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Conflict! Conflict! Conflict! and Happy Hookers in New Orleans!

As in workshops! Yep, I'll be driving to New Orleans today so hope that this posts and doesn't do like it sometimes does and the scheduled post turns into a draft and doesn't publish. Horrors. Okay, so HOW did I come up with the title for my hooky workshop?

An author was telling us the story about how her pre-schooler was helping hang Christmas ornaments on the tree with momma and daddy. She exclaimed, "We're happy hookers!"

Gotta love kids and their priceless expressions.

I loved the notion and it gave me the whole idea for the workshop. :) One author's husband wanted to take the class. Not to learn to write, but just because he loved the title. You see? It hooked! :) When I was asked what I was teaching in New Orleans, both by patrons and coworkers, I said, "Happy Hookers!"

Lots of surprised looks and laughs. "Hooking, you know, as in writing."

It's already March 1, the leaves are coming out on the trees, we've had 97 degrees and a high of 60, and 45 degrees in three days. My daffodils are popping up all over the place. It's that time of year when who knows what to wear when we wake up to start our day! But the real shocker is how did it come to be March already? Does anyone else wonder this???

A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing is due out now, and the jaguars are coming! Since fans have called my wolf series the Heart of the Wolf series, and I had one ask what the jaguar series will be called, Deb said, "We'll call it the Heart of the Jaguar series." And there you have it. From the editor's mouth.

But also, the new Highland book featuring Duncan from Heart of the Highland Wolf is coming, and here he is being his fearsome self. :)  He actually fights pirates on a pirate excursion in the Grand Cayman Islands. I took that cruise and thought how much fun it would be to have a real Highland warrior showing the pirate actors how it's done. :) I would have liked to have revisited the place and taken a Highlander with me just to make the whole experience a lot more real.

And here's the jaguar in action, Connor Anderson, who looks like he's about ready to shift.
I want you to know that's why the cameraman is standing SOOO far away. You see, jaguars are territorial. Can't wait to show the before and after pictures! I will say the setting was in the Amazon, and I really didn't feel the same way about meeting with a jaguar there. I'm afraid I'd much more opt for the Grand Cayman Island visit!

I'll be at a book signing in New Orleans also from 9-11 on Sunday, Mar 4, so if you live around there, stop by and say hi! We'll be at the New Orleans Marriott at 555 Canal Street!

I'm going to try and find a book store and autograph books in Houston also while I stay with my daughter and son-in-law overnight on Sunday if we can. It depends on how late I get in.

She was asking if there ever is a conference in Houston, I could go to it and stay with them. Is there? Or maybe I can do a workshop for an RWA group. Poor kids. The only way they think I'm coming to see them is to offer a writing workshop or attend a conference nearby. I always autograph books whenever I visited my son when he was in Pensacola. Kind of like "Leroy was here."

I would love to do a grand tour, winding my way around the country, seeing all kinds of sites, dropping into book stores, autographing books and saying hi to fans. But my library job won't go along with it. *sigh*

They can be just plain ornery at times!

Ohmigosh how true is this???

Here an old man and his loving dog is pictured, but we could just as easily picture a SEAL-wolf and a she-wolf...and all that that entails! You know it's forever.

They mate for life, so yeah, they stick together forever and ever.

Remember to drop by at the various blogs on the tour and say hi!

And the Guest Blog Schedule for A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing for March

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(When the  Alpha's Away, the She-Wolf Will Play!)
3/2 Book Savvy Babe

3/3 Weekend No Blogs--Teaching Workshops New Orleans
3/4 No Blogs/book signing New Orleans

3/5 No Blogs

3/6 Rom Fan Reviews
3/7 Sia McKye’s Thoughts Over Coffee
3/8 Night Owl Reviews & Literal Addiction

3/9 Urban Girl Reader

3/10 Weekend
3/12 SOS Aloha
3/13 SciFiGuy
3/14 Sizzling Hot Books
3/15 Speculative Salon

3/16 Fresh Fiction & 7 Scribes
3/17 Weekend
3/19 Reading Between the Wines
3/20 Cindy Loves to Read
3/21 Open
3/22 Reviews by Molly
3/23 Book Boost
3/24 Weekend
3/26 Star-Crossed Romance
3/27 Open

3/28 Mrs Papillion's Bookworm Reviews 
3/29 Long and Short Reviews
3/30Paranormal Addicts

Wish me luck in finding my way to New Orleans!

