Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Launch Party Extravaganza! Part 1

posted by Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy and Cheryl Brooks

Yes, it's true! We have FIVE great books being released in October! So many that it will take us TWO FULL DAYS to properly launch them all!

Of course there will be TONS OF FUN! Lots of prizes! Silly and serious moments as our authors share blurbs, reviews and intriguing tidbits of their new releases.

So without further adieu, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

The Wild Sight: An Irish tale of deadly deeds and forbidden love by Loucinda McGary

Aunty Cindy: My debut novel is a romantic suspense with paranormal elements. I'm tickled pink that it is the first romantic suspense in the Casablanca line and I'm even more thrilled that it is getting rave reviews, including a starred review from Publishers Weekly!

Here's the blurb from my website (http://www.loucindamcgary.com):

Since he was a wee lad, Donovan O'Shea possessed a gift of clairvoyance that allowed him to see and hear people and things that others could not. Viewing his ability as a curse he could not control, Donovan fled to America, but now after fifteen years, he has been forced to return to the family homestead in Northern Ireland to handle his ill father's affairs. Decades earlier, Donovan's mother disappeared into the encroaching fens and was never seen again. Now the same fens are offering up secrets, both ancient and recent, and restoring a terrible legacy that just may drive him mad. And if this is not trouble enough, a beautiful woman walks into his life, claiming to be his half-sister.

Rylie Powell never knew her real father. Her mother would only say he was a charming Irishman who seduced her, married her, and then abandoned her and his baby daughter. But after her mother's death, Rylie finds tantalizing clues about her father that send her off to Northern Ireland and an archeological site on Dermot O'Shea's property, the man listed on her birth certificate as her father.

  • Did Dermot O'Shea father both Donovan and Rylie?
  • What is Donovan's connection to the Celtic High King Niall of the Nine Hostages?
  • And what secret do the fens hold that invites murder?
Here are a couple of things Publishers Weekly said about The Wild Sight:

"McGary brings elements of the supernatural into this smashing romantic suspense novel... [she] never shortchanges the sizzling romance between Rylie and Donovan as she weaves in ancient legend and recent murders, building to a dramatic, memorable conclusion."

From Cheryl Brooks:

I'm really excited about the second book in my series, The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior! It's gotten some pretty good reviews, including
four stars from Romantic Times!

"This second in Brooks' Cat Star series once again presents a sexy and fascinating hero. It also introduces a strong heroine with some interesting psychic powers. The animals lend a light and humorous tone, and the ending is nicely blood free. It certainly leaves the reader eager for the next story featuring these captivating aliens."

And from the press release:

Warrior will ignite passion and tempt readers to follow Tisana, a legendary healer and witch with the power to control fire and communicate with animals, as she finds herself suddenly caring for a beaten slave, owned by her former lover, Rafe. Alone in the middle of winter, this mysteriously gorgeous being warms her heart—and her bed.

Instantly attracted to this independent and intriguing witch, Leo decides to show her what the warriors of Zetith are famous for. Their passion is indescribably palpable from the very beginning!

With an exciting adventure to help Rafe find his kidnapped children, Tisana and Leo continue to explore their deepening sexual attraction and growing love. An amusing cast of animal characters that only Tisana can speak to, Brooks takes readers on an amazing ride of humor, swordfights and the best sex in the galaxy…


What starts out so innocently as a healer/patient scenario quickly turns into an inferno of lust with the most exotic description of Leo's attributes that I have had the pleasure of reading about in any male species. The old adage, "If it smells like a rose it must be a rose", well that's perfectly true here and let's just say, "Damn.........I need a bib"!

Our author has given us a sci-fi tale of true love, hot sex and even hotter orgasms. A magical story of hope, love and devotion so deep that to lose that which you love so much would mean the snuffing out of your own life like the wind blowing out a candle. Kudo's for the Snap, Snap, Sizzle, Sizzle that will leave you panting for more.

I think that's my favorite one so far!

So, join in the fun! Post a comment and win a book! I'll pick my favorite comment and award a copy of Slave and Warrior to the most eloquent writer out there!

And Aunty will bring out her handy dandy random number generator and pick a winner for a copy of The Wild Sight!

Don't be shy! Join us as we celebrate the launch of our GREAT OCTOBER RELEASES! Tell us what you think makes for a great party.


  1. Woooohoooo! Launch party! I'll just settle down in this corner while my hockey hunks bring me a glass of bubbly and wait for the proceedings to begin!

