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To RT or not to RT? THAT is the question.....

A friend of mine sent me this in an email yesterday, and I thought it was quite funny in light of the line of work I'm in.

If you can't find the book you're looking for....

You're probably at the....

I wonder if Wong carries copies of the Cat Star Chronicles? Something tells me he wouldn't, so if you're looking for Slave or Outcast, this sentiment probably holds true.

Hey, didn't I just do this? It couldn't be my turn to blog again so soon, could it? It MUST be a mistake! But, no, it's on the calendar. . . . and I can't argue with the calendar, can I?

Blogging and I have become good friends over the past year or so. I write a blog nearly every day and some days I write several. So when do I write the books, you may ask? My reply is that I have no FOOK HING idea! Well, actually, I do, for though I occasionally stagger forth from my desk to make dinner or go save some lives, the truth is, like most writers, I pretty much sit at a desk in front of a computer and write.

That's it. We write. Nothing glamorous about it and not something you should take up if you feel the need to get more exercise. The back of my legs hurt all the time now. It's been suggested that this is due to:

1. Bilateral deep vein thrombosis. This suggestion is courtesy of one of my nurse friends. I figure if that was the case, I'd have thrown a pulmonary embolus by now, so I don't think that's it (but I'm taking two 81 mg enteric coated aspirins a day just in case).
2. That I need new shoes. This one got two votes. One from my chiropractor and one from another nurse friend who has actually had blood clots in her legs (and thrown an embolus). I got new shoes last week, but so far, I can't tell much difference.
3. That my poor legs are carrying too much weight. This one is from my doctor who would love for me to get my weight and blood sugar down, but then I wouldn't need him, would I?
4. That I sit too much, which is my take on the situation. However, with the revisions to Hero due in exactly seven days (EEEKKK!!!!) and blogs to write, I have no choice but to sit.

Robin Kaye had an idea for a treadmill + desk thing, but I haven't gotten that far. In fact, I don't believe the treadmill exists that can fit in my house, let alone my bedroom--which is where I would need it to be. Looks like the only way to get a treadmill is to add on another room--or seriously get rid of some stuff around here. I've lived in this house for twenty years now and the clutter has won the fight. Oh, I throw out a few things from time to time, but the task is so daunting that it defeats me before I begin.

My DH and I have this dream that one day a truck will come lumbering up our driveway pulling a dumpster behind it and leave it here for a month for us to fill to the brim, and then that same truck will return and haul it all away. I feel the need to recycle and reuse most things, so the thought of putting a couch in a dumpster gives me cold chills, but it really needs to be done. The only other alternative is to move, and since this house is paid for, I don't see that happening.

I think I got off on a tangent there. I was talking about writing and the lack of glamor, which brings me to the Romantic Times convention next spring. A fellow writer wants someone to go with her and share a hotel room and I'm trying to decide whether or not I should go. It's five full days of workshops, costume balls, and dancing cavemen. Not sure I want to dress up in costume, but having a few cover models around might be fun. There was a sad scarcity of men at the RWA nationals, so this would be an improvement, however, that was only three full days and it nearly killed me. Not sure I can do five. And the dressing up was a bit of a challenge in DC. I'd probably end up wearing the same clothes I bought for that event because with the exception of a couple of shirts, I haven't worn any of them since.

So, what about it? I know Judi has been, but has anyone else? Does it add a touch of glamor to our isolated writer's lives? Are the costume parties worth the effort? Does the idea of standing next to a trim, fit cover model turn you on or make those of us with Writer's Butt want to run and hide? What are your thoughts?


  1. Cheryl,

    I love your posts. I have no insights on whether to go to RT. But I wanted to tell you that I, too, have had the dream of a truck pulling up to my house. But in my case, it's a UPS truck delivering a chest of gold doubloons.

  2. I'm starting to get clutter here XD There's stuff I don't want to throw away that needs to be thrown away.

    And I have no insight on the RT convention (Woo models XD) because I love the conventions I personally go to and I don't want to be biased. Great post though :D

  3. Okay! That's two votes for the truck with the dumpster and two undecideds on the RT convention. Guess you know what THAT means. I should forgo the convention and clean out my house.
    Hmmm....convention with cover models vs a dumpster....which would you choose? Odd how these things turn out, isn't it?

