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Are you Superstitious?

It’s Friday the 13th. Do you pay any attention to that? I don’t so much. I’m not very superstitious. No wariness of ladders, cracked mirrors, and certainly not black cats. I had a lovely black cat for many years, and he was definitely not bad luck. A “good buddy” kind of pet, he liked to lie on his back and sprawl.
His favorite winter perch was a folded towel on top of the radiator. That’s how I think of him now he’s gone, curled up on that warm spot, observing life.
I did knock over and break a full-length mirror once, but the only bad luck I noticed was the need to hunt down all the shards of glass. Have you ever thought that the Lady of Shalott was kind of wimpy? “My doom has come upon me” etc. One Pre-Raphaelite painting seems to show her all tangled up in her weaving.
I don’t worry about spilling salt, crossed fingers, and so on. I will admit that I try to blow out all the candles on the birthday cake. How else am I going to get my wish? : )

Do you have any persistent superstitions?