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THANK YOU, DEAR READER by Kathryne Kennedy

This is the month where we all count our blessings, and although I have many things to be grateful for, I would like to pay homage to those at the top of my list: my readers. I have the best in the world. They reach out to me in so many ways, and make writing a much more rewarding experience for me. There's something special about romance readers in general. They are an incredibly loyal group of people, dedicated to particular stories and authors. So I put together a list of characteristics that I've observed over my years of writing that they seem to share as a group:

You know you’re an avid romance reader if…

Walking into a room covered in flowers and candles makes you weak in your knees.

You have sex more often with your partner (I can’t recall the percentage, but it’s been documented that women who read romances have more encounters than those who don’t.)

The sight of the New Romance Releases shelf in the bookstore makes your heart pitter-patter.

Your library card is frayed about the edges, worn in the middle, and frequently needs to be replaced.

You have a tender heart (you wouldn’t be reading romances otherwise).

You start to write your own books. (There can never be too many.)

You start a blog where you share your love of romance books, because you are too excited to keep your thoughts on the books you’ve read only limited to just close family and friends.

You recoil at the phrase, ‘bodice-rippers’, because romances have evolved so beyond that archaic term, that whoever uses it obviously hasn’t read any.

Even if you haven’t read all the classics yet, you recognize the names: Austen, Heyer, Bronte…and you’re itching to add to this list.

Moonlight is for stolen kisses, a quiet pond is for a boat for two, a rainstorm is for taking shelter in a gazebo, a tree-lined path is for walking hand-in-hand, satin sheets are for…well you know.

You love animals. Not sure why this is a general trait…I think it has something to do with the tender heart.

You firmly believe that without love, life isn’t worth living.

Chocolate is high on your list of favorite foods.

As long as they have a good heart, you remain fond of men, even when they are behaving badly.

You are kind to authors, and other romance readers, because you know that they share your passion.

Of course, the only reason I could put this list together is because I’m an avid romance reader myself. It takes one to know one. :} If you would like to add to my list, please feel free to share!

Wishing my Fellow Romance Readers all of my Best! And a very big thank you to all my special readers!


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  1. We certainly couldn't do this without our readers! Love them all!

  2. Years ago, we had a critique partner who thought romance was stupid, so she knew it would be easy to write. :) She tore our stupid romances apart and she wouldn't read published romance because it was all so much garbage. But she could write it because it was simple to do and because it sells the best. Hmmm.....she didn't last long at writing romance. She learned the truth. You have to love it, not disparage it, feel the love in your heart.

    Writing romance=loving romance. Reading it. Not getting enough of it. Even with working full time and looming deadlines, and promoting and editing, I HAVE to read (or listen to audio books) every spare moment I can! They take me out of the typical world of my every day life into something much more intriguing and best of all romantic!

  3. Kathryne, you nailed it! I read romance for forty years before I started writing it, and I'll read it for another forty years, God willing. And Terry, your comment is dead on, too: It's about the love.

  4. I can't imagine a world without reading or readers!
    I can't remember when I didn't read romance or want to write it. It's not a job, it's a way of life.

  5. Awesome list, Kathryne! I can so relate. Let's not forget the readers who brave rainstorms and snow up to their knees to get to a book signing, because they want to meet a favorite author. (grins)

  6. Romance Readers Rock--how can we help but love them? I came to romance late--I read my first romance almost 12 years ago and never looked back.

  7. I am a hopeless romantic and love it! Thankfully my husband does,too!
    Great list!

  8. Where would us readers be without you guys!!I read a variety of books but when I need something that I know I will like - I always go back to my romances.

  9. Hey, I'm excited to be a romance reader, especially after looking at this list. We're pretty cool!

  10. I only started writing romances because I so much enjoyed reading them. I still consider myself a reader first!

  11. I apologize for the late response. My internet was down. :{

    Hi Cheryl! So true!

    Hi Terry. My goodness. I guess I'm pretty lucky. My husband tried to write a book years he knows how hard it is. I get a lot of support from him. :} And yes, I agree wholeheartedly with you about loving what you write.

    Hi Grace! My pleasure. :}

    Hi Carolyn! Neither can I. :}

    Hi Ashlyn! How wonderful that you had readers do that for you. Truly dedicated. :}

    Hi Robin! Love those three R's!

    Thank you much, Amelia!

    Hi Catslady! It's a mutual admiration. :}

    Hi Shana! That we are. :}

    Hi Amanda! Well said!

  12. i think reader should say thanks a lot to the author for their great tallent in writing a great novel too ;)


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