Friday, June 20, 2008

The Bachelor Auction Part XVI

posted by Aunty Cindy aka Loucinda McGary

Agent Smith extended his hand to David. “You can go back to your regular duties with the Texas state police, Officer Delany. But rest assured that your undercover work in helping us with this case will be duly noted.” He shook David’s hand and then Speedy’s. “As will yours, Officer Gonzalez. We’d have never cracked this case without your assistance."

“But do we still get to be part of the auction?” Speedy asked, waggling his dark brows in Lauri Gruber’s direction.

“We’re on duty, Speed,” David admonished, but with an unmistakably apologetic look in my direction.

“You’re always such a killjoy, D.D.” Speedy grumbled. “But at least I got to dress like a NASCAR driver. This undercover work is cool!”

“About the four thousand dollars?” the mayor ventured again.

“Sorry sir,” said one of the other agents, whom I realized was dressed as a policeman and had intervened in the fight moments earlier. “But all Mrs. Martinelli’s assets are temporarily frozen, by order of the IRS.”

“That would be me,” chimed in the Highlander, pulling an ID badge from his sporran. “Special agent Robert McCrory, IRS. However, I am staying for the remainder of the auction.” He looked directly at me, green eyes twinkling, as he replaced his badge.


Icy fear raced down my spine as McCrory turned a narrow eyed glare at Rick aka Captain Jack. “There are certain other businesses in town that may require my attention.”

Twitching with terror, or maybe he was still into his Captain Jack persona, Rick backed timidly into line with the other bachelors, while the mayor looked crestfallen.

As the three FBI agents hustled a subdued Candy away, Calvin Seersucker stepped forward, his black cape swirling behind his shoulders. “I’ll gladly donate the four thousand, Mr. Mayor. As long as I’m the next bachelor who goes up for bid.”

The mayor’s jaw dropped and mine did too.

Four thousand??? Calvin?!?!

Calvin tilted his head and smiled like the cat who’d just finished off the canary. “It hasn’t been made public yet, but I recently completed negotiations for the sale of my private internet social network Space World to MacroGross for one point four million.” He swept a half-bow in McCrory’s direction, “After taxes.”


  1. It's neat the way you've put some layers under the story. For me, the story went from being amusing (which it has been--VERY)to amusing and interesting. I can't define exactly what I mean by 'interesting,'but I do feel a qualitative difference.

    I love to study writing craft. Does anyone else feel a difference in the story or is it just me?

  2. LOL, this is just sooo good. This needs to be in a Casablanca anthology, ladies!!! Really a great story, so many twists and turns, yet it all melds into one! Loving it!

  3. Thanx Mary Margret,

    Yeah, I think I get what you mean about qualitative difference. We have one story line about our heroine participating in a charity auction, but we also have some underlying things. Echoes of growing up in this small town with friend turned arch nemesis Candy, first love David, and geeky friend Calvin, and how each made different choices with their lives. Then there's the rivalry between Candy and our heroine -- clearly a case of good vs. evil! LOL! All those fantasy bachelors definitely represent dreams and desires of our heroine and others in the story. And of course, the mystery of Candy's dead husband and how so many characters are not who they appear to be...

    We did all this without even planning in advance! Are we good, or what?!?! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Anyone else care to make some observations? Tie this story in with the recurring themes in your own work?


  4. An anthology? Great idea, Terry!

    Well, the very least we can do is put all the parts together and offer it here and on our websites to anyone who wants to read it at a single sitting. :-)

  5. Holy Aunt Cindy,

    This took off down a path I never expected.

    Can't wait to find out what happens next.


  6. This is AWESOME. I agree with you all about how this story has taken some very interesting turns but still works. Really great work, ladies. You amaze me with your creativity!

  7. I've been hoping we would put it in a downloadable word file for readers when it is finished. Amazing twists today, Aunty. Love it, and I love, as you said, that none of it was planned. Excellent layers to the story!

  8. Way to go Aunt Cindy! YAAAAAAAAYYYYY Calvin!

  9. Thanx Michele!
    Actually, I think Christina and I were on the same wave link coz I was thinking that Candy should get busted by the FBI... GREAT MINDS!

    As for the IRS, who isn't afraid of them?!?! I mean THEY are the ones who brought down Al Capone and made it stick. And who better to work for the IRS than a thrifty Scotsman?

  10. AWWWW shucks, Danielle!
    This is what we do, let our imaginations run wild. :-) And a VERY BIG THANX to you for swapping out days with me so I could post my contribution today. This story has been so much fun to read and write.

  11. Thanx Marie, and I don't think we could have planned anything half so complex and surprising. :-) Things really have built so nicely.

    And yup, I'm another Calvin fan! So Cheryl, you are up next and I can't wait to see what happens!

  12. Holy cow, it was all a setup! I just knew there was an inexplicable number of hunky guys in that room! Now it all makes sense! This was a great fun installment.


  13. This absolutely rocks!!! You guys are hilarious!!!!
    Thank you for such a great story!!!

  14. Cindy, this installment ROCKS. I love how you've pulled so many of the bachelors into a massive undercover sting operation! And their hotness could almost make a girl want to go into law enforcement. Also, who knew the IRS could be so sexy?

    Somehow, I just knew that Calvin was a secret millionaire...

    Way to go, Cindy!