Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Isn't It Romantic?

Just back from a weekend getaway with my husband to New York City. We stayed at the Algonquin, my favorite New York hotel, saw a few shows, had some great meals, and good times. And this happened...
Bryant Park!
Kinky Boots
Groundhog Day
We stopped into the St. Regis for a drink because it was very hot and sunny on Fifth Avenue when we were on the window shopping portion of our trip (window shopping is much more affordable than actual shopping, and almost as fun). There we were, in the famous Old King Cole bar sipping our fancy drinks, sharing laughs, and my husband gave me that look. The look of love?

Great art (Maxfield Parrish), creepy kids. 
I thought so. We've been married for going on 27 years. You would think I know the look. Sure, we're older. Sometimes the look is more just "thank goodness we don't have to try so hard." But this? This was an actual look. I felt all tingly. Maybe we should head back to our hotel? 

And he turned to me and said the words no woman ever expects to hear. "Honey, that chair you're in? I think it's exactly where Anne Hathaway was standing in that scene from The Devil Wears Prada."

Ohhh. His look was not awe for me and all the years we shared. It was awe to be in the bar featured in one of his favorite movies, thanks to one of his favorite actors (Anne Hathaway). I had no idea. Did not recognize the place. Vaguely remembered the scene. It might have been a disappointing moment, but I bounced back. 

"And that means Simon Baker sat right where you are." Ha!

After that, we had a fabulous dinner and I forgave him. The man likes a good chick flick. How could I not love him? 

Does your Significant Other still manage to surprise you? What's your favorite big city? 


  1. He still surprises me.

    Because I've been there the most in my life, I love Philadelphia.


    1. I've only been there once but I do mean to go back, great city!