Have a super fun day! I don't have to work at the vampire shift tonight at the library, woohoo!

Oh, and truly, I love my kids, so I'd visit them anyway, but if there was a conference that just happened to be going on where I might be able to present a workshop...

The other location is Omaha, Nebraska. That's where my son moved. Just saying. :)

So the question of the day is: Ever have a dog or cat or both that loved you more than anything in the world, that you could forget to feed, or ignore when they wanted to play, or step on their tails by accident and yet they will adore you unconditionally anyway?

Well, see? If that's the case, you'd fit right in with one of my wolves!

"Giving new meaning to the word alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


  1. I have had a lot of Personal Kittehs, though I'm fairly new to dogs. Current Beloved Pup is DeeDee Dawg, a 140 pound paperweight shaped like a bull mastiff. Alas, he is 13 years old, so I'm enjoying his company while the light lasts.

  2. Looks great, Terry! Congrats on the new release! Have fun in New Orleans!

  3. Happy Hookers! I'm still giggling. Would love to sit in on that workshop! We have two tom cats who rule the back yard...Boots Randolph (he has two more names, Terminator Outlaw, but they are more like titles than actual names) and Simon Chester, who is still trying to earn his titles. Congrat's on the new release!

  4. I have two guys - a big fella who loves me no matter what, and my little Jack Russell, who is a little more complicated. She's so tuned into my feelings that if I'm sick, she's sick. Literally. And if I'm upset, she's upset too. She's like a mirror for my emotions, so if I'm in a bad mood I have to find away to get over it or the little dog suffers! I know it's weird, but it's happened over and over, and the vet said she'd seen it before. I think we're both a little crazy, but I love that dog!

  5. Have fun in New Orleans, Terry! The book looks fab, and so does the cover model!

  6. So awesome! I can't wait to see how the photo shoot translates into the cover art! Congrats on the release.

  7. I've had many but two that stand out are one rescue dog, Shadow, who let my daughter learn to stand up by grabbing her fur and she was the most easy going dog ever and always right there and a cat, Ollie, who I raised with a babydoll bottle after he was covered in motor oil at 5 or 6 weeks. He too was always there and never backed down from anyone or anything but we had that special bond.

    Your book sounds wonderful and a gorgeous cover!

  8. Well, of course...although I loved my dog just as much in return. She has crossed Rainbow Bridge but still lives in my heart. Have fun in N'awlins and have a fresh beignet for me!

  9. Have a blast in NOLA! I'm going in April. I reposted this :)

  10. Hey, Grace, had both, lost all mine, so pet-less at the moment. It's so heartbreaking to lose them! Enjoy them while you can.

    Thanks, Cheryl!! We're looking at where to go to for breakfast in the French Quarter this morning! We're going on a vampire tour tonight. :)

    LOL, Carolyn. Yeah, my roommate was asking if it was all about sex and getting paid for it. LOL Your cats sound cute! :)

    Joanne, my manager has jack russells too! My standard poodle was my absolute shadow. :)

    Gotta run and eat! Be back a little later to comment some more!

  11. Thanks so much, Robin! Yeah, he's a hunk of a model all right. Perfect as Finn, the wolf. :)

    Just got back from having beignets at Cafe Du Monde and seeing fun stuff like voodoo powder for weight loss and the Hard Rock Cafe sign that said: No drugs or nuclear weapons allowed inside!

    Thanks, Shana! Yeah, it will be fun to see the before and after pictures.

    Catslady, with a name like that, I would have thought you'd have a lot of cats!!! That's neat about the rescue dog and the cat that you raised on a baby bottle! One of the ladies we had beignets with had a seeing eye dog. They are remarkable animals.

    I had 2 beignets, Elf, one for you and one for me. Isn't that generous of me!!! :) It's so hard losing a member of our family. I want another pet, and yet, don't want to go through that again. Still, they are loving.

    Thanks, Sara! You should have come now. We're having so much fun!! Going to visit a ghost bar later tonight!


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