  4. Too cute, Cheryl! As for clutter, not me, not going to do it. If I don't use it, I get rid of it. As for RT I've been to many. I know that dates me as the oldest Casa author, but I still don't want anyone calling me Grandma! :-) I used to love RT conference. They were fun, exciting and informative, and I'm sure they still are. So maybe it's not that the RT conference got old--maybe I did!

  5. I'm probably already too old to go, Amelia, and I've never been! Still, 'fun, exciting, and informative' sounds good! Thanks for your input!

  6. Cheryl,

    I haven't been to RT in some time and the wildest RT conference was coupled with the Love Train back in 1983.

    Consider it more a fancon than a writer's conference, mingle with fans and just flat out have fun and party.

    As for cleaning out the house? It'll still be there when you get back. :}


  7. Very true, Linda, but then the house is always here nagging at me!
    Love Train, huh? Bet that was interesting!

  8. Well,
    I've been sitting at a desk Publishing Law Books for 39 yrs. So I have writers Fanny too. And now I'm forced to change my ways. How about a Garage Sale. And then call the Trucks to pick up what's left. And RT sounds like fun. The cavemen part sounds especially Yummy.

  9. The garage sale is something I'd like to do, Donna, but I live back off the road out in the boonies, and I'd rather not advertise that I'm here. My neighbor's house was broken into and ransacked a few days ago, which makes me even more leery.

  10. OK, here we go.
    1. You only live once, go to RT.
    2. The mess will be there when you get back.
    3. Call Goodwill and get a tax deduction for donations.
    4. Then rent a dumpster and get rid of the rest.
    5. HELLO, chair! You need something to really support your back, it does effect how your legs feel.

    I know for myself and I'm sure others agree, we want to keep you healthy and writting! Take care of yourself, we need you! I'm sure your family needs you too, but we REALLY need you. Stay healthy. Till next time.

  11. Excellent advice, Jessica! I believe I'll act on it!

  12. I 'rented' a dumpster once, and it was a VERY GOOD THING TO DO!! It inspired me to throw away stuff I'd forgotten I had, and made my life much easier, with all the room I cleared out---I'm about due to do it again---I feel so much looser and free-er when they haul the full thing away!! This time I may share it with a neighbor--less cost, but then, less room to chuck things away, too---

    I love your posts!

  13. I've been doing the cleaning out, little by little. It feels good to get rid of stuff I don't use so that I can FIND the stuff I do need. :) If you go to RT, have a blast! And the it slowly if need be. I hate getting rid of something I needed! :)

  14. Jessica you nailed it. Very good advice.

  15. The dumpster is sounding better all the time, Suzy! There's hardly a bare spot to put anything on around here anymore, and I used to be so neat...

  16. You see, that's what stops me, Terry. It never fails that once I throw something out, I end up needing it!

  17. My son, who lives with me, jokes that there isn't a single 'flat spot' in the house---they are all covered with teetering piles of things that I won't let him throw away---and only I know where anything really is. He's sorta right--I also hate to throw anything away, for fear that I may need it someday---but, you know what?? That's all bullshit, because when I need something, I can't find it for all the other hoarded STUFF that clogs up my life...and I AM gonna rent a dumpster again!! It just feels so GOOD to throw away all that stuff, and it makes me aware of the fact that I hoard from a feeling of fear, that I may need something, someday, and won't HAVE it right here---well, I can always go out and GET it if I need it, RIGHT??!! If I give loads of stuff to the Am Vets, and give the clothes to my friends who will fit them and wear them, and have a garage sale or sell some stuff on-line, THEN there will be room for things I want, like more books, and the bookshelves to put them in!! Now there's a positive way to move forward and find a WIN in clearing out the junk!!

  18. Dumpster. Just toss. You'll feel so much freer.

    RT - honestly, it's getting rather pricey, BUT, the attendees are your fans. It's definitely seemed to head more towards paranormal and erotic fans, and voila! you write paranormal erotic romance. I think you'd do well. I'm going this year b/c it's within driving distance, but if it were on the west coast, I don't know that I'd be going. I've been for the last 3 years, and I have to say, going this year and being on a panel was a kick since it was my first time as a published author, although IOHH hadn't released yet. I'll really be judging the expense vs. interest generated this year, though. There's another conference just starting up (I think) that looks really promising, so I might switch to that.

    The cover models... Nice eye candy but some of the attendees don't know that you really shouldn't touch. It gets a tad uncomfortable at times.

    All that being said, it is one hell of a party and the readers LOVE it!

  19. Hmmm, the dumpster seems to be winning out over RT. I'll have to think about this a bit longer....


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