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I’m sharing some sultry excerpt teasers from the RELICS OF MERLIN series for our ‘hot’ theme on the Casablanca blog this month! The series takes place in a magical Victorian London, where titles are based on magical ability, and shape-shifters are lowly baronets with an immunity to magic that the upper aristocracy fears, and a gift for hunting Merlin’s enchanted relics. Although the books stand alone, I’m showing them in the order they were written. I’m starting with ENCHANTING THE LADY, which Sourcebooks will be re-releasing next month with a fabulous new cover:

   His full lips curved in a smile, the tips of his incisors showing at the corners. His eyes roamed her face, as if suddenly freed of some restraint. “You laugh at my jokes,” he whispered. “You defend my kind to your aunt and uncle’s friends. When my temper flares, you soothe it with a look. When I’m sunk in gloomy thoughts, you tease me until they fade. How can I resist you? How much longer can I fight the impulses of my lion-self?”
   His mouth drew closer to her own. Heaven help her, but her lips ached to be touched by his. “Why must you fight it?”
   “Don’t you know what would happen if I gave in? Shall I give you a glimpse, Felicity? Just a taste of what would happen if I allowed myself to make love to you?”
   Felicity only knew for certain that she wanted him to kiss her the way he had in her dreams. That she wanted his hands on her, making her body feel all of those frightening, exhilarating things.
   Her reply flew from her lips like a sigh. “Oh, yes.”

An excerpt from DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT, re-releasing in 2013 with another fabulous new cover. My hero is a were-stallion, and my heroine bumbled a spell and created a twin of herself who has no sense of propriety whatsoever, and gets her into all sorts of delicious trouble.

   Sterling’s resolved crumbled.  He guided her to the bed and hastily removed the rest of his clothes.   
   Jaz lay there and watched him with ferocious intensity. She licked her lips when he stood naked before her, not a hint of shyness in her face.
   Sanity returned to him for a moment.  What did he think he was doing?  A gentleman didn’t tumble with an aristocrat’s daughter without paying the consequences...
   “Take off my clothes,” she demanded, her voice so husky it made him moan.  “The same way you took off yours.”
   Damn him if he would disobey that order.

The third book in the series, ENCHANTING THE BEAST, features a were-wolf, Sir Nicodemus Wulfson, who lives in a haunted castle, and Philomena Radcliff, the spinster ghost-hunter who releases more than just a few spirits.

   “Phil,” he rumbled.
   “Where did you learn the things you did to me?”
   “What things?”
   Nico felt surprised that his wolf hadn’t risen in response to his frustration. And then he realized he hadn’t felt the nature of his beast since she’d… “The things with your fingers and lips and tongue.”
   He felt her shrug. “Oh. That.”
   “Yes, that.”
   She spread her fingers through the hair on his chest, exploring the contours of his muscles. “It’s my house in London, you see. It used to be a brothel.”
   Nico groaned. “And I suppose it’s haunted?”
   “Yes.” Her fingers swirled the fine hair around his nipples. “In the past few years, a certain ghost named Fanny has appeared quite regularly.”

 I wrote a brand new fourth book in the series, EVERLASTING ENCHANTMENT, about a knight trapped in a relic for centuries, and the were-panther who must find her heart in order to release him. Scheduled for release in 2013, this excerpt is from the unedited manuscript still in production.

   He had wanted this woman before. Now it became a burning desire. “There’s freedom in loving too, my lady. Won’t you allow me to show you?”
   She froze and the air became charged between them. Gareth leaned forward to face her, moving slowly, not wanting to frighten either the lady or her beast. But there was no fear in her eyes when he locked gazes with her. Just confusion, and doubt.
   “It’s true,” he assured her, leaning closer, his lips but a breath away from her own. “Freedom…and joy.” He tilted his head and pressed his mouth against hers. She tasted salty sweet and unlike any other woman he had known before. Her lips felt warm and soft—but completely still, as if she feared to move.
   Gareth pulled slightly away from her, studying the sweep of her brow, the cat-shape of her eyes, the golden depths within. “Breathe, my lady.”

I hope you enjoyed these glimpses into my magical worlds of passion and wonder! Do you have a favorite hot teaser you would like to share? It’s already over 110 degrees here in Arizona…might as well turn up the heat!

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