    Aunty Cindy - I'm soooooo thrilled that your wonderful book is finally going to hit the shelves. Can't wait to have my very own copy - luckily I'm going to be back in the US for a brief trip so will be able to hit the US bookstores.

    Cheryl - wow - your book sounds fab - adding it to my TBR list!

  2. Oh, my ears and whiskers, I have been WAITING for this book for so long. Congratulations, Aunty Cindy!! I can't wait to read WILD SIGHT. Darling, I've brought Sven and his brother Lars to dole out massages as necessary:)

    Congratulations to you, too, Cheryl! Happy release day!!

  3. All right, happy launch week to my Casa sisters! October is usually my favorite month of the year anyway, now here are more reasons for it to shine. Can't wait to see what's next.

  4. WooHoo party time I just love parties and for this super special occasion huge congrats Cindy and Cheryl.

    The reviews are fantastic Cindy I can't wait to read the book and find out the answers to the questions I am really looking forward to meeting Donovan and Rylie and having a fantastic adventure with them.

    Cheryl your reviews are great hot sex and hotter orgasms WOW sounds hot.

    Have Fun

  5. Thanks gang! Hockey hunks and ears and whiskers! Sounds like a party to me!

  6. Cindy and Cheryl!
    Happy launch week ladies!!!! Can't wait to read your books.

  7. Danielle, Wheaton, ILSeptember 30, 2008 at 9:01 AM

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a reader and I'm a big fan of everyone.

    Congratulations Cindy and Cheryl!?!?!

    What makes a great party -- cake and Lemon Drop Martinis. LOL

    Happy Launch Week!?!?!?!

  8. I love a party. And I love books. This just couldn't get any better.
    Congratulations ladies.

  9. Can't wait to read your debut, AC, and what a debut it is! This one will be hard to top.

    Cheryl - I have SLAVE around here on the TBR pile. Nice abs on that cover.

  10. Aunty Cindy's book is here!!!!!!!

    HOORAY!!!!! Like Christine (imaging her like a little kitten with ears and whiskers...and then wondering how to tie that in with Bandita Kate..)I've waited a LONG time for this book!

    And Cheryl, loved SLAVE and eager for Warrior!

  11. Congrats to my Casablanca sisters on their new releases! Like the others who've posted, I can't wait to get my gruby (or not so grubby- I really am quite clean :-) ) hands on my copies of Warrior and the Wild Sight!
    Great reviews too! How exciting!
    I'll leave these double chocolate brownies (yum!) for folks to munch while they party.
    Happy launch day!
    Beth Cornelison
    Silhouette Romantic Suspense-Out now!

  12. Aunt Cindy and Cheryl, Congrats on the great novels and hope your launch party is fantastic.

    Just for you ladies I am sending out rounds of Apple Spice, Pumpkin and Chocolate Martini's. Also sending around a tray of mini eclairs, mini cheesecakes, Greek wedding cookies, and other little delictable goodies. Enjoy!

    Oh and don't enter me for the books since I already have them. :D

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  14. Great day in the morning! It's always nice to wake up to a PARTAY!

    Goodies and drinkies and HUNKS! OH MY!

    Four Banditas already on board... Yes, we are PARTAY ANIMALS! Even if we have to come from Across The Pond (HUGS, VA!) or Down Under (Christine)! I'm sooo happy you could join us.


  15. And here are our Casa Sisters also in Full Party Mode!

    Marie, Judi, Beth, Christina and Linda... WOO HOO!!! Thanx for the good wishes and PARTY ON, Dudettes! LOL!

    Hey now, NO FIGHTING over Sven and Lars, whom Christine so generously threw into the mix. These two are used to giving out LOTS of TLC in the Bandit Lair.


  16. Helen,
    I can't WAIT for you to read about Donovan and Rylie too! I'm anxiously awaiting your opinion on "my baby." :-)

    Can't thank you enough for all your wonderful support for so long,

  17. Danielle from Wheaton,
    Thanx soo much for dropping by. Readers like you are what makes all this worthwhile. And please pass those lemon drop martinis! YUM!!! It's 5 o'clock somewhere... RIGHT?!?!


  18. Ann,
    Thanx for dropping by to party with us! Have a lemon drop martini while Lars gives you a tiny little foot massage.

    AHHHH! Now this is MY kinda party!


  19. Terra,
    Eclairs, cheesecake, and wedding cookies with THREE KINDS of martinis?!?! No wonder you are us Casa Sisters' BFF! ;-)

    I know I speak for Cheryl when I say we can't thank you enough for your wonderful reviews of Wild Sight and Warrior. We're all looking forward to another launch party over at your blog in a few days.


