Thursday, May 5, 2011


by Carolyn Brown

Now you might think this picture is a strange thing to put on the blog with a theme like hope!

But when we were out on a research trip to West Texas where there's nothing but dirt and sky, Husband took this picture for my website. And it represents a rancher's hope...hope for a good year for hay, for cotton, for cattle; hope that the rains will come at the right time and the equipment won't break down at the wrong time.

It caused me to think of what we as writers hope for this spring. To make that last deadline. To get that next book finished. To get the rewrites done before our little brain goes to mush and refuses to think of another word for "passionate"! That our editor buys that next book or series. That we live through virtual blog tours without our faces freezing in that expression when we are yanking out our hair.

We hope our reviews are good! Oh, my! That brings to memory the very first review I ever got eleven years ago. It was so so bad that I was secretly glad when that review place closed up shop so my editor would never read it! The next week, Booklist gave me a rave review on the very same book (I hope they never go out of business)!

That first review always reminds me of my grandmother's advice: Get up every morning and eat a live toadfrog. The rest of the day won't seem so bad. That review was my toadfrog, for sure.

I really, really hope that Sourcebooks' authors Joanne Kennedy and Amanda Howell bring home a RITA this summer. I'm so proud of their nominations!

HOPE!! In my writing world it brings up aspirations for this next year! Part of that has been fulfilled...Deb bought my next three Spikes & Spurs books, bringing the total in the series to seven. Excitement reigns in Southern Oklahoma.

HOPE!! In my personal world it drags up a whole 'nuther image. Hope Irene Morgan is my youngest granddaughter who is a constant source of happiness. She's the biggest tomboy princess in Terral, Oklahoma, where Love Drunk Cowboy is set. She can chase frogs and grasshoppers and then put on her glass slippers and tiara and become a real princess just like her older four sisters. She told her mother that she has to wear glass slippers outside to keep those nasty stickers out of her feet! And last month while we were visiting she brought me a homemade book that she'd written just for me. I think she's already into the foreign market because I couldn't understand the wording.

Hanging On Past Expectations: a little four letter word with acres of potential! Talk to me... what are your hopes for this year?


  1. Carolyn,
    You must have gotten your sense of humor from your grandmother. And your beautiful granddaughter obviously got her beauty from you!
    GREAT fill in blog!

  2. Ha! I love your grandmother's saying. I'm going to use that on my daughter!

  3. Great post, Carolyn! Your little Hope is beautiful! Right now, I'm just hoping to get some good writing done.

  4. Hi y'all.
    Amelia: I'm going to smile all day at that comment! Hope is absolutely precious but she speaks her mind. Told her older sister who is in college when they went out to eat, "That piece is big as my butt, Tita" (Sister's name is Trisha)
    Shana: It works. Puts everything in perspective for the whole day.
    Robin: Amen, Robin. I've got chapter one of the new Spikes & Spurs done and now it's on the half way mark!

  5. Thanks for hoping for me, Carolyn! I'm hoping for more Sourcebooks nominations next year--Deb chooses the best stories and deserves the recognition!
    Your little granddaughter looks like a pistol, though! I love the tomboy princess concept. She's gong to grow up to be one of your spunky heroines!

  6. You are so welcome for my hope...and squealing and happiness for you! You wrote a wonderful cowboy book and deserve that big old trophy...
    Hope has spunk for sure. Hope. Spunk. Hmmm, I'm going to have to think that through. Maybe it takes hope to have the spunk to keep on writing!

  7. What a cutie granddaughter! I'm hoping this year to finish another manuscript or two - that would be huge for me!

  8. Amanda: Thank you...we think she's pretty special.
    You can finish those manuscripts...a day at a time...I've got hope and confidence!

  9. Carolyn - I loved your post! I would have loved to have met your grandmother, and if you don't mind would love to borrow her wisdom and try it on my daughter who will be making me a grandma for the first time in October.

    Your darling youngest granddaughter is adorable! Having been a tomboy and raised one myself, I do have a harder time understanding the girly girls, but I haven't given up hope yet!

    I'm with you on hoping Joanne and Amanda bring home Ritas. I'll be there cheering them on.

    I'm delighted that Deb bought another three books from me and am hoping that the new direction-Small Town USA -will be well received.

  10. Colleen: I can't wait to see what you do with the next trilogy! YAY on getting to be a ground breaker with that at SB! And yes, ma'am, you can use Granny's wisdom any time you want. She'd be pleased!

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  12. YAY!!! 3 more books whoop-whoop that is great news :) I can only imagine the amount of work that each book involves so I thank you truly for all you do cuz your books just make me happy and I can't get enough so I'm chompin at the bit for the next release already! As for my hope this year I can't say it's any one thing really just more of a general desire to maintain things in a peaceful balance so to speak cuz things are all good right now so no boat rocking for me LOL!
    Enjoyed your post you always make me smile. Thank you :)
    Cindi Mitchell

  13. Hope would make a wonderful heroine, Carolyn. Great post!!