Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ten Things About The Wild Sight

I don't watch a lot of TV but I do lurve the late night talk shows -- Leno, Letterman, Craig Ferguson. One of my favorite things on David Letterman's show is his Top Ten. Always one to latch onto a good idea, I now present my Top Ten Things I enjoyed while writing The Wild Sight:
  1. Donovan (and it's not an accident that he bears in uncanny resemblance to Hugh Jackman) and his psychic "gift."
  2. Rylie and her sassiness. (but as Han Solo once said of Princess Leia, "She's got a lot of spunk to go with that sass.")
  3. The way Donovan and Rylie can't keep their hands off each other. (This is a romance after all.)
  4. The beautiful Irish countryside, and the real locales like the Giant's Causeway (pictured) and Rathlin Island.
  5. Rylie's first meeting with her biological father.
  6. The underlying theme of parent/child relationships, especially father/child.
  7. Doreen, the bossy older sister. (Ask my siblings where I came up with the idea for that character!)
  8. Jeremy Heany, "... not a bad sort for a lawyer..."
  9. The Niall Marker which is a real gender specific genetic marker that is present in almost 15% of the men in Ireland.
  10. How many ways can the Irish cook potatoes? (That's a picture of boxty.)

Do you have a Top Ten (or five or three) you'd like to share? Please do!


  1. Great post Cindy lets see if I can get 10 things

    1. My Family
    2. Chocolate
    3. Reading wonderful romance books
    4. Spending time with the grandchildren
    5. Having my dogs around me
    6. Having the internet so as I can meet wonderful friends on line

    I got to 6 I will think on somemore and be back.
    When I read this book Cindy Donovan is going to look like Hugh Jackman to me as well now what a hunk.

    Have Fun

  2. What a neat idea: listing ten things you like about your book!

    I think I'll steal it. :-)

    Here's an uncategorized list of things I like:
    1.The new mattress topper for my bed. It really makes a difference.
    2.My cat.
    3.My new townhouse.
    4.Having SEALed With A Promise turned in!It was much, much harder to write than Kiss.
    5.I'm in the middle of reading Line of Scrimmage and I'm liking it very much.
    6.Hearing from fans.
    7.Ballroom dance.
    8.Topsail Island
    That's all I can think of.

  3. Great post, Cindy. You had me at Ireland, and you know this book is high on my TBR the minute it comes out! Here's my top 10:

    1. Reading the Casa blog with just a few sips of coffee in me and seeing that Mary Margaret is reading LOS and liking it! Yeah! I'm still getting my head around the idea of people all over the place reading MY book!
    2. Coming in this AM to a real live fan letter from someone who saw LOS in a bookstore, was sold by the cover, and loved it so much she had to stop with 100 pages left to go to tell me she loves it! Amazing!
    3. Selling Same Time Sunday, a book I love so much and I hope readers will, too
    4. My family, especially my two adorable kids who make every day a new adventure
    5. My 16-year-old mutt Consuela who is my constant companion and best friend. She looks at me with those loving eyes of hers and I want to cook up a prime rib just for her to gnaw on.
    6. All the friends I have made through writing, especially my Casa Sisters.
    7. Our lovely publicist and blog mate Danielle Jackson, who has been there thru thick and thin (fortunately much more thick than thin--but that's the story of my dietary life, too--LOL)
    8. Chocolate (cross reference item 7, thick)
    9. Pedicures
    10. My iPod, the soundtrack of my life

  4. Hi Helen,
    I can give you #7 -- TWO new grandbabies due to arrive in 3 months (give or take a day or so)!

    I was a little hesitant to say Hugh was my physical model for Donovan because I know a lot of people like to "see" their own idea of the hero. And honestly, it was only one particular picture of Hugh that inspired me.

    Yes, I have MANY MANY pictures of him saved on my hard drive. What can I say? You grow some GREAT HUNKS DownUnder!


  5. LOL Judi!

    We do have similar tastes. Hugh is actually English, not Irish, and has dark eyes, not blue. But an author can take creative license after all!

    My other top lust object is Eric Bana (another Aussie, what can I say?) But unfortunately, he doesn't look a bit Irish, not even with a LOT of creative license. :-(


  6. Steal away MM!

    Fun and easy blog ideas are sometimes hard to come by.

    It is hard to come up with 10 of anything. There's one writing exercise my CPs and I sometimes do where you need to come up with 20 possibilities! ACK! That is a really difficult one!

    I LURVE your #6. Can't WAIT to receive fan mail. I guess I did get one yesterday, from a bookseller who received an ARC of The Wild Sight and said she wanted to see MORE of Donovan and his gift. In fact, she hoped there would be a whole series. MUSIC to my ears!


  7. Marie,
    You simply MUST get to the auld sod one day. It's only about a 5 hour plane ride for you, and I guarantee you will LURVE every bit of it! Ireland truly is a magical place.

    Your #9, pedicures... AHHHH! They are one of my few personal indulgences and I really LURVE 'EM! Just had one this week as a matter of fact. My toenails are now a happy bright pink!


  8. "I LURVE your #6. Can't WAIT to receive fan mail. I guess I did get one yesterday, from a bookseller who received an ARC of The Wild Sight and said she wanted to see MORE of Donovan and his gift. In fact, she hoped there would be a whole series. MUSIC to my ears!"

    Yum! If that's not fan mail I don't know what is!! And a bookseller at that. Go get 'em.

  9. Hey Aunt Cindy!

    My top ten list:

    Irish is good!
    Chocolate is better!
    Flowers are beautiful!
    My Casa sisters are grand!
    Fan mail is terrific!
    My horses are sweet!
    My friends are the best!
    Selling a book is wonderful!
    My kids are unsurpassed!
    But serious "quality" time with the DH...priceless!

  10. Cheryl,
    LURVE you list! And you are sooo right, quality time IS priceless. I hope to get a lot of that next week when the DH and I are on a cruise.

    Never had a "bad" day cruising! Not even when the water is rough. Luckily neither the DH nor I get motion sickness, so rough doesn't bother us.


  11. Ooooh Cindy you know I love lists, as many of my blog posts have included them. Your list is particularly nice since it contains mention of potatoes, Hugh Jackman, Han Solo, romance and Ireland, no necessarily in that order. I'm going to have to make a list of my favorite lists!

  12. Christina,
    A list of favorite lists sounds FUN!

    And now that you mention it, what a coup! I did indeed manage to get Hugh, Han, Ireland, romance, and potatoes into a single blog post. Quite an achievement, even if I do say so myself. LOL! :-P


  13. What? Oh, sorry, I was stuck on Hugh Jackman ;)

    My top few faves at the moment:
    1. Uninterrupted reading time
    2. Chocolate
    3. Time to hang out with blog friends :)
    4. Spontaneous hugs from the kids
    5. New books

    How awesome to be hearing from fans, Marie! That'll be you all too soon, AC!

  14. Fedora,
    GREAT top 5! I'll take those any day.

    And from your lips to readers' ears on the fan mail. :-) I always picture that big from the old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons: Fan mail from some flounders?

    I'll take it!