!
by Denise Bolds "Lion who reads a lot!"

Wow! I thought Ms. Brooks' first story Slave was a goodie - well she has completely outdone herself with Warrior. Tisana is a witch dealing with the same angst as the rest of us - finding "the one." LEO IS IT! The strong silent type all the way!!!! Yippie! This couple goes on an adventure, but it's Tisana's 'gift' of being able to talk to animals that makes this story a complete blast! I loved the part with Gerald the squirrel (of COURSE I was reading in public when I came up on that part of the book...) This story will keep you hot and laughing at the same time! Wow! Now if I could find a man who could do both of this at the same time! We have to wait six months until the next story!!! HURRY UP!!!

Also, I recently received an email regarding Slave which was so priceless, I just have to share it with you!

From KW:

I do not usually read romance novels---EVER!!. My 78 year old mother is the same. But we grabbed this book up for her, thinking it was just a small book for her to read. WOW were we wrong!! She called me and said, You got me a nasty book. I said what do you mean "nasty"? She said, she's talking about penises! Well then I cracked up. We did not know it was a romance book. She told me to come get it because she was finished and I just HAD to read it. She said that it was nothing like what she's ever read and wants the next in the series. I would have to agree on that one also. I am in the middle right now and can't put it down.

Just wanted to say very nicely done Cheryl.

I'm a Laurell K. Hamilton fan and never thought that I would like romance books. Thanks a million, we can't wait for the next book.

Romeo, Romeo
By Robin Kaye

I chose the Publishers Weekly review, because it's already published. Most of the other ones except for the great review on Booklist, will be published sometime this month so I have to keep them under my hat.  I had a hard time deciding which to list, they're both so wonderful! 

Romeo, Romeo
Kaye, Robin (Author)

ISBN: 1402213395
Soucebooks Casablanca
Published 2008-11
Paperback, $6.99 (400p)
Fiction Romance Contemporary

Reviewed 2008-09-29
Debut author Kaye provides a pleasing romantic romp mixing Italian Brooklyn family values, hot sex, and plenty of food. Gorgeous millionaire bachelor Nick Romeo and high-powered corporate turnaround expert Rosalie Ronadi know what they want from each other: no strings, no heartbreak. When Rosalie falls seriously ill, their casual intentions are tested, though secrets and their mutual business interests threaten to derail the budding romance. Nick, at times almost too perfect, demonstrates that his domestic skills extend far outside the bedroom, astonishing decidedly imperfect Rosalie, whose awe will be familiar to every professional womanwho is too busy for perfect housekeeping. Kaye’s portrayal of modern romance against the background of an old-fashioned, gossipy extended family rings true, and Nick’s efforts to wow Rosalie with fabulous home cooking are endlessly entertaining. (Nov.)

Dark Highland Fire by Kendra Leigh Castle

I've gotten a lot of fun reviews on this book, which I'm very grateful for, but this one, from Poppy at The Long and the Short of It reviews, just turned up in my inbox the other day, and I loved it. She definitely "got" my sense of humor, and enjoye dthe story just exactly the way I'd want someone to. Here's the best part:

So... what happens when you take a wildly sexy, stubborn werewolf who's certain Rowan is his mate, mix in a vampire demi-goddess who has already lost people she loved because of the warped desires of an evil dragon-shifter, and throw in Lucien (said dragon) who is more than a little imbalanced and already has a grudge against Gabriel's clan?

Lots of action. Excitement. Tension. And not a little humor. My absolute favorite part of this book -- a part that made me snort with laughter in an utterly un-ladylike fashion was when Rowan confronted Gabriel's ex-girlfriends. What a hoot!

Kendra Leigh Castle has penned another story with amazing characters, a fascinating and page-turning plot that was utterly unpredictable and some hot, hot, hot sexual tension! She even manages to help us understand why the villain does what he does, and by the end made me feel more than a little sorry for Lucien (enough to hope that he is redeemed). Also, Rowan's mysterious brother, Bastian -- do I dare to hope that his is the next book in the series?

