Friday, August 1, 2008

Romancing RWA San Francisco

By Michele Ann Young

Well here I am, in foggy San Fransisco. Not that I have seen much of the outdoors, there is so much to do. A writers paradise, you might say with workshops other writers and industry professionals.

It is great to see old friends and meet new ones or meet those we have met on line, but I must say we did spend Tuesday in Napa Valley tasting some wonderful California wines.

My first event was the Beaumonde/Hearts Through History workshops which took place all day yesterday. A plethora of information from ancient weapons to side saddles and surgery through the ages. Then of course the literacy signing, where editor Deb Werksman dropped by to say hello. And yes, that is me up there at the signing in my home made regency gown, all ready for the Beaumonde soiree where I danced Regency dances all night.

Lots of people dropped by to tell me that they loved my book and had it at home, which gave me a real thrill. Others came to buy them, and to admire my cover for The Lady Flees Her Lord, so I met some lovely new people. All in all, a very successful and enjoyable event.

And this is a picture of a ladies' pocket pistol from 1810. Just the sort of thing one of my heroines might carry in her reticule. So great to see it.

Okay so I'm one of those strange historical authors. I also took pictures of saddles and rifles and gathered a whole lot of information for my books, which I will post on my regency rambles blog when I get back.

Lots more RWA to go, and since I don't want to miss a minute, I'll stop here.

Now I'm off to workshops.


  1. Look forward to meeting you at dinner tonight, Michele. Glad the signing went well. I hope to be signing next year!

  2. You have to dress up??? Wonder what I'd have to wear...Scary thought! Sounds like you're having fun.

  3. Hey, Michele! Thanks for this up-to-the-minute report and for the pictures. You look radiant, by the way. Have a fabulous time and say hey to all our wonderful authors for me.