Monday, June 2, 2008

Bachelor Auction - Part II

Mother popped up behind the counter. Her newly frizzed gray hair, fire-engine-red lipstick and a waft of lavender proclaimed she was “going out.”

“Late as usual,” she muttered trotting around the cash desk. She grabbed my arm with red talons and hauled me toward the back exit, the entrance to the Prairie Dog hotel.

The site of the auction.

“I’m not going.” I dragged my feet.

“I did the flowers,” she said. “I need your help.”

There was that long e sound. Like the sound of a baby crying for its mother. It hit me in the gut.

She turned the knob of the baize lined door and pulled me into the burgundy plush of the hotel ballroom lobby.

At the door, broad shoulders filling out his pearl-gray waistcoat and black jacket stood Mr. Darcy, back from the past. He beckoned. Blinded by his white ruffled shirt and cravat, I blinked, then couldn't resist a long slow look at a pair of superb thighs encased tight buckskin breeches which ended in a pair of shiny Hessians.

“What?” I croaked. "Who?"

“Fantasy men,” Mother said. “He’s umm,” she gazed at the program. “Regency. There’s Fireman, Star Trek—”

“Whoa.” I raised a hand. “You made them dress up? There are more like this?”

Regency-man’s cheek dimpled with his smile. He bowed. “Come in, sweet lady.” His voice hit my chest like brandy and warm honey on a cold night. “Buy me. I’m David.”

My insides turned to liquid. “Oh boy,” I murmured to Mother. “You sure know how to hit a girl where it hurts.”

She handed me my ticket. Salivating I held it out.

Michele Ann Young
No Regrets


  1. What a great idea for getting different types of characters into the story! Dibs on the Star Trek guy!
    Of course, I've always wanted to get my hands on Mr. Darcy too....

  2. Sounds like a buffet of beefcake. Yum!

  3. Cheryl, take your pick. :) But be sure to have your check book handy.

    Malena, Enjoy!

  4. I think a bachelor auction is the perfect way to let everyone write in their own way--I'm a little sad that I'm going to interrupt the story! But I have plans for a fun post. Great post, Michele!

  5. Super post, Michele! I love how you've taken it and run with it. I love how you added the costume party into the scheme of things! This is so much fun!!!

    Can't wait to see what happens next.

    Look forward to your post also, Danielle! Not an interruption, but it just leaves our story at a longer cliff hanger. :)
    :) Terry

  6. WTG, Michele!

    We are rolling now! Can I please have Eric Bana dressed in his costume from Troy?!?!?! OOOO LA LA!!!

    Don't worry, Danielle. I agree with Terry, a small break will just build up more anticipation for the next installment!


  7. How fun! I went back and read Part I and was equally enchanted. A terrific twist with Mr. Darcy that just ramped up the humorous tone.

    I'm going to keep coming back. It's a hoot!

  8. Glad you are enjoying it, I know I had fun. But then writing is fun and I get to play all day!

    Love those Troy costumes, Cindy, lots of abs on display, and did we figure out what they wore under the skirt-kilt-whatever thingy? Wonder if I could get one of those into a Regency . Ah yes. The old masquerade ball. I must keep it in mind. lol

  9. This is fun I want the Regency guy Mr Darcy

    Have Fun

  10. Fun, fun, fun ladies!! I have seen the future (LOL) and the story keeps getting better!

  11. Helen,
    Hmm, maybe I'll share :)

  12. I love where this is heading. There are going to be a whole lotta bachelors at this auction.


  13. Whole lotta bachelors? Does this mean she gets to keep more than one?

  14. If there are any shirtless Trojans to be had at this auction, I will happily fight all comers in a steel cage death match to get my paws on him. I warn you...I fight dirty!

    Loving the story!