This book stands alone nicely, and I don't believe you have to read the first, but I also highly recommend the initial book in this series -- not only because it was wonderful, but because it will make reading "Dark Highland Fire" even richer. Do yourself a favor and grab this book the moment it's available. You won't be sorry.

The Wild Sight
by Loucinda McGary

I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful positive reviews I've received thus far. The starred review from Publishers Weekly is a definite stand out, but think my favorite review is from Amelia Richards at

With the exceedingly heartfelt emotions of this story quickly becoming entangled with its numerous mysteries, THE WILD SIGHT is at once enchanting and always engrossing.

This contemporary story cleverly balances the past and present to create an absolutely enthralling romance where the unexpected abounds. Loucinda McGary packs the pages of this story with skillfully placed unknowns and often startling revelations.

Beautifully told with a poetic voice, this country and its appealing people come alive through graphically visual actions and dialogue, making readers feel as though they have been transported to this out of the ordinary setting. This author has a way of letting her scenes be experienced with potently effective descriptions, as the sights and smells plus even touches become real.

THE WILD SIGHT is thrillingly innovative with an unforgettable storyline and the emotion will keep you devouring every word.

Coffee Time Romance has this to say:


ISBN#: 978-1-4022-1399-1
October 2008
Rating: 5 Cups
This historical romance is very different and more emotional than the norm. Lucinda is not a classic beauty, being tall and more robust than is fashionable, but is attractive all the same. Her husband fails to see this and treats her abominably. She is very brave to run away, and when an unwanted child is literally dropped in her lap, she takes on that challenge too.

The author has written a really great story and has captured Regency England, both London and the countryside extremely well. The characters are real with virtues and flaws and the subplot of the vicar’s romance with the squire’s daughter is very good. The Duke of Vale is a character I would definitely like to see more of.

This story, full of romance, drama, and suspense, is impossible to put down, and Lucinda and Hugo are a very memorable and well-matched couple.


  1. Congratulations from me, too. What a wonderful series of reviews.

  2. What a great idea! Great job ladies!!

  3. I'd already seen most of these, but Kendra's was new to me. I know what you mean about someone "getting it", Kendra! It makes it all worthwhile!
    Congratulations to all of my Casa Sisters!

  4. Nice reviews, everybody! Love to see our line doing so well and generating such positive responses!

  5. Congratulations to everyone on the great reveiws.

    I think anyone can understand how gratifying to the ego a good review is. But until one has written a book, I'm not sure it's possible to understand how it satisfies the soul to know SOMEONE understood what it took the writer 100,000 words to communicate.

    I share your happiness.

  6. Well done, everyone! And Mary Margret, as usual when I read one of your responses, all I have to do is point to you and say, "What she said!" Yay for the Casa ladies!

  7. Great reviews everyone! It was so much fun reading all of them!

    Robin :)

  8. Wait! What is this? You have penises in your stories! OMG!!!

    LOL! That just killed me! I love the reader reviews as those come from the folks who are really buying the books and are not specifically looking to find fault. Well, most of them anyway! Of course, that is all I have had so far! Ha! I am looking forward to the 'professional' kudos, and praying I get a bunch of them like you all have.

    This was great. Thanks for sharing. I am counting the days until Thursday when I will be in Visalia and the B&N! WhooHoo!

  9. Fantastic writing, everyone! I'm sure it's always terrific to hear from fans, whether official reviewers or just regular readers :)

  10. Thanx a bunch everyone!

    Fedora, the reviews are great but I'm really living for the day that I get REAL FAN MAIL!

    Cheryl, your fan mail CRACKED ME UP! Those are the kinds of priceless comments that make it all worthwhile.


  11. Aunt Cindy,
    Yes, in the depths of all the other endless stresses of this life, those priceless moments can save you!

  12. What great reviews Ladies I am so looking forward to reading these books.

    Have Fun


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