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Refilling the Well

You might think that Casablanca Authors write all day, every day to give readers more top notch books to read, and because we love it. And we do! But sometimes, we need some down time to refill the well, so to speak. To find new inspiration. What do we do then?

We read, and we watch movies or shows. I just went to see Gone Girl and was delighted to find the movie as good as the book (well, pretty darn close, anyway). Yes, I loved Gone Girl. Two twisted leads, not knowing quite who to cheer on. I admire the way Gillian Flynn made me want to keep reading even when I didn't like any of the characters all that much. Well played, Flynn. And how can we keep writing great books if we don't take the time to read great books? There's nothing quite as inspiring as reading a well-written book. Reading, my favorite way to spend an afternoon. Or an evening. Or a week. Or... yes, I love reading.

We listen to music. Every book I write seems to start with an inspiring soundtrack. My Edwardian romance Thornbrook Park was driven by the White Stripes Seven Nation Army, believe it or not. The relentless beat helped me to craft the unstoppable hero, Marcus Thorne. I also love the Dream Academy for setting a mood. Do you remember the museum scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? The Dream Academy's cover of the Smith's Please Please Let Me Get What I Want played in the background. What worked for John Hughes also works for me.

We go to writer's conferences and reader events! A great mix of fun and business. The truth is that we love meeting readers, because we are readers too. We know what it's like to meet an author we really love, and to read a book that gets us excited, and to try to keep calm and act natural in front of a beloved author when we just want to gush and sigh in admiration. My most recent brush with fame? I met Susan Mallery and Mariah Stewart at a New Jersey Romance Writers Conference. Just try to keep calm after meeting one of your favorite authors! Not easy.

And we love talking to other writers, because no one understands us quite like our colleagues. I watched my friend Dee Davis get inducted into the NJRW Hall of Fame, which was pretty darn cool. We started writing in the same year and Dee is one of my best friends for over 15 years now. Along with Julia London and Julie Kenner. And... well, I could name drop all night. I have a lot of author friends (one of the perks of being an author-- as long as you don't get caught in the trap of comparing careers).

We travel! Which probably goes hand in hand with going to writers/readers conferences. As you read this, I am on my way to St. Petersburg FL for, yes, another conference. A week of staying at the beach, brainstorming with other authors, discussing industry news... did I mention the beach? By the time I get back, I should be ready to write a bestseller! Hey, I can hope.

My sincere thanks to all of you who gave Thornbrook Park a chance, and who plan to read An Affair Downstairs (A Thornbrook Park romance), too. And to my fellow Casablanca Authors! We're a very supportive bunch, and it warms my heart. Kindle and Nook

What do you do to refill your well? Your favorite books, movies, music, travel experiences? 


  1. Love the post, Sherri! Yes, it's important to drag myself from the computer and get out into the world once in a while. I go to the mall. I hate the mall, but I love to people watch.

  2. I have a small child, so I am dragged from work whether I want to be or not. The park, the zoo, ballet, gymnastics, swimming, choir...I actually want to stay home!

    1. I think that leads to overfilling the well. I remember those days, but mine are all grown up! (yay!)

  3. Sigh. I just wish I could write all day, every day.

  4. Hey are any other Casa authors coming here to NINC?

  5. I love going to the movies too Sherri...I still haven't seen Gone Girl but it is on my list. I loved the book. I am not sure about NINC, but I am all about refilling the well :)


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