Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Little Bit More About RWA...

by Danielle Jackson

Well, is there anything more to say about RWA? I know the blog has been quiet the past week or so, and now it seems most posts are about the national conference (but thank you to everyone who blogged while we were gone, and to those that blogged from the conference itself!). But I think we are all so excited to share the fun we had!

It being my first conference, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I had no idea how NICE everyone would be--you'd think at a place where not only a bunch of women were hanging out together, but women who technically are in competition with one another, it would be an estrogen overload and complete mayhem!

But I was pleasantly surprised--it was a support group for romance writers! A place where information, advice and stories were shared willingly and abundantly. What a great organization full of people who all know what the other is going through. I met so many amazing women--especially the Casablanca Authors that were able to attend!

One of the highlights of the trip for me was the Literacy Signing. I stood in line to have a book signed by Nora Roberts for my mom, but couldn't help having my picture taken with her :)

Between workshops about promotions, marketing and publicity (my notes will make up future blog posts to share the awesome info I learned as the Fall Season gets underway), meeting reviewers and editors, and having chats with you lovely ladies, the perfect ending to the weekend was the author dinner on Friday and the Sourcebooks Spotlight on Saturday Morning!

The author dinner was graciously hosted by our publisher Dominique Raccah and our editor Deb Werksman at a great Vietnamese restaurant, Ana Mandara. We had a blast sharing stories, brainstorming ideas for next year's conference in DC and eating delicious food! And of course, here's a group photo (and I know there are more out there--please send them to me, so one can be posted on!):

I've already got a million ideas about the things I've learned, and all the hopes I heard from the authors that were there, so trust me, a lot is going to happen over the next year! I hope next year in Washington DC to see more of you, and to continue to grow with Sourcebooks Casablanca!

My next few blog posts will focus on the presence of Romance on the Web, new PR/Marketing trends, and what we can all do to make the most of the limitless resource that is the internet. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on some of the things I found out, and some ongoing research I've been doing since I started working with all of you!


  1. I unfortunately couldn't get to San Fran this year owing to deadlines and edits on two books I have coming out this spring. So, your post this morning was very timely. I'm looking forward to coming back to learn about the new, innovative marketing tools you hinted at. That's always a daunting prospect to me, how to market a book to reach the readers who enjoy that genre, and to the would be readers who don't yet know what they're missing!

    I'm a lurker on your blog for some time now. Michele Ann Young brought me to Casablanca with her fabulous book No Regrets (I have a weakness for plus size heroines as I'm on the curvy side myself! lol!). She may or may not remember me wandering by her table at the RT signing. I was the one asking about future books.

    When I read No Regrets, I was hooked. I was also impressed by the quality of editorial.

    As an aside, on my pre-order list is Romeo Romeo, The Lady Flees Her Lord and Line of Scrimmage. I know nothing about football, but that hot bod on the cover is all I need to know!

    Best of luck to you all, and I'll be coming back to read up on those marketing tips.

    Addicted~Harlequin Spice Feb 09
    HotIn Here~as Sophie Renwick NAL June09

  2. Hi Danielle~

    Great post. I can't wait to read all the others you have planned. Now I'm kicking myself for not majoring in Marketing in college.

    Sitting next to you at dinner was a blast. I'm looking forward to digging in and getting to work on promotions.

    Robin :)

  3. Danielle! OMG, you're so young! No wonder you have so much energy! Nora looks quite exhausted compared with you.
    Funny you should mention that being in competition thing--I was at B&N yesterday and did the same thing I always do, which is to make sure all my Sourcebooks sister's books are on the shelf with the cover facing out! And I bought a copy of Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife. Guess we figure that, sink or swim, we're all in this boat together.

  4. For several years after I got serious about writing romance, I dragged my feet about joining RWA. Frankly, I had seen how cutthroat writers can be.

    Then I heard a story on NPR about the RWA convention. The reporter gave us the usual facts about how successful the genre is etc. However, she claimed that the newsworthy angle on the story was the incredible truth that romance writers are kind and generous to eachother.

    The reporter walked away saying this was the kind of publishing industry SHE wanted to be part of.

    Me too.

  5. Hi Danielle,
    It was so great to meet you in person and brainstorm ideas for promotion. We so appreciate all you do for us!! I'm jealous that you got your photo taken with Nora. That will be a goal of mine next year--someone ought to warn Nora!

    Charlotte, I'm delighted Line of Scrimmage made your pre-order list! My husband is telling everyone the guy on the cover is him. LOL! What-EVER! He's buff but not THAT buff

    I also agree with what everyone has said about the amazing generosity among the RWA members. I was late to the party as well, since LOS was the 7th book I wrote. I got a few hairy eyeballs in SF when I was sporting my FIRST TIMER and FIRST SALE ribbons. I wanted to say, "I paid my dues! I swear I did!" :)

  6. Great post, Danielle!

    I'm looking forward to MORE MORE MORE! I know I speak for my Casa Sisters when I say how much we appreciate ALL you are doing for us and the enthusiasm you bring to getting the word out about our books! I must admit to feeling a little smug when talking to other writers and saying, "MY publicist!"

    Charlotte, so glad you came out of lurk mode! Thanx for joining us on the blog.


  7. I will confess, Danielle, that when I first saw you heading my way I was thinking something along the lines of, "THIS is my publicist? She is 15! What gives!!!" But within some 30 seconds after sitting down I was only thinking how wonderful you were as a person and how obviously on-top-of-the-game you were as a publicist. Savvy, yes indeed! I LOVE the enthusiasm and know I will need that youthful vim and vigor in the months (and hopefully years) ahead of me. :)

    Cindy, I know EXACTLY what you mean about saying 'my publicist' and so on. It felt so pretentious for a long while, but now I toss around the 'my editor' and 'my publisher' happily! Gotta say it is mega-cool!

  8. You Ladies all look as if you had so much fun but I am sure that you all work very hard to be where you are and deserve all the accolades.

    As a reader I love hearing about new authors and new books because one can never have too many books to read LOL

    Have Fun

  9. Hard to add anything to what people have said, Danielle. Great post.

    Charlotte, thanks so much for your kind words about No Regrets and The Lady Flees Her Lord. Of course I remember you coming up to me RT. That was a great day too, my first
    and I had no books left when the lights went out.

    On the publicity side, me and four of my American Title sisters gave a workshop on "publicity before you sell" at Nationals. We based it on our American Title 2 experience and it seemed to get a good reception.

    Looking forward to your information for book that are out, Danielle.

  10. Danielle, thanks for sharing your RWA adventure with us. So cool that you got to meet Nora Roberts! I'm actually reading one of hers right now, in addition to one of our own Linda Wisdom's, and enjoying both a lot. Surreal!

  11. What a great welcome into the Sourcebooks Casablanca family I received at National! And, Danielle, I was taking just as many notes as you - talk about a wealth of information!

  12. Hi Everyone!
    Sorry this is so late--but thanks for your kind workds!! RWA was amazing... and I just want to welcome Charlotte who joins us from lurkerdom!