Monday, July 4, 2011

Launch Party - In the Heat of the Bite

Before we get into our launch party… Happy Independence Day to all of our fellow Americans out there. (And happy Monday to everyone else.)

All right, now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Today we are super excited about this launch party. This is our 6th, in case anyone is keeping track, but how often do we get to gush about Knights in Shining Armor for a Regency set historical romance…? Well, when that Regency set historical romance has paranormal elements to it. Though now that we think about that, ALL of our Regency set historical romances have had paranormal elements to them. But we digress…

IN THE HEAT OF THE BITE was an enormously fun book to write. Our heroine first appeared on the pages of TALL, DARK and WOLFISH in April of 2010. Rhiannon Sinclair is a member of the revered Còig coven, as their weather-controlling witch. Her emotions are tied to the elements. So when she’s happy, there’s sunshine. When she’s said, there’s rain. AND when she’s angry… Zeus and Thor have nothing on her. (Both halves of Lydia Dare would LOVE to have that power. There are some people out there who could use a bolt of lightning to their hindquarters. The Jodie ½ has quite a list. If only Rhi would visit us in the 21st Century.)

But you don’t want to hear about Rhiannon, do you? (No offense to her or her descendants, as we’d like to keep our hindquarters safe from lightning bolts.)

However, her hero – Matthew Halkett, the Earl of Blodswell – is quite the interesting specimen and we’re certain Rhi would be fine with us extolling his virtues. Born in the 12th Century, Matthew (or Sir Matthew as he was known in those days) followed his King to the Holy Land and back during the 3rd Crusade. He was raised in the days of Robin Hood and that nasty Prince John. But before he returned to England with Richard the Lionheart, a slight mishap occurred during a battle and our poor Sir Matthew lost his life along with several of his brothers in armor. Well, kind of. AS he was dying a beautiful vampyre saved him from that death and gave him the gift of immortal life.

But Matthew was to be gifted again. After saving that generation’s Coig warrior witch, Matthew was bestowed three enchanted rings so that he might still walk in the sun along with the living. One ring he kept, one was given to his protégé James Maitland, Lord Kettering, in IT HAPPENED ONE BITE, and one… well, that book comes out in September. So stay tuned.

For years Matthew has lived among both the living and the undead. Chivalry might be a thing of the past, but not for a man who took his role of knight beyond the grave. As soon as we knew we were going to place a medieval knight into the Regency, we couldn’t wait to write his story. He is kind, thoughtful, and 650 years old at the time of the story. One of the things we love most about his is he is calm, cool, and collected. Having lived as long as he has, nothing rattles him. He’s seen it all. There’s no sense in getting worked up about things when you know life has a way of working everything out. And for more than 600 years, that was true for our charming knight turned earl… Until he stumbles upon a damsel in distress in the middle of a torrential rainstorm in the middle of Hyde Park.

...But Rhi isn’t just any damsel, and she’s not caught in the storm – she’s part of it.

We hope you’ll enjoy IN THE HEAT OF THE BITE as much as we do.

If you could take an iconic character-type from one century and place him/her in another – who would it be? And where would you put them?


  1. Congratulations on the launch of In The Heat of the Bite! You've got me hooked with the teaser. ;)

    It was so great to see the both of you at the Sourcebooks Signing. I have such a great pic of the both of you and will post on FB today.

    Hmmm...I'd bring an 11th Century Knight forward to the present-and did in my first book-a time travel that still sits under my bed. LOL!

  2. The ol' brain is currently too fried to answer the question, but Happy Launch Day anyway! Congrats on another great book!

  3. C.H. ~ I'm afraid to look at that pic. Is it really a good one? I swear I cringe whenever a camera comes near me. ;)

    It was so great to see you too. I wish we'd had more time to chat.

    11th Century knight in present day? Drag it out from under the bed!!

  4. Cheryl ~ My brain is still fried from conference, so I feel your pain. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. *** In fact *** My brain is so fried, I forgot to mention that I'm the Jodie 1/2 responding today.

    I don't want anyone thinking Tammy shies away from cameras or any of the other outlandish things I might say today. :)


  6. Congrats on the launch of THE HEAT OF THE BITE! Yummy cover!!

  7. Congratulations on your latest release, ladies!!! Glad you had fun in NYC! I'll be at the next one, at least I hope!

  8. I would take a hero from the 15th century ti now the technology would blow his mind lol

    Congrats on the release love your books :-)

  9. Great question, but I don't have an answer. Now I have something to occupy my imagination today. :)

    Congratulations on the release. I have my copy and I can't wait to read it. Matthew sounds dreamy!

  10. Best wishes on your release - it sounds fabulous! If I could do some creative time shifting I'd bring Mr. Darcy to the present day. Or maybe I'd shift me back to him - sorry Lizzy!

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  12. Ooops, sorry. I pushed the button twice and my comment posted twice. I tried to remove the duplicate and now it looks like I wrote something horrible and had to have it removed. Me and technology...

  13. It was great visiting with the Lydia Dare duet in NY! Loved the post. Love the cover. I'd take a cowboy like Raylan Givens on Justified and toss him back to Regency days. That ought to raise the ladies blood pressure!

  14. How inventive! A medieval knight in the 19th century. I love the premise.

    Now for an iconic character type to transplant... I wonder how an 18th century sea captain might do with a 21st century cruise ship...

  15. Happy release day! Can't wait to delve into my copy. I'd bring one of those brooding, hermit-type noblemen forward. Lots of ways to put a smile on his face these days.