Thursday, January 5, 2017

Release Day!

Lord Sebastian’s Secret, book three of my Duke’s Sons series, was released January 3. Sebastian is a favorite of mine, and I was happy to see some reviewers agree. RT Books Reviews called the book “a delightfully funny romance filled with sensuality, compassion and love.” Night Owl Reviews said, “I adored each and every character in this story as everyone practically jumps right off the page. … I loved that this story had so many delightful twists and turns and that it left me with a gigantic smile on my face. I just know this is one I will reread again and again.”
One of Sebastian’s most endearing traits, to me, is his delight at having won a clever woman for his bride. Here’s what he has to say about that:

“It seems you’re getting a strong-minded wife,” Randolph said.
“What?” Sebastian looked up. Randolph was examining him curiously. Had he given himself away somehow?
“Do you mind?”
“Mind what?” As he often did, he’d missed something. He had no idea what his brother was talking about.
“That Georgina is, um, such a spirited debater.”
“Of course not.” Sebastian was surprised at the question. “Why should I?”
“Well, I suppose because she’s likely to turn her skills on you at some point. And a woman who can outtalk a Stane is…well, rather formidable.”
The word skills made Sebastian think of something quite different. An intensely tactile memory flashed through him, of Georgina’s legs wrapped around his ribs as they kissed. He turned away from his brother to hide a flush. “If she does, I expect I’ll have deserved it. She’s far cleverer than I.”
Randolph blinked. “You…ah…you noticed?” He coughed. “That is, do you think so?”
Sebastian snorted. “I wager everyone thinks so.”
“Yes, but… I mean, no.”
“Did you think I was too stupid to realize it?” he asked bitterly.
“I do not think you stupid.”
But Sebastian had no patience, in this moment, for kindly meant lies. “Why shouldn’t Georgina speak her mind?” he asked, returning to his brother’s original question. “Imagine what Mama would have done if someone had forbidden her marriage.”
“That’s rather difficult to picture. Papa is a duke, after all.”
“Something else she wanted then.”
Randolph considered this for several moments. “Ah. I see what you mean. A different style, of course, but equally forceful.”
“Exactly.” In fact, Sebastian admired Georgina’s strength of mind immensely. He’d said so, hadn’t he?
Silence fell. Sebastian didn’t really notice. He was pondering the unfairness of life. He should be happy right now. As far as anyone else knew, all the unexpected obstacles had been cleared from his path. But, oh no, he’d had to create more of his own. He kicked the ottoman again.
“What’s the matter then?” Randolph said.
“Nothing. You should go along and…do something else.”
“I want to help you, to mend matters.”
“So your job’s done then.”
“But the thing is, Sebastian, you don’t seem to think so.”
Evading his brother’s steady gaze, Sebastian tried for a light tone, and thought he achieved a remarkable result under the circumstances. “I’m tip-top, Randolph.”
And still his brother didn’t go. “There’s no need to hang about watching me as if I was a raree-show.”

Sebastian is definitely worth watching. I hope you’ll give him a look.

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