Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cat and Leo talk!

Hi there! This is Marla Elkhorn reporting. Due to popular demand, I’m interviewing Cat, the hero of Slave, and Leo, the hero of Warrior, this week.

Marla: Cat, Slave has been out since April, and is doing well, I’ve heard. How do you feel about Jacinth writing such an intimate account of your adventures?

Cat: (smiling wickedly) I enjoyed reading the book almost as much as I enjoyed living it.

Marla: Ahem, I think I know what you mean. . . There have been questions from some readers as to

your feelings since Slave was written purely from Jacinth’s point of view. Care to comment on that?

Cat: I believe that my feelings toward Jacinth were very . . . obvious.

Marla: Yes, being either naked or dressed in Statzeelian garb doesn’t give a guy much chance to hide his, um, reaction, does it?

Cat: (purring) No, it does not.

Marla: Y-You’re purring. Does that mean anything?

Cat: Only that you are making me think about the first time I was alone with my Jacinth.

Marla: And you . . . ?

Cat: I could not resist her. I knew she would be my mate from the very beginning.

Marla: Oh, surely not!

Leo: It was the same for me when I met Tisana. The attraction was immediate and complete.

Marla: But without the scent of a woman’s desire, you guys can’t, um, do it, can you?

Leo: (with a smirk) That has never been a problem where Jacinth and Tisana are concerned.

Cat: Unlike Zetithian females, Terran women smell good all the time.

Leo: To us, that is.

Marla: What about me? Are you getting anything?

Cat: (Smiling slyly) We both have mates.

Marla: No comment then?

Leo: I believe that would be wise. Jacinth carries a weapon at all times, and, as you know, my Tisana could blast you into oblivion with a fireball.

Marla: Um, yes, perhaps we should change the subject! So, tell me, how long have you two known each other?

Leo: Since before the war. We fought in the same unit and were captured together along with several others.

Marla: Have you been in contact with any of them?

Cat: Yes, but we will let them tell their own stories. Though I will say this: all of those sold into slavery have survived.

Marla: Think there’s any chance the Zetithian species can be saved?

Leo: We’re doing our very best to make that happen.

Marla: (dryly) I’ll just bet you are! And your offspring always look like you guys?

Cat: So far. And they are born in litters of three.

Marla: Always? You mean anyone having your children would have triplets?

Cat: So it would seem.

Marla: Great way to increase your numbers! Any danger that those who destroyed your planet in the first place might try to stop that from happening?

Leo: Yes, we have to be . . . cautious.

Marla: Zetith was destroyed by the Nedwuts—which is something Cat saw in a vision—but it’s been suggested that the Nedwuts aren’t smart enough to do something like that without help. Any idea who was ultimately responsible?

Cat: (Laughing) If we knew that, Jacinth would have hunted them down by now! As it is, she is very unforgiving when it comes to dealing with the Nedwuts!

Leo: As is Tisana. They both can be very fiercely protective.

Marla: (hastily) Well, then, I guess I shouldn’t spend any more time on this interview! Wouldn’t want them to get jealous or anything. . . . So, there you have it, Cat Star Chronicles fans, straight from the Zetithian’s mouths! If you want to know more, you’ll have to read the books! Warrior is due out in . . .?

Leo: October.

Cat: And Slave is available now.

Marla: And we’re out of time! Thanks for dropping by. If you have any questions for Cat or Leo, just post a comment, and they’ll respond as soon as possible!


  1. Cute interview, Cheryl! Looking forward to reading Warrior!!

  2. Always love to hear from your characters, Cheryl. But triplets every time? Wow!

  3. Yes, Christina! Triplets every time! I had to have SOME way to produce enough of them to save the species from extinction!

  4. Thanks Marie! Looking forward to your next book, too!

  5. Such sexy dudes. Two in one room, how did you keep from drooling. Good job they each have their own woman, or we might have had an outbreak of the Marla Cat Wars.

    Which might have made for an interesting spectator sport, nonetheless.

  6. A whole race of men who are so talented!! Makes me blush to think of it, but it also makes me wonder, with that kind of competition, if homo sapiens could go the way of Neanderthal.

  7. Mary Margret
    And that, my dear friend is the whole point! SOMEONE decided not to let that happen!

  8. The Marla Cat Wars? LOL, Michele! Sounds like a reality show just waiting to happen!