Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Hotter ThanYour Mama's Book Club! by Sara Humphreys

Are you a romance e-book addict? Do you devour e-books like I can decimate a bag of Doritos?  Is your husband/boyfriend/mother/partner thrilled that you’ve got an e-reader because now the entire home isn’t buried in books?

Yes? Excellent. One more question for you.

How would you feel about paying $9.99 for a six month book club membership and get to pick one of four featured books every month?

But wait—if you don’t like any of the four featured novels, you can bank your monthly book and take two the next month. 

You also get up to 40% off of all of the titles in the online store.

You get access to all the online parties and events!

You also have the opportunity to help shape the future of romance by participating in “Romance Insider”, including focus groups, discussion panels and surveys!

Ladies, this is not your mama’s book club!

This month I’m one of the four featured authors along with Sharon Lathan, Julie Ann Walker, and Jayne Fressina.  We each have one of our novels featured the entire month of July and mine is  UNTOUCHED. 

Part of being a featured author is having an online party and mine is tonight!
I will be online live with Barbara Vey of Publisher's Weekly Beyond Her Book blog for an interactive Chat Party! Please plan to stop by and chat with me!
I'll be chatting, answering questions and giving away prizes!
I posted a Romance Roundup video blog about it as well--check it out!

I do hope you'll come by the party tonight. I have to admit that I worry I'll end up talking to myself.  Here's the party link!

See you tonight!
Dream on....


  1. I'm making a note to stop by, Sara! Have fun :-)

  2. Sounds great, Sara. Congrats on having your book chosen! I'll try to stop by.

  3. What fun...what fun! I've got a post it on the computer screen. Trust me, you will not hear crickets tonight!

  4. Have fun tonight, Sara! I already dropped by! Got to run to work!

  5. Hi Shana-Thanks and it would be great to "see" you there :)

  6. Thanks, Tracey! And thanks for tweeting too :)

  7. Hi Colleen-thanks a bunch and by the way, the pics of your grandson are just adorable! Such a cutie.

  8. Thanks, Carolyn! You read my mind! I'm worried that we'll throw this party and nobody will come. Glad to know I've got you gals in my corner.

  9. HI Terry--I saw your post! Thanks for all the support and I can' wait to read your jaguar series. Have fun at work.

  10. Great job, Sara! If I hadn't already signed up, I would do so immediately.

  11. I'll try to be there tonight, Sara!

  12. Thanks for coming by, Ash! And to the other Casababes who made it as well :) Much appreciated!

  13. Not Your Mama's Book Club... that about says it! Congrats on featured author status, and thanks for the run down of benefits--which are impressive!

  14. Sorry I missed it, Sara! I had to work Tuesday night. Hope everyone had a great time.