Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi, everyone! I'm Beth Cornelison, one of the new members of the Casablanca blog. I sold my contemporary romance, SECOND CHANCES, to Sourcebooks at the end of July, just in time to meet all the other Casablanca authors and editors at the RWA conference in San Francisco. While I'm new to Casablanca, I'm not new to publishing. I've had books out with three other publishers (Silhouette, Five Star and Samhain) since 2005. But I have to say, the people involved with Casablanca have been among the most welcoming and have made me feel like part of a special family.
I'm in the process now of finishing up a few edits on SECOND CHANCES, so this seemed like a good time to tell you more about this book and whet your appetite for the release coming in the fall of 2009.
In SECOND CHANCES, readers will meet the Morgan men, father Bart, and his two grown sons, Aaron and Luke. The Morgans run a snorkeling and deep sea fishing tours business in Destin, Florida. The three bachelors lead a charmed life until an accident on their tour boat leaves Luke injured and the whole family grappling with the changes in their lives.
Enter Abby Stanford, an occupational therapist from Texas on vacation by herself after breaking her engagement with her philandering fiancĂ©. When Abby arrives at the snorkeling office and has a run-in with a surly Luke, Aaron swoops in to save face for the family business, and, ladies' man that he is, Aaron snags a date with Abby. Aaron quickly realizes the rapport Abby has with his brother, and he and Bart offer Abby an unconventional job– a multi-purpose assistant to the family. Among other duties at the snorkeling office, Abby's goal is to motivate Luke, help with his therapy, and guide the family through the troubled waters they face.
Needing a distraction from her own painful break up and feeling a connection to the Morgan men, Abby accepts the position and takes a leave of absence from her job in Texas. In the weeks that follow, Abby becomes part of the Morgan family, sharing their heartaches and triumphs as she guides Luke through his recovery and rehabilitation. With the Morgan men, Abby finds healing for her own wounded heart, and when friendship and a sizzling attraction flare with Luke, she discovers a second chance for true love.
I had a great time writing about the Morgan men and Abby's unorthodox methods for healing family bonds and goading Luke along the path to spiritual and physical recovery. I had a much more reserved and demure character in mind when I started writing Abby, and she spoke up quickly and told me just who she really was! She was all about spunk and tenacity and optimism and fire. She was going to meet the strong-willed Morgan men head-on and win them over with her passion and unique insight.
And what about the three bachelor Morgans? Well, be still my heart! All three were hot hunks with wounded spirits and hearts of gold. I fell in love with them all! The family dynamic intrigued me as it unfolded, and I learned more about how the desertion of their wife and mother years before affected them all.
I can't wait to share SECOND CHANCES with all of you next fall, and I look forward to sharing more writing insights, reflections and random musings here on the Casablanca blog in the months to come. FMI about my other books vist
Happy Friday!


  1. Warmest welcomes to Beth. We're so glad to have you on board! I love the sound of Second Chances, and was wondering if the other men in the family are going to get books of their own. It sounds to me as if you care enough about them to do that . . . don't leave us in too much suspense! I also share your experience of a romantic heroine who had her own ideas of just how "demure" she was going to be. Or not be. Haha.

  2. Beth, It was great to meet you in San Fransisco and I love the sound of your story. Your Morgan men sound to die for.

    Looking forward to reading the book.

  3. Sounds like your next books should be Third and Fourth Chances! I mean Bart and Aaron need love too!
    Welcome to the gang and good luck with your books!

  4. Hey Beth,
    Welcome to the family! We're happy to have you, and I am delighted to have yet another contemporary gal in the stable! Nice to meet you in San Fran. I'm curious too if there will be more books with the Morgans!

  5. Morning Beth,

    Welcome aboard! I'm as excited as Marie to add another contemporary writer to our group.

    Second Chances sounds wonderful.

  6. Hi all- Thanks for the warm welcomes. (See what I mean about the Sourcebooks family?) :-)
    Ah, the Morgan men... yes, if I get my way I'll do books for the other Morgan men. I already have my idea for Aaron's book... and once you read Second Chances you'll have a strong hint who the heroine will be!
    And Bart is too awesome to stay single so I have plans to work on his book down the road...
    Of course I thne have to convince Deb to buy the books... :-)

    Happy Friday all! I'm heading down to Baton Rogue today for the HeartLa Readers' Luncheon on Saturday. Come see me if you are in the area!
    Best, Beth C

  7. Hi Beth~

    Welcome! We're happy you joined us. I really enjoyed hearing about Second Chances and look forward to reading all about the Morgan men. They sound yummy!

    Robin :)

  8. Second Chances sounds wonderful and I can't wait to read it. :)

    My family lives in Destin, Florida so that makes it even more special. I love the area and was there this past weekend. It's a place you never want to leave. :) Now I'll be able to visit it again through your book.

  9. Beth

    This books sounds great I will be looking forward to its release.

    Have Fun

  10. And I'm so glad you're here, Beth!

    The Morgans sound great!


  11. Beth, your books sounds wonderful, heart-warming stuff - my favourite to read. Congratulations and hope it sells through the roof!


  12. Welcome, Beth! I'm so glad to be working with you :)

  13. Welcome, Beth! I think the heroines who give you a lot of attitude while you're writing them are the most fun of all:-) Your story sounds wonderful, can't wait to read it!