  20. Donna said: "Can't wait to read your debut, AC, and what a debut it is! This one will be hard to top."

    Thanx a BUNCH, Donna! This is a high compliment coming from a GREAT WRITER like you!

    And Joanie... HUGS!!!!! Yes, it does feel like the wait has been FOREVER, but it is finally over! Well, in a few hours anyway. I hope you enjoy The Wild Sight as much as I enjoyed writing it!


  21. Congratulations on the launch of THE WILD SIGHT, Cindy. Very well-deserved reviews! Can't wait to see this fabulous book in print!

    Cheryl, good luck with your second book in the Cat Star Chronicles.

  22. Thanks, Christina!
    I finally got around to your Silly Saturday Fun blog--my version is sort of hermaphroditic....but amusing!

  23. Hey, Helen! I beginning to think "HOT" should be my middle name. Cheryl Hot Brooks. Sounds kinda kinky....

  24. A big, BIG thanks to you, Danielle!
    Never had a lemon drop martini. What goes in that?

  25. Thanks Donna and Ann. Let's hear it for books with nice abs! Hoorah!!!

  26. Joan,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed Slave! Warrior is a little different, but still lots of fun! Thanks!

  27. Ooo, Beth!
    Double chocolate brownies! You just might win a book for that!!!

  28. Terra,
    *SOB* Those sound SO good! Wish they were real!!!
    I can't thank you enough for your support. It means more to us than you will EVER know!!!

  29. Thanks Linda!
    I'm checking Target tomorrow for your book! Hex Appeal, here I come!

  30. Thanks Judi!
    Looking forward to your launch day! Don't be shy, have a brownie and a martini!

  31. Congrats on your launch. I do so love a good party. I'll bring the chilled vodka and extra limes! We'll just mix it with whatever you have in the fridge!

  32. Thanks Malena!
    All I've got in the fridge is a little wine and beer, but I KNOW there's some tequila around here somewhere....

  33. Congratulations to my Casa sisters! I'm so psyched for you! I have to say November is my favorite month, but October is my second favorite. What amazing, well deserved reviews.

    Hugs and best wishes to all!


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  35. Thanks Robin!
    I'm rather fond of November, too! I mean, turkey, pumpkin pie, AND Romeo, Romeo? It's a no-brainer!

  36. Got my list in hand, the funds set aside, and plan to head on over to the Big City sometime next week to hit up the B&N. Reading material extraordinaire, baby! Bring it on....

    March 2009 is looking to be my favorite month, but these months of Fall 2008 are coming in a close second. So stoked!!!

    Sharon: www.darcysaga.net

  37. AC and Cheryl! Congratulations! The most important things for a party are choosing the right mix of guests and food! So pass the bubbly, and let the fun begin! :)

  38. Sharon,
    LOL! The B&N gang has been warned! Enjoy the reading! March will be here before you know it!

  39. Thanks flchn1!
    I think we've got it all! Books, bubbly, brownies, and booze!

  40. Woohoo!!!!! Party!! I'm totally thrilled and delighted for you, Aunty!! But where's my copy?? I ordered it months ago!! Hmph! Ah well, it'll be here any minute. Meanwhile, I've brought the chocolate fountain and lots of yummy goodies to dip. No Joanie, I didn't mean Demetrius! You're a very bad girl!

    Where are those lemon drop martinis, anyway?

    Hey Cheryl, your book sounds delish as well! Congratulations!!

  41. Thanks, Kate!
    I've been looking for those lemon drop martinis myself...must be something like that around here somewhere.....maybe tequila and lemon juice would do....

  42. WHOHOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on the awesome launch party!! Sending giant congratulations and blowing tootie horns for everyone :-) This is great.

    Aunty Cindy, I'm beside myself with excitement for you -I can't wait to read this book :-)

  43. Congrats ladies! I know this is going to be a great month for all of the Sourcebooks titles :)

  44. Congrats, you two! Both books sound completely delicious:-) HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!

  45. Thanks Tawny!
    I think you should win a prize for the longest word at the party!

  46. Thanks Danielle! We couldn't have done it without you!

  47. Thanks Kendra!
    Here's wishing you and Michele a Happy Launch Day in advance! Have fun tomorrow!

  48. Congrats to both Aunty Cindy and Cheryl!

    Woo hoo let's party!

    Terri W.

  49. Party on, Terri! The night is young, and there are more books to be launched tomorrow!

  50. Congrats AC and Cheryl! Have a glass of champagne and a long bubble bath. You earned it!